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The Daily Mail has retracted the claim that some British Muslims are so cut-off they think 75% of the UK is Islamic.

So why haven’t the Sunday Times or the Sun also admitted their fault?

After all, as the Mail retraction admits, the claim is a fabrication.

A news story last Sunday said the Casey review into ethnic integration would say that some British Muslims are so isolated they believe up to 75 per cent of the country is also Islamic. In fact the review refers to a survey in one school with Asian pupils who believed 50 to 90 per cent of the total British population was Asian.

That claim still remains prominent with the Sunday Times and the Sun, despite there being little evidence to back up the assertion


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Miqdaad Versi, a management consultant, made the complaints to the newspapers.

He told Political Scrapbook this afternoon:

I welcome the retraction from the Mail on Sunday and look forward to similar retractions from the Sunday Times, the Sun and the Daily Express, all of whom failed to take the basic steps to ensure accuracy in their reporting on this issue. It is seriously concerning that many parts of the media provide a loudspeaker to such hate by spreading untruths, which are then shared on far-right platforms.

There need to be safeguards in place to deter future inaccuracies, as corrections alone are insufficient given the damage of the initial inaccuracy has already been done.

And yet journalists from the same newspapers moan about ‘fake news’

  1. Those News paper are trying to stir up race hate and fear among manly working class voters. Who have little contact with peoples of other back ground or race. Just like the Nazi did in the 1930s

  2. To be fair if you asked some kids of a certain age if they thought there were elephants in the UK they would answer yes because they have seen them in zoos. Kids don’t always look at the bigger picture so asking this question of them was daft in the first place and I can’t even understand why it was asked !

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