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Here’s some rare good news for 2016: the Daily Mail and Katie Hopkins have been forced into a humiliating climbdown for smearing a Muslim family as ‘extremists’.

At 2am today, Katie Hopkins tweeted an apology to the Mahmood family, presumably hoping not many would notice it that early in the morning.

It is rare for the Daily Mail and Katie Hopkins to apologise, let alone pay substantial costs for it.

The full apology explains what happened:

An article published in Katie Hopkins’ column on 23 December 2015 (‘Just because Britain’s border security is a Mickey Mouse operation you can’t blame America for not letting this lot travel to Disneyland – I wouldn’t either’) suggested that Mohammed Tariq Mahmood and his brother, Mohammed Zahid Mahmood, are extremists with links to Al Qaeda; that their purported reason for visiting the USA – namely to visit Disneyland – was a lie; and that US Homeland Security were right to prevent them from boarding their flight. We are happy to make clear that Tariq Mahmood and Zahid Mahmood are not extremists, nor do they have links to Al Qaeda. They were travelling to the USA with their families to see one of their brothers for a holiday in California and they had indeed planned to visit Disneyland as part of their trip.

In addition a further article in Katie’s column on 29 December (‘A brave Muslim tried to warn us their week about the extremists taking over his community. What a tragedy it is that our PC politicians would rather not know’) suggested that Hamza Mahmood (Mohammed Tariq Mahmood’s son) was responsible for a Facebook page which allegedly contained extremist material. Our article included a photo of the family home. Hamza Mahmood has pointed out that he is not responsible for the Facebook page, which was linked to him as a result of an error involving his email address. We are happy to make clear that there is no suggestion that either Hamza nor Taeeba or Hafsa Mahmood (Hamza’s mother and sister) have any links to extremism.

We and Katie Hopkins apologise to the Mahmood family for the distress and embarrassment caused and have agreed to pay them substantial damages and their legal costs.


katie hopkins apology


Last week the Sun deleted her article calling refugees “cockroaches” following a campaign by Stop Funding Hate.

UPDATE: The Guardian reports they paid out £150,000 to the family.

This is what happens when you employ Hopkins as a columnist


  1. “…and their legal costs.” means that Hopkins and the Daily Mail fought every inch of the way to avoid an apology, racking up substantial legal fees and costs for all in the process

  2. Not sure it does mean that Mike. It means they’re paying the legal costs. Anything else is guesswork unless you’d like to declare an interest in this case? Making assumptions like this you could maybe ask the daily fail for a job :p

  3. Ally, it’s the daily mail. Admitting that a Muslim isn’t a terrorist kind of goes against their whole MO so I can almost garentee this apology was forced after a legal battle

  4. Good. People should not be able to make up stories Check your facts. Glad it has hit you where it bursts. In your wallet!!!

  5. Lessons will not be learned by daily mail as it will turn another page and carry on with its propaganda to stain innocent people

  6. Isnt the reference to her moving to America slander? With or without the referance to a pork product being analy insertad?

  7. Nice to read positive comments on here from good people in support for what’s just. A positive change from the DM pages. Indeed the amount of stress that poor family went through after being maimed like that for no reason by that racist demon disguised as a human. These people indirectly cause a lot of problems for many people that become their target for bullying.

  8. let me just interject right here. We dont want her in America..We have enough home grown lying jackasses here without the need to import them.

  9. Just as a matter of interest, just when is Jatie Hopkins leaving the UK? She did promise that if Trump won she would be off. I’ll chip in a tenner.

  10. Since being neither truthful, fair or balanced seem to be important to her, the Trump administration will welcome her with open arms.
    Fair warning, Katie: consider investing in a cod-piece!

  11. News papers should be forced to display all apologies for false stories on their front page. Or in the case of Daily Mail and Sun, on their first 10 front pages in alphabetical order start on the front page with A

  12. I think the comment about apologies on the front page is an excellent idea. Someone should start a petition calling for all newspapers to print them on their front page. That would stop the incendiary and hate-mongering headlines.

  13. Someone did start a petition to government, they said they didn’t want to get involved, the press should be self-regulating.
    But yes, I agree, apologies and corrections should be as prominent as the original.
    Sorry USA, but she did promise, and we’ve had more than enough of her…

  14. eva: Sorry, but as we got rid of Piers Morgan and Nigel Farage that way, it’s only natural to hope that this bigot will follow suit.

    Tony and Terry: A petition was recently submitted to this effect. The government’s response was that everything was fine as it is, self-regulation is working, etc. Sadly, these petitions do nothing but give us the illusion of democratic control.

  15. I think that all apologies should be on the same page and the same size as the original article. That will make them think twice – not these tweets and 1-inch columns on the inside pages.

  16. £150k damages is far too little. Dacre’s dogs published a photo of the family’s house making it easy for nutters to locate.

  17. I do wonder whether Dacre will ever return to the days when he was prepared to take on the Met re the murder of Stephen Lawrence. I very much doubt it…

  18. This is what happens when newspapers think readers/Joe Public can fill column inches, how hard can it be? And because they have sacked talented, trained journalists, no-one can spot a bloody libel. Fantastic, keep it coming, the tide is about to turn on thicko newspaper ‘executives’ who know nothing about newspapers. Karma.

  19. Ludmila Siderovic says:

    It’s a shame that instead of the ‘regular’ boring photos of Katie Hopkins, all the newspapers publishing this compensation article didn’t resurrect the picture of her – ‘legs akimbo’,- committing adultery up against that ringworm-infested gate in a field.

  20. I wonder how enthusiastically she’ll allow Donald Trump to stroke her pussy…once U.S. quarantine laws have been satisfied (I hear that she’s named it ‘Feel-ix’) ❗

  21. 150k not nearly enough especially when you think about the life of luxury the tax avoiding owner of the Mail enjoys whilst living in France, where, of course he’s not an immigrant but an ex-pat!

  22. I think it’s a pity people can’t resist being obscene and putting offensive remarks on what is a serious issue, after all.

  23. Lighten up Frank, stop being frank about other people’s comments

    Anyway it’s Christmas guys if Hopkins has had a sausage up her rectum it’s no pigs in that rules out pigs in blankets ! !

  24. Seems to be the only way the easy terrorist access to democracies along with genuine migrants is brought to public notice. So we need recognition of all three, not just one, and a selection criterion.

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