‘NOKIP’ Till Newark: Farage spoof video predicted Mirror Malta scoop

It was no surprise that Nigel Farage tried to make political capital out of the attack in Berlin last night.

He tweeted this morning:


Yeah, shame on Merkel for giving asylum to genuine refugees escaping a civil war and terrorism.

But the best response to Farage came from Brendan, the husband of recently murdered MP Jo Cox:



Does Farage take responsibility for the murder of Jo Cox then?

But he did go on to LBC Radio to discuss his views, hitting back by citing his support for the anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate:

He would know more about extremists than me, wouldn’t he?

What kind of a response is that?


It says a lot about Farage that he thinks supporting an anti-fascist group is a criticism

  1. Farage is a grubby little opportunist scoring cheap political points from a tragedy. He needs to take responsibility for all the UK hate crimes since Brexit and for creating Thomas Mair.

  2. Self serving piece of excrement. At least I can wipe dog turd off my shoe – why do I have to put up with seeing his smug face and hearing his warped views every time he feels like ‘sharing’ with us?

  3. Farage is a shit stain on the shorts of humanity, the sooner he leaves for the states the better. Go fan trumps orange backside Farage, the man who destroyed the U.K.

  4. This as an evil little man. just because theres one nutter causing havoc, you cant blame the poor refugees who have fled a war torn country. He is the moosot despicable little shit that ever walked the earth. someone shouild shut his slimy little mouth perminently!!!!!!

  5. I wonder how much he gets paid for all the TV and radio appearances he makes promoting his political agenda .
    Since he was pleading poverty the other week , does he keep it all or do something else with these earnings .

  6. Farage should crawl back under a rock. Detestable little man. He blames genuine refugees for any attacks, yet sucks up to the Americans like a shot.

  7. To be honest words can be hurtful but actions even more so, so we only have to look at the policies Theresa May is pursuing against poor, disabled and less fortunate and it really makes Farage’s comments seem impotent in comparison.

  8. That vile creature gets much more attention than he deserves. The best punishment we can give him is not to report his words or actions and never more to mention his name. He’s unspeakable so let’s stop speaking about him.

  9. Why are we giving air time to this twerp! He’s an uncaring nasty piece of work.
    Brendan Cox – you have my total support sir. Bless you and your family. Your wife was a wonderful lady xx


  11. Farage is following the fascist playbook to the letter. He lies in order to stir up hatred then blames anyone other than himself when that hatred has consequences. He is entirely self serving and if he was to disappear tomorrow, humanity could only be better off. If his comments regarding Hope not Hate are indeed libellous, I look forward to the lawsuit that will bankrupt him.

  12. Why do the media give such prominence to Farage utterances? They play his comments up. This gives him more importance than what he really is. Being in Germany at the moment, I can confirm that the media reactions are more measured. They have learnt from the past which is more than many ‘auf die Insel’ have.

  13. Had David Cameron not played into the hands of this odious little man then he would have disappeared some time ago, but his fear leant credence to Farage and his views

  14. Don’t be too hard on the Niggle, poor vulnerable little lambkins❗He can’t help being genetically hard wired BIGOT

  15. Farage is no more a bigot than the lefty fruit loops posting here.
    Open Borders Policy is stupid in the extreme and who but foolish politicians including merkel and blair and their cohorts are to blame.

  16. Not a fan of Farage in the slightest, but politicians must take a lions share of the blame, western countries must stop funding these terrorist organisations, the refugee crisis in Germany is an absolute direct result of western countries foreign policy…..The West is still in complete denial……People like Farage will win support when these extremist strike…….

  17. Farage will use anything to raid his profile and level of fear and hate. The BBC and our news media should hang their heads in shame.

  18. Farage’s comments are utterly contemptible and are just typical of him,he is an odious little creature and I hope that Hope Not Hate serve him papers suing his sorry ass!

  19. typical labour double standards . her husband is trying to politicize Jo Cox’ Death, it though tragik was not remotely the same , the one it not connected to the other , he relates her death; it what is going on in germany , when a terrorist attack matters agen souls on the altar of progressive politics . HE IS WRONG TO RELATE HER DEATH IN THIS WAY : L1188138 CLP

  20. I am not a fan of Farage who I feel is distasteful but equally people on here name calling and suggesting he should disappear should hang there heads in shame they are as contemptible as he is, don’t like him don’t listen your bile is the same as his but you think it ok because you have the moral high ground, let me tell you, you do not

  21. We have legislation in the UK that prevents the glorification of terrorism. Perhaps its time we put exploiting the actions of terrorists for personal political gain on the same footing.

  22. Disillusioned by Brexit Hate says:

    Farage. Definition: the silt at the bottom of a bin. This man should have been prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred a long time ago. Why is he given so much air time for his odious, ignorant views?

  23. Don’t matter if you like Farage or not he’s right it’s Merkels fault for flooding the country with terrorists and often anti-fascists are in fact violent turds who scream racist and stuff when people express genuine fears of things like migration and cultural in-compatibility.

  24. Nigel without being too aggressive you’re a total fuckwit. Mate look at the statistics. I presume you have a logical mind – so just have a good look at the facts!!

  25. Brendan Cox is one of the most level headed, dignified people I have ever heard speak. He puts that nasty piece pf work Farage to shame. I salute you Brendan. How can Farage comment when he has caused so much racial hatred.

  26. Nigel you came out like bang and are losing all your battles these days .Your time is up Go and join your racial hatred pals think they are more suited to you , or should I say you to them Robert the Bruce

  27. ROFL at comments. Farage has the balls to say things, unlike many other people. He doesn’t bend his knee on f**ktards like you. People get so easily offended these days. Farage doesn’t care about them. People NEED knocking on their f**king thick skulls which are good only for ramming some doors in, ffs.

  28. It is sad that the UK has fallen to a leve so liw l that has allowed a lady garden such as Farage to gain a position of political office. What has happened to our ethics and integrity?

  29. Annoyed AF – I think a guy who has lost his wife is allowed to be offended tbh – and ROFL? I think I am missing the joke on this

  30. I can understand the sympathy to Jo & Brendan Cox, the rest ????
    It could be your town next..
    And,,, John Foulger,,, The Polish “refugee” was actually the innocent truck driver, shot dead and placed in the passenger seat. At least get your facts right.

  31. Farage must have sore lips from kissing Trump’s arse and trying to get his sweaty feet under the US table. He’s the worst example of manipulative poloticians, and subsequently plausible and dangerous. His opportunistic style of polotics was employed by Adolf in the 1930’s and ’40’s.

  32. I agree we you all a worthless piece of shit racist through and through and the people who follow him . Brendon no was a once in a million person missed by many and a lovely caring person .

  33. The above comments all seem to be from mindless cretins. Can’t they see that without comment/discussion on what might have led to tragedy there can be no way to guard against its repeat?

  34. No to Snowflakes says:

    Always the far left crying, open your eyes and see what is happening.

    You complain about one man causing trouble then threaten him with violence, you are really a sad bunch of morons.

  35. As Trump is half Scottish, I wonder who he will support the most if Scotland leave the UK to become a separate nation in the EU? As an English person I’m jealous that Scotland can now demand another referendum to leave the UK to become a separate nation in the EU, while here in England all the ex Tories in UKIP will probably try to rejoin Tories to make everybody hate England for reasons only few at the top gain from, Nigel Farage will keep employing his foreign wife on expenses while claiming he’s about immigration, and more ex servicemen will die from not affording to refrigerate their insulin. Then all the people who believed that anti EU Tories and UKIP care about most British people will be crying on Question Time, when they increase more tax that only affects the poor or those happy to get by without being a slave for Tory corporate donors. Sad how many believed the propaganda certain newspapers. Anti EU Tories and UKIP just don’t want anything in the way to mistreat British peop

  36. Pound is being valued at less and less, and people will still believe that anti EU Tories and ex Tories in UKIP have the interests of British people, despite Tories being worse for people than the EU ever could be. They would destroy many lives and society if it made the upper classes and tax dodging corporate donors more more money. They just don’t want the EU and human rights in the way of them mistreating British people. They don’t want the EU to make sure workers have enough breaks and make them label genetically modified ingredients. I wonder who will be the first ones crying on Question Time because they believed them?

  37. Don’t see anything wrong with what Farage said. I don’t live in echo chamber land. So for example, when he says “Merkel’s legacy” he is talking about the 1 million plus economic migrants, who have mostly gone to Germany illegally (bypassing the legal process). This is acknowledged by the EU (it was they that estimated that 80% of the “”refugees”” are not refugees at all, but illegal economic migrants), so yeah, this is Merkel’s legacy. The author of this piece, just manipulated what was said to create a pitiable conclusion (i.e. “slapdown”, err, no slapdown seen in any of the above). Learn to think people, I don’t support Farage, or Brexit or Trump, but at least I have a brain that is capable of processing information and seeing that hit pieces like this for the drivel that they are.

  38. Farage simply should not be given air time, I mean he has no mandate from anyone and speaks for no one. Simply a horrible shit of a person who exploits base instincts and incites hatred and division. Seeing him fall under a bus would be all my Christmases coming at once.

  39. Beneath the “Wooster” façade and that constant inane grin lurks something or someone that would seriously disturb “Jeeves”…

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