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An Opposition Day Motion published quietly by Labour yesterday could thwart the Prime Minister’s plans for Brexit tomorrow if it can tempt enough Tory rebels.

As Political Scrapbook reported, Labour has introduced a motion calling on the Tories to commit to publishing their plans for Brexit before Article 50 is triggered.

The government says they don’t want to reveal their hand before Brexit negotiations are finalised.

But this allows the Tories to push for hard Brexit (which would badly hurt the UK economy) until its too late for Parliament to stop it.

Labour is hoping a minor Tory rebellion could stop May’s plans.

Yesterday the Tory MP Anna Soubry (pictured) told the BBC that up to 40 Tory MPs could side with Labour on the motion. She told World at One:

These things are incredibly important. This actually transcends party politics and tribalism.

Backbencher Ken Clarke told the Independent the same:

I plan to support the Labour motion on Article 50 in what appears to be its current form.

The Opposition Day Motion isn’t binding, but with all eyes on how many Tories side with it, the pressure could be too much for May.

As the Huffington Post’s Paul Waugh says this morning:

There is undoubtedly a hardcore of Tory Remainers who like the idea, but there’s also some Leavers who want May to be more straight with Parliament.

This could be the first time Labour force Tories on the defensive over Brexit

  1. Caroline Henderson says:

    Labour are Finished in British Politics, The people that voted Out 17.4 million will never forgive them .
    Tony Blair destroyed Labour now Jeriemy Corbin will do the same .
    I for one will be voting UKIP at the next General Election.
    We the British Public never voted in the seventies to join the Common Market / EU.

  2. We voted to stay in it overwhelmingly 67% to 33% with turnout of 64% a much clearer vote than was had for brexit..

  3. These people have yet to see the writing on the wall, there are a handful of Labour MP’s such as Frank Field, Gisella Stuart etc. who understand what is happening in British politics, but just as Labour have lost Scotland to the SNP they will see themselves squeezed between the LIB Undems and Ukip in areas outside the major metropolitan areas. Any Tory who doesn’t toe the line will also come under threat at or before the next election.

  4. Caroline Henderson is clearly very annoyed. She’s also wrong about the vote in the 70s, but let’s not worry our little heads about that.

  5. Brexit is a farce and many people based their vote on lies they were told, especially the £350m for the NHS. We need a referendum based on truth and transparency. Why anyone would want to leave the EU and thus hand more power to the self serving MPs and PM is beyond me.

  6. It looks like Caroline Henderson is going to spend the rest of her life voting leave (that’s UKIPs policy, isn’t it?).

  7. Labour are doing their job in opposition which is holding this Tory government to account with party line being they support the will of the British people.

    So the Tories cannot steam roller workers rights and other things. They are doing their job.

    The answer is to vote for a more right wing party? Which is not a friend of the NHS and public services. Does not believe in unions and has links through Europe to far right.

  8. The Conservatives could have introduced a bill which made the referendum binding on Parliament, then there would have been no argument, but such a referendum would have required a supermajority in favour of leaving and the hard liners didn’t think they could swing that even with gerrymandering the young, the ex pats and the EU citizens who pay tax here out of the equation

    So they lied to the HoC and went for an advisory referendum which only needed a simple majority but where the result would have to be debated, all the while intending to use Royal Prerogative to bypass the HoC completely

    The Government lied to the HoC

    Then they lied to us saying “it’s your decision” despite the law saying it wasn’t

    Then they lied, having got a result they liked, saying it gave a mandate when it didn’t

    Then they wheeled out Royal Prerogative which applies to Parliament not Government

    The result was obtained by deception from the beginning

    They should be in prison for the damage they’ve done

  9. Caroline Henderson’s assertion begs the question as to how many of those 17.4 million people would ever have voted Labour. It also pays little heed to how many of the 63% of the electorate who didn’t vote to leave would vote if Labour’s actions put a halt on hard Brexit.

  10. james naughtie was right says:

    Caroline H seems about as well-informed as most Leavers appear to be. The referendum result, like the Trump victory, was a triumph for the extreme ideologues of the right in their manipulation of the uninformed, the gullible and the simply dim. Disillusionment with the Leave promises is inevitable but, given the proportion of slow-learners among Leavers, could take a very long time.

  11. Caroline Henderson: You are both right and wrong. In the seventies nobody voted to join a common market.
    We were already in it, the British people voted to stay in it by a very clear majority in 1975, and it was very well known at the time of joining in 1972 that it wasn’t a static body, that it would evolve into a political union.
    See Prime Minister Heath on Panorama (which almost every person in the UK would have watched, read or heard about at the time.

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