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Nigel Farage’s mates have gone apoplectic as the anti-racist group Hope Not Hate said they would sue Farage if did not apologise for his comments earlier.

As we reported this afternoon, Hope Not Hate have asked Farage to retract his comments today and apologise for smearing them.

You can help Hope Not Hate take on Farage from here.

This set off many of Farage’s mates, who were happy to even attack and smear Brendan Cox, whose wife was murdered just a few months ago:

Here is James Delingpole, getting a fitting response

UKIP donor Arron Banks also piled in

Apparently Farage was “quacking” in his boots

And then Farage’s aide Andy Wigmore:

Freedom of speech doesn’t give people the right to defame someone – seems right-wingers are very confused by this.

And Farage’s tea-boy…

Looks like the bully-boys are scared the chickens are coming home to roost

  1. My they are a load of unpleasant tossers. lets hope Nigel stands by his words until he appears in court, then he can be exposed for the charlatan that he is.

  2. Didn’t the tea boy recently visit Precedent Elect Trump?
    Maybe that tweet was meant for him as that’s pretty much how he operates.

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