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More signs of hypocrisy on the conspiracy site Breitbart exposed today by the Independent today.

It reports that Breitbart looks like it is avoiding paying business rates on its property.

It also shows the hypocrisy of a site that rails against ‘the elites’

The Independent has also established that Breitbart staff have been paid by a British company, Breitbart News network (UK) Ltd, which according to Companies House records has a registered address in Redditch, Worcestershire.

The company’s sole shareholder is Breitbart News Network Ltd, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Companies registered in the BVI do not have to disclose their shareholders or other funders.

During the leak of the so-called Panama Papers earlier this year, Breitbart published many stories about individuals who were found to be using the British Virgin Islands as a tax haven.

One Breitbart reporter described the data dump as a “loaded gun pointed squarely at some of the most protected people on the planet” and described how “leaders of the world are willing to victimise their own for the sake of personal gain”.

But Breitbart chose not to say it was also owned by a company registered in a tax haven.

In the UK the site is edited by Raheem Kassam, the short-lived UKIP leadership contender and general windbag.

Breitbart’s chief executive is now a key advisor to Donald Trump.

That can only mean it will go further to the far-right and publish more conspiracy news

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