Diane James

Diane James told the BBC this morning in an interview that she hasn’t spoken to Nigel Farage since she resigned as UKIP leader.

She also said leading UKIP was like banging your head against the wall:

One can obviously continue to bang your head against a brick wall, going to bed at night hoping things might change and that you might be able to make a breakthrough.

But when it became clear I couldn’t make that breakthrough, I felt it was the right decision for me and the credibility of the party that someone else assume the mantle.

It took her only 17 days to give up? That’s not a lot of mettle, for a leader…

The interview was on BBC’s Five Live this morning, with Emma Barnett.

Farage said her resignation was an “irrational act of selfishness” and hadn’t apologised for the comment in person.

It was not a nice series of words to hear from someone I admire and respect… but I understand he was upset.

They haven’t spoken since.

Perhaps she’ll have better luck with the Tory party

  1. Farage is the back seat driver of UKIP. He loves the power and the media spotlight. No one is going to tell him how to run UKIP. As a political party they are not fit to hold political office. They are just a bunch of racists mavericks told what to do by a control freak.

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