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The Daily Mail was forced to apologise to the leader of the NUS today over claims it made about her in an article earlier this year.

The Mail article in June implied NUS President Malia Bouattia harboured sympathies for ISIS with her past comments.

But the Mail was forced to ‘clarify’ its article today:

A headline on an article published on 16 June 2016 said that Malia Bouattia claimed that young Muslims are travelling to join ISIS in Syria due to cuts to education. It also said that Ms Bouattia has refused to condemn ISIS. The correct position is that Ms Bouattia claimed that young Muslims were travelling to join ISIS in Syria for reasons including Government cuts to education and mass unemployment, and Ms Bouattia has condemned ISIS.

The article also said that Ms Bouattia’s comments were condemned by ‘student groups’. In fact, only one group was reported to have publicly condemned the comments. The group was Student Rights, who aim ‘to protect the rights and freedoms of all students’. We are happy to clarify these points and apologise for any confusion caused.

Another day, another Mail story gone awry…

  1. Another day and another load of lies and half hearted retractions from the Mail. Does anyone really believe the nonsense in the squalid rag?

  2. Robert Catanzaro says:

    The newspaper reading generation is slowly disappearing, one day these self styled “newspapers” peddlers of hate, sex crimes and shallow tripe political poison will be no more, and the world will be a better place for it..

  3. I am part of that generation, but I do not subscribe to their views, As far as I am concerned anyone who reads and believes what the Mail, Express or Sun put out is a gullible fool. That includes, by the way some of the “pillars” of the main church in the community.

  4. Sebastian Petit says:

    Unfortunately there are many ignorant or lazy people who do believe the hateful rubbish put about by this Nazi-loving rag

  5. It was Jews in the 30’s, 80 years later it’s the Muslims. This is a hateful little rag whose aim is to divide society along the basest of lines. It supported the Nazis who are a byword for evil and who were responsible for millions of deaths of the most vulnerable minorities in society.

  6. Sorry, we claimed you were a terrorist sympathiser when in fact you are merely an idiot. “I can’t find a job, can’t afford Uni; Oh well, guess I’ll just join Isis.” You’re fucking kidding me. Just more of the thoroughly debunked narrative that terrorism results from a lack of economic opportunity. Analysis of real world terrorists’ backgrounds proves otherwise.

  7. Daily Mail and The Sun newspapers are like Sunday Sport and need to be shut down! Baised and provocative, stupid media which has no place in democratic, civilised country like UK!

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