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The Prime Minister has banned the consultancy Deloitte from getting government contracts for six months because a junior staffer leaked a memo illustrating the chaos on Brexit.

The Times reports this morning:

A two-page assessment, leaked to The Times last month, reported that civil servants were struggling to cope with more than 500 Brexit-related projects and that cabinet splits were delaying the agreement of a negotiating strategy.

Publication of the memo, written by a Deloitte consultant working on Whitehall projects, infuriated Downing Street. The prime minister was said to have been personally affronted by the note, which criticised her for “drawing in decisions and details to settle matters herself”.

To put it another way, a Prime Minister angry at Deloitte painting her as a control freak, then acts as a control freak and bans them from government contracts.

In fear of May’s anger, Deloitte has now ‘agreed’ to apologise and not bid for government contracts for at least 6 months.

Political Scrapbook has little sympathy for big consultancies, but this has wider implications, as several people pointed out this morning.


Parallels to Gordon Brown?

  1. As if people wouldn’t have noticed the omnishambles without Deloitte.
    On the subject of Brexit, I haven’t noticed much reaction from anti-globalists, who voted to leave the EU citing globalism as the main reason, to May’s thoroughly Global Britain speech.

  2. On what basis can any bidder for government work be excluded from the initial process – except being a criminal organisation or not competent to carry out the work. It is one thing to consider all the bids and exclude all but one at the end but entirely unjustifiable to say that they cannot even bid. Another example of May’s arrogance and exceeding her powers.

  3. Sorry but criticism of Teresa May is forbidden under the new “Everyone must work together to make a successful Brexit”legislation.

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