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A top British diplomat told an audience in Malaysia that Britain has no “no cap” on the number of students coming to the UK.

It seems someone has conveniently forgotten his government’s own policy.

The Deputy British High Commissioner to Malaysia, Paul Rennie, told an audience in Kuala Lumpur:

And on the question of migration, while the UK wants to have greater control over its borders, it is not the case we are about to close those borders. We will still have a place for the brightest and the best of global talent.

There is no cap on the number of students who can come to British universities.

A transcript of the speech was posted online today.

Erm, has someone forgotten the government’s policy to limit net immigration to under 100,000?

Students count as part of the net immigration figures, and in order to bring down the numbers to tens of thousands, the government will have to restrict foreign student numbers too.

Just a few weeks ago the Home Secretary Amber Rudd (pictured) to halve foreign student visas.

So why are our diplomats saying the opposite, abroad?

It seems that message hasn’t quite filtered to diplomatic staff yet

  1. Could it be that there is no joined-up writing (ie united approach) in this shambles of a rudderless Government; and in the meantime these diplomats are doing their best to look after British interests?

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