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On Sunday the Austrian far-right candidate Norbert Hofer lost the Presidential election to the independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen.

Hofer led the Freedom Party of Austria, a party founded by a former Nazi functionary and SS officer, Anton Reinthaller.

That strong association with the far-right didn’t stop many of Farage’s closest allies expressing disappointment he lost, including his Farage’s protege Raheem Kassam and wind-up merchant Katie Hopkins.

But Hofer himself partly blamed Farage for the loss, saying that his “meddling” in Austrian elections wasn’t welcome.

Especially, since living in a very pro-EU country, Hofer wasn’t interested in a Referendum on Europe:

Casting his vote in his home town of Pinkafeld earlier on Sunday, Mr Hofer ruled out a referendum and said: “I would ask Mr Farage not to interfere in Austria’s internal affairs.”

“It is not something I want. We need to build a stronger union,” he said.

Oops. And it wasn’t just Hofer, even ordinary Austrians said Farage had no right to butt in.

Mr Mahdalik singled out Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader, for contributing to the party’s defeat after he said on Fox News on Friday that Mr Hofer would hold a referendum on Austria leaving the European Union.

“That didn’t help us, it hindered us,” he said, saying that an overwhelming majority of Austrians support EU membership.

The fact that Farage supported a far-right party is one thing.

The fact they thought he was too extreme for them is even more revealing

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