Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s best moment at PMQs today came near the end when he laid into the PM repeatedly for ignoring the social care crisis.

Theresa May had little to say in response, at one point accusing Labour of not wanting to spend more on social care a minute after she said Labour wanted to spend too much.

Corbyn asked:

Mr Speaker, in the Autumn Statement last week, the Chancellor spoke for over 50 minutes. During that time he didn’t once mention the NHS or social care.

1.2 million people are lacking the care they need. Why was there not one single penny more for social care, in the Autumn Statement?

After May’s evasive response, Corbyn came back to the same topic.

Even BBC journalists could see the PM’s discomfort



Corbyn still needs to keep hammering these points

  1. Judge the Tories by their actions not their words. A cut in corporation tax in the Autumn Statement. This benefits the donors to the Conservative Party and multi millionaire fat cats and other wealthy party members.
    Nothing for the NHS or Social Care. As George Osbourne said poor people are ‘not our voters’. Liverpool and Manchester received the most severe cuts to their budget during the last six years. Why?. They are run by Labour and local people vote Labour.

  2. Jamil Akhtar MBE says:

    Britain is 7th richest economy & 27th Richest nation in the world . We can’t provide money which is desperately needed by the NHS and Social. Shame on Tory Government.

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