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The Daily Mail was forced to hastily amend a vile headline today which attacked the judges behind the High Court ruling on Brexit, one merely for being gay.

A headline posted to its website earlier today read:

The judges who blocked Brexit: One founded a EUROPEAN law group, another charged the taxpayer millions for advice and the third is an openly gay ex-Olympic fencer.


To put it another way, one judge was responsible for founding the European Law Institute – which wanted to harmonise law across Europe.

The second judge was attacked merely for being well-paid for being a respected judge.

The third judge’s crime merely seems to be that he was gay. Or perhaps that we was an ex-fencer? Unlikely.

After a backlash on Twitter, the Mail hastily changed its headline to:

The judges who blocked Brexit include one who founded a EUROPEAN law group and a second who charged the taxpayer millions for advice

The background of the third judge was also scrubbed out from the copy.

But on the internet nothing really vanishes permanently.

The Daily Mail was caught being its vile self, again

  1. Malcolm Madagain says:

    It is totally shocking that an ex fencer should rule on Brexit. What can such a person know about “High Court Judging thingamajigs? Whatever next?

  2. Apart from the numbing stupidity of attempting to slur the judge for his sexuality, remind me again, Who paid for the government’s case? That would be the taxpayer. Does the Daily Mail believe its readers are so stupid they can’t see this for the hypocritical claptrap it actually is?

  3. The Daily Mail (and Express) just make it up all the time. Pure Proll-feed,
    You can never believe anything either of them print.

  4. The Mail has published the pictures of these judges, and said that by applying the law of the land (i.e. doing the job they are paid to do) they have made themselves enemies of the British people. How many steps are there between this kind of rabble-rousing and a brick through someone’s window? Those who ‘want to take control’ won’t need much more encouragement of this sort. Dacre has a responsible job, but is a disgrace to his profession.

  5. Well, we know IPSO is a complete waste of space, since a journalist who is subject to complain will likely find that their mates are on the panel. Witness the recent Kelvin Mackenzie episode.

  6. The problem we face is that the so-called newspaper sells 1.5 million copues, so there a lot of folk out there supporting this stuff!

  7. The Daily Mail writers and editor are plainly ill informed The case was that Parliament was the body that should agree to activate article 50 Not anyone else
    After all parliament is the ultimate body to act on the behalf of all.

  8. “Not me, Guv”‘ says “editor” when some muscle bound “Breuxiter” shaken and stirred by “The Mail” headcase lines attacks someone involved with this case,,,

  9. Mind you, the Daily Mail does have it’s uses. It is excellent for lining the bottom of the cat’s tray. For this use, it must, however, be unopened and thus unread.

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