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Donald Trump is pushing Farage to oppose offshore wind-farms, so more of them wouldn’t be built near his golf courses in Scotland.

It is an extraordinary insight into how the new U.S. President is using his new platform to push his business interests.

The New York Times reports that the conversation took shortly after Trump got his election victory.

Trump has long opposed wind-farms near his golf courses, even taking the matter to the supreme court. He lost that case in December 2015.

The President-elect owns two golf courses in Scotland – Trump Turnberry and Trump International Golf Links.

The discussion about wind farms took place when Nigel Farage, Arron Banks (funder of Leave.EU) and others met Trump.

raheem kassam Trump Wigmore Arron banks

Also present was Andy Wigmore (second from the right), who did communications for Leave.EU.

In a surprisingly candid moment, he told the Daily Express:

We covered a lot of ground during the hour-long meeting we had.

But one thing Mr Trump kept returning to was the issue of wind farms. He is a complete Anglophile and also absolutely adores Scotland which he thinks is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. But he is dismayed that his beloved Scotland has become over-run with ugly wind farms which he believes are a blight on the stunning landscape.

Wigmore told the New York Times:

He did not say he hated wind farms as a concept; he just did not like them spoiling the views.

When the NYT first asked Trump’s spokeswoman about the event, she denied the subject of wind farms was raised.

After being told someone already let the cat out of the bag, she refused to say more.

So now we know what Trump and Farage spoke about.

We also know what lies behind Farage and Leave.EU’s campaigning against wind farms.

And we also know corruption is going to be deeply embedded in the Trump Presidency from day one

  1. He may love Scotland but trust me, Scotland does not love him, nor have they any time for his pet monkey Nigel Farrage.

  2. Hate wind farms but if you’re going to build them they should be off-shore, and preferably somewhere that will annoy the hell out of Trump.

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