The government is planning to ban letting agents from charging fees to tenants, in a move to be announced in the Autumn Statement today.

The fees are usually thrust upon renters on top of costs such as deposits and rent.

Some renters say they can be charged for even small things like printing out a tenancy agreement.

In London the costs can be anything from £300 – £700, say charities.

Lettings agency fees are already banned in Scotland, and such a move was a key pledge in the Labour manifesto of 2015.

But amusingly, the Tories criticised Labour for pursuing this policy just months ago, saying it would only raise rents.

Here is the Housing Minister, in September this year


But that wasn’t the evidence from Scotland, where renters have welcomed more transparency and lower costs.

Philip Hammond is finally seeing some sense.

Looks like Ed Miliband’s manifesto has become more relevant than ever

  1. Depends on how it is implemented.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the Tories will put in a toothless law with more holes in it than a catering size colander.

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