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There is “no plan” for Brexit and the government has to hire 30,000 new civil servants at the cost of tens of millions just to plan their strategy – a memo leaked today reveals.

Both The Times and the BBC this morning reveal they have seen the memo, titled ‘Brexit Update’, and it reveals a government in shambles.

Whitehall is working on more than 500 Brexit-related projects and could need to hire 30,000 extra civil servants, according to a leaked memo prepared for the Cabinet Office.

Splits within the cabinet also mean that the government may need another six months to decide on its priorities, according to the assessment by a consultant working for the department.

The memo also reveals that the government is paralysed about how to proceed.

The Times reports that it says:

Individual departments have been busily developing their projects to implement Brexit, resulting in well over 500 projects, which are beyond the capacity and capability of the government to execute quickly.

An who did the government put up this morning on Radio 4 to defend themselves?

Er, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, who claimed he hadn’t heard about the memo and it didn’t reflect government policy.

Nice try.

And you bet the cost of hiring 30,000 new civil servants will easily outweigh our contributions to the UK. Some say the EU in total has just 24,000 trade negotiators.

Will the NHS still get back the £350m a year we send to the EU?

  1. Sorry Darlings, you need to update your story. It turns out the memo was a plug for work from Deloitte and nothing to do with the government

  2. “Brexit means Brexit”, er that’s it, our plan for Brexit. Meanwhile on BBCQT some disengaged financial expert, er by the way, not a politician, says “in a hundred years time historians will look back and say that we had to make some minor adjustments to our trade arrangements”, well that is ok,then, as £65 Billion of investment is put on “Breuxit Hold”…

  3. Is this the same government…able to find the finance to pay an extra 30.000 civil servants salaries…..but doesnt have the money to pay tens of thousands of women born in the fifties their State Pension..that they have paid into and are legitimately entitled..

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