Jo Cox tribute

The Daily Mail has a new theory as to what may have motivated the murderer of Jo Cox.

Yes, you guessed it. Apparently it may have been the fault of immigrants.

Here’s the convoluted headline:

daily mail jo cox thomas mair


This is predictable of course. But also based on very dubious reporting. The story is based on this quote from a family member:

You’ve got to look at the background. They [Kirklees Council, perhaps] kept pestering him to get him out of the house. He’d lived there for all his life, even from being little he had lived there with his grandma.

So that was his home, that was his abode and they were trying to get him out. And when it all came out, they were trying to get him out for a family that had come from abroad wanting a three or two bedroomed house.

But this is directly contradicted by a neighbour:

They were offering him somewhere, it wasn’t as if they were throwing him out, and he just said “why should I move?”

There isn’t any evidence offered that the local council wanted to throw him out of his place either (neither could they!).

In other words it was a dead end as a motivation. But that doesn’t stop the Daily Mail of course.

This is what the right usually refer to as being a ‘terrorist apologist’ isn’t it?

Neither the Daily Mail, the Sun or Daily Express today have an editorial comment on the Jo Cox verdict either.

Says it all doesn’t it?

  1. What Mair did was appalling, however that shouldn’t stop us trying to understand. Yes the Daily Mail is a disgusting scapegoating rag, but it is also possible that they have at least part of a point. Let’s not shut down critical thinking out of disgust for those we oppose. That seems to me to be the enemy of humanity.

  2. Bonnie Blackie says:

    I wondered when the Daily Fail would bring immigrants into the Jo Cox murder. Fact: The murderer was a neo nazi white British Leaver. The kind of person the Daily Fail puts up as better than all immigrants.Suck it up Daily Fail, Your white British Man is just as capable of murder as any other religion, background or nationality.

  3. Patrick Graham says:

    If someone sought out and killed Paul Dacre and said “This is for Britain” I’d have no trouble believing him…

  4. Perhaps the fact that the wife of Michael Gove (who was a big part of the LEAVE campaign) is a main contributor of this underhand racist rag.
    Perhaps the Goves don’t want blood on their hands?

  5. This is racist paper and puts in anything but the truth. When people go to the doctors what colour or race do they see? Or is it just doctor?

  6. The Daily Mail are entirely complicit in Mr Mairs actions, and the fact that they couldn’t be arsed to put it on the front front page unlike Lee Rigby, another innocent person killed by extremist terrorists, goes to prove this. Hit them where it hurts, stop buying the rubbish.

  7. to Ian above who says “What Mair did was appalling, however that shouldn’t stop us trying to understand.” ? I say Yes it should, the Daily Mail should offer no sympathy and no justification for this barbaric act, as it did not with the killers of Lee Rigby. He is a product of their hate mongering, look no further than that for an “understanding”.

  8. In that case we should blame David Cameron and the Tories for coming up with the policies that drove Mair to Kill…. Oh wait… it’s the mail… FFS!!!!!

  9. JBigglesworth says:

    Interesting that the Mail suggests Mair being put out of his grandmother’s council house is a mitigating factor in his crime.

    I don’t recall the Mail previously criticising the Tory policies behind such a move: the Bedroom Tax and Pay To Stay.

  10. The problem with Ian’s comment is as follows – there does mot seem to be any evidence of this. It is a Tory govt who keep wanting people kicked out of their homes on the basis of ‘under-occupation’. If the idiots had not run social housing down so badly,the there would be less reason to do this. Critical thinking is fine, but critical thinking is dependent on evidence.

  11. Margaret Georgiadou says:

    The Daily Heil is part of the Goebbels Press in our country. Anyone, press included, who incites hatred towards whoever should be closed down and the owners prosecuted. Our tolerance of intolerance is in itself intolerant, and helps the rise of fascism.

  12. Why doesn’t the Daily Mail just go the whole hog and rename itself Der Stürmer?
    It’s a similar sort of vile poisonous right-wing rag.

  13. Shirley Foxcastle says:

    I too hate the Daily Heil, but the hypothetical story about the council house does ring a bell, Another feckless loser was featured on the BBC this year, complaining that the local council wanted him to move out of his late mother’s house, where he had grown up, to make room for a family. He regarded the house as an inheritance. I can well imagine that Mair could have been in the same situation and approached his MP to help him keep the house. (The Council should be obliged to confirm or deny this.) Of course, this does not mean that he was also a neo-Nazi sympathizer, as demonstrated by the material in the house. And it doesn’t diminish the tragedy of Jo Cox’s death at the hands of a deluded, right-wing, terrorist loser.

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