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Two police forces have today confirmed they are investigating comments made by a far-right leader back in March.

Which prompts the question, why did it take so long?

The remarks in question relate to those of 21-year-old Jack Renshaw, one of the leaders of the far-right thuggish group National Action.

At an anti-refugees rally in Blackpool in March, he said:

The refugee problem is part of a bigger problem. It is a symptom of a disease. That disease is international Jewry. In World War Two we took the wrong side. We should have been fighting the communists. Instead we took the side of the communists and fought the national socialists, who were there to remove Jewry from Europe once and for all. That’s what the final solution was.

We are pointing fingers at the symptoms, not the disease. Let’s cure the disease and all of its symptoms by default.

He added:

You can call me Nazi, you can call me fascist, that’s what I am. By only advancing our people once and for all, the superior race, the white race, only when we do that are we going to succeed.

At another event, he allegedly said that Hitler was “wrong” to “show mercy” to his opponents, according to the anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate. A recording of that speech was published by The Times last night.

Only after media interest has the police swung into action.

Today, both West Yorkshire Police and Lancashire Police have confirmed to Political Scrapbook that they have passed information on Renshaw to the Crown Prosection Service.

The CPS will consider whether to prosecute him with inciting racial hatred.

Earlier this year, social media accounts linked to National Action also praised Thomas Mair.


National Action

Given the murder of Jo Cox, why isn’t the police taking far-right extremism more seriously?
  1. james naughtie was right says:

    Still, their mums will be glad to see that those National Action lads found a use for those expensive Hallowe’en costumes they bought them last year.

  2. I wonder if this could be related to the fact that the Snooper’s Charter received Royal Assent earlier today. Would that mean that young master Renshaw’s internet activity over the last 12 months is now available for inspection?

    (This is a technical question really: Does the new law cover information that was stored before the law came into effect, or would that be attempting to apply the law retrospectively?)

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