Suffice it to say HMRC is coming in for yet more stick today, with the news that the tax men have brought just one criminal prosecution against super-rich tax avoiders in seven years — in comparison to 70 cases pursued through civil courts:

mail-tax-splashBut it’s OK, HMRC have a plan — its Single Departmental Plan 2015-2020 to be precise:

“We will increase the number of criminal investigations that HMRC can undertake into serious and complex tax crime, focusing particularly on wealthy individuals and corporates, with the aim of increasing prosecutions in this area to 100 a year by the end of the Parliament.”

But as the small print of the National Audit Office’s report released today reveals, this applies to individuals and companies:

“There is no specific target for an increase in the number of criminal investigations into high net worth individuals”

So no target then.

Declared your circumstances incorrectly for welfare? You’re nicked.
Dodged millions in tax? Have another biscuit.

  1. The tories have been waving the ‘we are targeting tax avoidence’ flag for many years now. They manage to target the sick and benefit ‘Scroungers’ so easily, I wonder at the incompetance displayed when they target those who do actually steal from the public purse! Nothing to do with the fact that their buddies are all sat on the HMRC board or the fact that they have worked very hard to reduce the number of staff at HMRC. Not to mention working hard to benkrupt the NHS and the country.

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