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A month before the U.S. elections, the prominent BBC presenter Andrew Neil tweeted a picture, overlooking the New York skyline.

But he didn’t say where he was tweeting from.

But Political Scrapbook can reveal that Andrew Neil was tweeting from his multi-million dollar apartment – in Trump World Towers.


Andrew neil


Yes, the Trump World Towers, which helped the incoming President of the United States make his fortune.

The apartment was bought in 2004. Andrew F. Neil created a company in the U.S. called Glenburn America Incorporated, of which he remains the CEO.

Glenburn America Inc. paid $3.2 million for an apartment on the 78th floor of 845 United Nations Plaza, also in 2004.

That is the address for Trump World Towers.


trump world tower


This pic is from another apartment in the same building, in the same price range


A press officer from the BBC confirmed to Political Scrapbook it was indeed his apartment.

So is Andrew Neil close to Donald Trump?

But the source told us that Neil has only met Trump twice, and “they do not have a relationship in a personal capacity”.

Neil hasn’t yet managed to snag an interview with Donald Trump, though he has been very even-handed in covering Trump so far.

They certainly share some views… climate change denial is one prominent example.

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  1. …er careful Terry. Commenting here could make you poorer, by just about everything you own, if Big Men get ofended. There’s SO MUCH I’d like to tweet.

  2. ‘SO…WHAT’!

    I’ll tell you what, the man’s a low life sell out, and I for one never knew he was also a Trumpet lover, but I do now. You know what they say, it takes one to know one.

  3. Climate change denial? He’s not in denial, he’s just skeptical that human CO2 is the primary driver of climate change. The climate has always changed, and always will….trying to stop it through taxation is impossible!

  4. Big Dave, climate change has been proven many times in many ways as a direct correlation to co2 production and poses a massive risk to all life on earth. Don’t get confused with other factors like the grand solar minimum/maximum etc.. you’ll live to see serious fighting if sea levels rise significantly. Certainly don’t discount it cos some rich gits want more money.

  5. Actually the prevalence of sun spots is related to extreme weather. As for Neil, he is nothing more than a member of the rich club with obligatory trophy wife. Utterly vomit inducing individual.

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