Theresa May 10 Downing Street

It turns out that God is helping Britain’s Prime Minister in her drive towards Brexit.

In an interview with the Sunday Times yesterday, Theresa May claimed that her her faith in God will guide our path out of Europe.

She said:

There is something in terms of faith, I am a practising member of the Church of England and so forth, that lies behind what I do.

If you know you are doing the right thing, you have the confidence, the energy to go and deliver that right message.

That’s funny. A few months ago she thought staying in Europe was the right thing to do.

Was that conviction also driven by God?

On Twitter, there  was also this pertinent point


And will God persuade other European countries to give us a good deal?

  1. All through the Bible it says
    Look after the Widows Orphans and the Refuges because we were once refuges (Jesus was a refugee to Egypt when he was a baby )

  2. She is more Mrs T reincarnated; remember when Mrs T first entered number 10 she quoted the prayer of St. Francis, and look what followed.

  3. Robert Malcolm Kay says:

    God also tells her to pity the poor, the homeless, the hungry and the refugees …. Oops, sorry: wrong God: she’s an Anglican, after all …

  4. When you run out of excuses for your own incompetence – invoke God as the agent. Then – when what you do fails – you have a ready person to blame. Obviously not a careful reader of her Bible. When asked by the Pharisees about the boundaries between God and Caesar, Jesus said ‘Render unto God what is God’s; render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’. I don’t see Brexit as a divine enterprise.

  5. Oh that’s great. What a year it’s been. Now we discover the PM’s a God Squad fruitcake, on top of everything else.

  6. Daley Gleephart says:

    @Ian Stevenson
    … or the God who told Peter Sutcliffe to commit murder?
    @ Mike Moran
    Christians who claim that God is guiding them hardly ever quote from the New Testament.

  7. Marilyn Gaunt says:

    The only god she follows is Mammon , (may his Profts Increase)
    God of the NeoLiberals
    Old Testament Christians who ignore the New Testament Jesus brought.

  8. Sarash Bhatoolaul says:

    As a politician and Prime Minister, she cannot speak the truth because she will lose votes from some factions. So draw the authority of God to make a point because she cannot say something very sensitive to everyone! Apart from a democratic deficit and phenomenal costs of EU membership, are there any other equally hot issues haunting the minds of the British electorates?

  9. She says she’s a “member of the Church of England” – which we’d expect; she was born to a minister, and she wants to appear virtuous. If she genuinely wants to follow God, why didn’t she actually mention Him? Institution and tradition have been distracting from what Christianity’s actually about from it’s beginning. The Bible’s teachings don’t show us whether or not we should be in the EU – but they do make it extremely clear that God wants us to help those in need, specifically including people from elsewhere.

  10. another politician who uses religion for her own ends – seems white supremacists/christian fundamentalists are becoming as dangerous as their muslim counterparts.

  11. Oh dear. Clutching at straws. Perhaps there’ll be a shower of frogs on number 10, and her Amanda Wakeley discount card will be ruined.

  12. Willson, LL.B says:

    There are what I call “churchgoers” and there are “Christians”, the latter are in very short supply I am afraid, and can usually be found dancing on the sharp end of a needle, provided said needle complies with the relevant EU Regulations…

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