NAtional Action demo

While attention is still focused on Islamic extremists, the number of far-rightsympathisers referred to the counter-terrorism programme has exploded.

In some parts of the UK such as in Wales and Leicestershire, the number of far-right referrals now outnumber Muslims seen in danger of being radicalised. The figures were revealed in the Sunday Times yesterday.

New figures show that almost 300 youths under 18 were flagged up last year under the government’s Prevent strategy amid concerns about the growing influence of the far right.

At least 16 of these neo- Nazi-linked referrals involved children below the age of 10.

A few weeks ago the Tory MP Ben Wallace told colleagues in the House of Commons:

The Prevent strategy is seeing a growth in far-right referrals. In some areas of the country, these Prevent referrals outnumber those about the other parts we are worried out.

These figures come a week after the far-right group National Action spread stickers around Liverpool declaring it a ‘Nazi controlled zone’.

National Action have been known to be active in parts of Wales, Liverpool and Newcastle.


The photo was posted by Liverpool Mossley Hill councillor Patrick Hurley, seen removing one.

Many of the stickers were found around in the areas of Elmswood and Victoria Roads, the Liverpool Echo reported.

The stickers were posted by the BNP offshoot, National Action.

Earlier this year Political Scrapbook found that National Action praised Jo Cox alleged murderer Thomas Mair on social media. It also held a ‘Hitler was right’ rally in Newcastle in January.

More recently they even held a ‘Miss Hitler’ competition for female members

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