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It’s barely been a week since the murderer of Jo Cox was jailed, and yet UKIP leaders haven’t thought about their own incendiary rhetoric.

Regular Political Scrapbook readers may remember that six months ago, Nigel Farage predicted violence if anti-EU voices ‘were not heard’.

A few weeks later Thomas Mair murdered the Labour MP Jox.

There wasn’t a direct connection, but Mair was clearly influenced by the incendiary rhetoric on the Right. And he came after Jo Cox for her pro-Remain and pro-immigrant views.

You would hope UKIP had become more responsible with their talk since the murder.

But clearly not.

Today, moments after he was elected the new leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall told BBC Daily Politics:

We are now going to look forwards [after a summer of infighting] and not backwards.

And just think, under my leadership, with a united UKIP, I wouldn’t want to be Labour and Conservative MPs.

Because I’ll tell you what, if you’re a Remainer, and it doesn’t matter what colour you are, we are coming after you.




Have UKIP learnt nothing from this summer?

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  1. It is not necessary to prove that the behavior was so violent as to cause terror or that the victim was actually frightened. Threat, criminal threatening (or threatening behavior) is the crime of intentionally or knowingly putting another person in fear of bodily injury.
    As this is a legal definition of a threat of violence any legal eagles out there prepared to take action?

  2. Let’s not forget Farage’s disgracefully inappropriate boast that the referendum was won “without a shot being fired”.

  3. political rhetoric from leaders of minority parties and in this case irrelevant minority parties cut no ice here. Based on what Paul Nuttall had to say this afternoon I think I would prefer Nicola Sturgeons out of touch rhetoric any day….
    A leader without a UK parliamentary constituency, completely out of touch representing a constituency that needs representation on all matters EU and benefiting from the gravy train to further his own confused political principles, if he had any. I give him 6 months tops….

  4. Sturgeon’s out of touch? Aye, maybe with the elite who are destroying the country. Not with the people however:

    Scotland has the highest employment rate of the four nations in the UK, women and youth employment rates exceed those of the UK.
    Typical pay in Scotland is now, for the first time, higher than in England.
    The Scottish economy has seen three years of growth up to the third quarter of 2015.
    186,855 young people took the opportunity to undertake a modern apprenticeship since 2007, and by 2020 a further 30,000 opportunities will be available every year.
    Around 20,000 families supported to buy their own home through home ownership schemes – three quarters of them under the age of 35.
    Councils enabled to build new homes– 5,292 council houses built since 2011.
    15,500 social houses for rent safeguarded by ending Right to Buy.
    £500 million invested to stimulate conomic growth in Glasgow and the Clyde Valley.
    Etc. Etc. and there’s a helluva lot more where that came from!

  5. …I hope you are right about the six months, though, I give him less. Maybe they should put a revolving door on the leader’s office at Lexdrum house, but with their income fizzling out as Aaron Banks schemes to start yet another wingnut political party, their days as Kippers could be numbered, and these aging bootboys will have to go back to pushing excrement through asian pensioners letterboxes!

  6. Biz – you’re not gong to get many people to read beyond the childish cliche that it is ‘… the elite…’. You have some good points, but if you want people to actually read them, you might want to consider ceasing using the kind of brainless rhetoric that ensured the rise of Trump, UKIP, Putin etc.

  7. “UKIP leaders haven’t thought about their own incendiary rhetoric.”
    Rubbish. They have thought hard about it, and Nazism-lite has clearly worked for the past few years, so they’re not likely to drop it now.

  8. They should all be held for account for the murder of Jo Cox. It was their rhetoric that was responsible for the rise of racial crime stirred up by farage, Johnson, gove and nutter. They used Imigration for their own selfish needs, if they can’t be prosecuted for inciting and provocation they should be removed from parliament if they had a concience they should have resigned and held their heads in shame.

  9. Nuttall's Minnows says:

    Nuttall was elected as leader of UKIP with less votes than my local councillor got. Big boys with a bigly following eh? Yeah, right.

  10. What a complete dick this man is. Stupid, ignorant and thinks he’s hard. Like a 1970’s throwback. Go back to school.

  11. Petrometro, I hope you are right and I speak as a reluctant leaver. Cinesimon, are you for real??? Nicola Sturgeon – English people with half a brain would give their eye teeth for a politician on the left to be on our side in the UK. I’m a leaver precisely because the “elite” the neo-liberal elite that is who treat labour as a commodity under the guise of “freedom of movement” which simply serves the needs of multinational corporations, has ignored the cultural and social needs of ordinary people (ie. not urban hipsters or the chattering classes) and that is why (misguidedly and inevitably) they have turned to the likes of Le Pen, Trump and home grown nutters like Nutter!! It’s an utter failure of the left in European politics and It’s happened before in the Weimar Republican has it not? The good thing about the contemporary political landscape is that we are all better connected and can call it what it is – xenephobic, nationalism.

  12. andrew carter says:

    offs don’t give the guy credence! UKIP spouts shyte hoping some of it will stick and the Tories can be testimony for that.. Douglas Carswell ex-tory now the only UKIP MP… where has that happened in the Labour Party? Show me a Labour Party constituency which has been overturned by UKIP?

  13. Willson, LL.B says:

    “Wooster” hands over the reigns of power to the guy who does the heavy gardening work at “Blandings Castle”. I bet the 11 “Leaping Lords” of the UK Supreme Court, who will no doubt support the recent HC decision in the Gina Miller are very afraid of this wannabee Grant Mitchell…

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