Brexiteer MP Peter Bone began a question noting that it was his birthday.

In her reply the Prime Minister expressed the hope that

‘Mrs. Bone will mark his birthday in an appropriate manner.’

Cue uproar in the House of Commons and a series of sinister grins from May and an even more sinister one from Peter Bone.


Regular¬†Scrapbook¬†readers may recall that Peter Bone is the 64 year old MP who lives in a home bought with the government’s help-to-buy scheme for young people.

Perhaps Mr. Bone is old enough to move out now?

  1. Jeanne Bartram says:

    There are a hell of a lot of ‘Disturbing’ things that Theresa May and this government have said – THIS is not one of them!

    I watched it and thought it was rather funny actually.

    I find it irritating when people home in on something inconsequential like this and ignore the really serious stuff –

    The British have no sense of humour anymore – just bigotry?

  2. Do not like Peter Bone the politician, but sad to hear that his wife has health problems. As for TM the PM, hardly a rival for Trump; a mild bit of banter.

  3. A mild joke by TM. However, why cannot we find anywhere in the so-called ‘leftist’ and ‘liberal’ press in Britain, those in the pro-Clinton conspiracy, any reference to what Madonna said in her bid to bolster Clinton ? This same type of highly biased censorship helped to defeat Labour at the 2015 General Elections.

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