BNP Batley & Spen

Two taxi drivers have won two by-election seats for the British National Party in Heybridge in Essex after standing under the ‘Fighting Unsustainable Housing Because We Care’ banner rather than the BNP banner itself.

So it’s unclear how many voters were aware of their BNP connections when they ran campaigning to stop unsustainable housing developments in the area.

The BNP now claim six seats on a parish council of ’11 or 12 in total’ meaning they have a majority. Though perhaps they should check precisely how many councillors there are before declaring that definitively.

Meanwhile, from 200 miles away, the BNP’s candidate in Batley & Spen (Jo Cox’s constituency), David Furness, appeared in a YouTube video for the party crowing about the Heybridge results and his own Batley & Spen ‘third place’ (2.7% of the vote) after the non-Labour mainstream parties declined to run. He declared that the Heybridge results were:

“the first time a national party have taken control of a council.”

Furness also expressed a hope that there would soon be a BNP mayor in Heybridge.

Councillor Perry, the group’s leader on Heybridge parish council, justified the decision to stand under a localised name by saying the group is about ‘local issues not national issues’.

Though the BNP’s YouTube crowing would suggest otherwise.

  1. Richard Gadsden says:

    A few minutes’ research shows that the parish council has 12 councillors, from three wards – one with six councillors, one with five councillors and one with one councillor, but the ward with one councillor (Basin ward) is vacant, after no-one stood in the election.

    So there are 11 councillors on a council of 12, and six BNP councillors are a majority.

  2. They look a bright bunch of old buggers. Probably seen a lot in their time: ‘I had that Adolf Hitler in my cab once. Lovely fella. Ver’y clean fingernails. Always well turned out. Well, them krauts always are, ent they ……………….’

  3. Parish councils are normally non political with people do not standing or acing under party colours. So much for British traditions, where do these people come from?

  4. John O'Donoghue says:

    Well done, 3rd place, as if Mo runs a marathon against the BNP and 2 of you fat twats come in 3 hours after….

  5. There is a legal requirement for all Parish Councillors to declare membership of a political party even if they are standing as independents. If they made false declarations they should be facing prosecution.

  6. Good to hear the authentic voice of a tiny but rancid minority of what Mosley stood for reflected here. More power to your index fingers, lads.
    Take back control of our keyboards!
    We want our country’s penises back (last seen disappearing beyond our diabetes 2 bellies but believed to still exist somewhere out there in our faux Hackett skimpies).

  7. Knuckle dragging dimwitted bigots, the only way you can get people to vote for you is by not letting them in on what you really stand for

  8. Third place against only one real party. Do you have any idea exactly how unimpressive that actually is?
    Tale a moment to think about it. You didn’t beat the tories or lib dems, and you couldn’t even beat the next bunch of no hopers.

    My my, the glory of the far right gets dimmer all the time.

    Laughing stock.

  9. Thomas Hayward says:

    3rd place, with next to none of the vote, and solely with bigoted morons voting for them. Yeah, bravo!

  10. As a dedicated nationalist for over 25 years, I’m disgusted by the BNP going covert & selling out , just for the lust for power. I’d sooner get 0 votes standing for the NF, than ‘ shit out ‘ and bring shame by cheating the electorate!

  11. Meony yes it can be anything from a heavy fine or prison sentence ( somewhere I’m sure some of these Trogs are false with ) !

  12. Hi I find it rather amusing they think they have power, they have nothing of the sort
    What will they be discussing local budgets, time the toilets close , what time to let the parish hall out for banjo practice, who’s dressing as what fireworks night cookout, what efigy will we burn , and all this power through cheating

    Well I hope someone writes to the local election officer and complains he is duty bound in law to investigate
    { Bob }

  13. If you want to see really scary shit, check out the Facebook page “Smash Cultural Marxism”
    How it exists is beyond me

  14. You must , please, understand, all voters who dislike us here in the BNP, that we are not going to be converted by the behaviour of the ‘ morally ‘ self-approving ruling parties of the last century, quickly slithering into the filthy sink holes of their own making. Some, certainly, were principled: the first Socialists, the earliest trades unions, the moderate men and women, quietly dedicated, simply wanting to help their constituents:all, in fact, who are now nearly extinct.The biggest parties, (it’s now right to speak of them in the past tense,)were destroyed by the usual weaknesses of mankind:greed;self-interest;sexual scandal:all things expressing contemptuousness for the patriotic,caring,hard-working patriotic person, whose interests and birthrights found themselves being not supported by,or wanted by,the former centre-ground, and finally even subjugated to any foreign national of any discription in their own land. This had to come to an end; to our shame that it’s taking so long

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