Zac Goldsmith must be giddy with glee, with all the glowing endorsements for his independent by-election campaign. Especially since the Ukippers have joined the bandwagon.

A UKIP spokesperson announced this morning that:

“Ukip are encouraging all of our supporters and voters to support Zac Goldsmith in his bid to become an independent MP.”

And Kippers haven’t been able to contain their excitement! UKIP Councillor and ‘key Farage ally’ Victoria Ayling — allegedly a former member of the far-right National Front — rang out the endorsement this morning:

Hmmm, wait a minute. Scrapbook readers may have a sneaking suspicion that they’ve seen Vicky before…


Ah yes, thought so.

Wow. Well, that can’t be right. I mean, what would a Kipper like Ayling have in common with Zac, that “eco-friendly, independent minded politician with integrity”…?

Ayling denies being an ex-member of the National Front — claiming she only attended meetings “for research”.

Birds of a feather flock together.

  1. She only attended meetings for research but also holds the same opinions as National Front proclaimed, good luck distancing yourself from this lot Zac.

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