ICM have done some polling on the royals and it isn’t looking too good for Prince Andrew, who bombs with a -10% approval rating. But he can he hardly be surprised.

Some of the finer vintages from a well-stocked cellar of Andrew scandals include:

  • Selling his Berkshire home to Timur Kulibayev, a Kazakh billionaire whose alleged mistress he was friends with, for £12m in 2007, £3 more than the asking price and with no other offers.
  • Hosting a lunch for the son-in-law of the dictator of Tunisia.
  • Being mates with Saif Gaddafi, the son of Colonel Gaddafi currently being held in Libya for war crimes.
  • Organising a private jet trip to New York at a cost to taxpayers of £100,000
  • Using helicopters to make £6000 trips so short that it would’ve made sense to use a car
  • Last, but very much not least, losing his status as UK trade envoy (and his round the world trips) because of a scandal last year over his association with the convicted sex offender financier Jeffrey Epstein.

His mother’s net approval rating is +65%, which must be a bit of a blow.

And ‘Air Miles Andy’ doesn’t even have his air miles to console him anymore.

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