The Mail has been forced to admit to IPSO (the Independent Press Standards Organisation) that video footage of the incident included on its June 16th front page showing shows the migrants clearly telling officers that they were from Iraq and Kuwait, and not, as the headline ludicrously claimed, from Europe.

A week before the Referendum in June the Mail published a front page that read:

“As politicians squabble over border controls, yet another lorry load of migrants arrives in the UK. We’re from Europe – let us in!”

IPSO found that the Mail breached the Editors’ Code of Practice, though no further action will be taken as the Mail ran a correction the next day.

But guess who chairs the Editors’ Code of Practice Committee? None other than Mail Editor-in-Chief Paul Dacre.

Dacre should at least be able to follow his own Code of Practice.

  1. Bob Fearnside says:

    The people who read this drivel seem to be incapable of forming opinions of their own and find some comfort in being told to be racist, bigoted and xenophobic. The ‘Mail’ states 500 million EU citizens have freedom of movement but don’t mention that we, UK citizens, enjoy that freedom too! I for one am not looking forward to losing my freedom.

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