Jeremy Hunt

When Capita received the contract to be sole provider of NHS Support Services last year they said they aimed to ‘improve the quality, reliability and sustainability of administration support services’.

How’s that going?

GPOnline reports that nearly 80% of GPs are currently unsatisfied with the service and just last month the BMA said that failings in primary care support services were putting patients at risk.

Other problems recently have included:

  • In April it was reported that patient record collection deliveries from Capita were taking weeks longer than they should have been.
  • In July the BMA passed a motion of no confidence in Capita over those delays and a ‘patient list cleaning drive’ that involved removing people from practice lists where Capita thought they were on them mistakenly. Unsurprisingly perhaps, mistakes were made.
  • Last month the BMA reported that patient safety was being compromised by a series of failings in the primary care support service-run by Capita including a failure to deliver crucial medical equipment such as syringes on time.

Private sector efficiency doesn’t seem to be improving ‘quality, reliability, and sustainability’ as advertised. Who’d have thought?


  1. Being as in man areas the NHS was doing a pretty damn good job of things it begs the question how can a company like Capita make a profit?
    The answer is simple get paid more to do the same thing, cut orners or both!
    I certainly back the cutting corners – look at the cleaning fiasco at Nottingham City Hospital, look at problems with patient transport services, look at catering – none of it is delivering.
    This is why we have to fight for the NHS

  2. Ah but Crapita got a contract! if we now want to re-negotiate the contract the cost rises exponetially. I am a former crapita employee. You can paint garbage gold and polish it but it is still garbage

  3. My employer s have just got into bed with crapita.
    They’ve been assessing the roles of staff etc and what a surprise, a number of those roles will no longer exist as crapita will “manage” them in future.

    Others have been merged with no real planning just because the roles look similar!

    CV is now being updated

  4. Disgusting how the government turn a blind eye to this. As long as they achieve their privatisation goals they don’t care.

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