Daily Mail: Brexit splash

With Brexit sending the pound crashing to a 31-year low yesterday the Express and Mail have responded — with an extraordinary attack on the, errrrr, 16 million people that voted remain.

Express Brexit

After 25 years of highly vocal opposition to to the EU from eurosceptics, remain voters are now apparently not allowed an opinion.

Expect the menacing overtones of the Express splash in particular to draw further comment.

  1. Neither of these two rags are even fit to wipe my arse with. Let’s hope 16 million others feel the same. Pathetic.

  2. I fought for this Country you Turds, who the hell do you think you are. You speak of democracy then tell people who think differently that they must shut up, That is the voice of fascism.
    So I offer your nasty spineless little journalist the chance to stand in front of me and call me a traitor. I will rip your jaw off.

  3. Shocking, nasty and pathetic. This will just fuel hatred, the papers should be ashamed of themselves. Only an idiot would believe that the 16mil who voted to remain made the pound crash

  4. In a few years a large number of elderly British Empire jingoists who voted BREXIT will have died of old age leaving the younger more internationally minded generation to suffer from the inevitable isolation that will follow our break away from the EU.
    To now proceed with Article 50 without the constitutionally valid process of debate and vote by the legally elected members of The House of commons will destroy British democracy.
    If we are to embrace referenda then let us hold one on MP’S pay with a figure based on the average wage plus expenses.. Put the issue to the people in a referendum the result of which can’t be debated or overturned by Parliament.

  5. Harry the Bull says:

    1 Brexit not legaly binding. 2 PM not elected and implmenting policy not in ther manifesto.3 PM refusing the elected members of parliment a rights to debate a procces that is not legaly binding. 4 Members of the cabinet who ran leave proven decievers. 5 Threating to remove the UK by Royal degree again with no vote in parliment.
    Is this Democracy?

  6. Stephen Whitaker says:

    Have a look at the Facebook page of Paul Nuttall the UKIP MEP. His followers constantly spout the treason line. Frightening and fundamentally not British.

  7. It’s just this kind of story that got us into this awful mess in the first place. The Mail, Express & also the Sun have focused on xenophobic & completely inaccurate stories demonising immigrants & refugees, & always in the most appalling language. They blatantly lie & have opposed Brexit throughout the campaign.
    How they are allowed to get away with it defeats me.
    They appeal to the worst in society & fuel the fires with hate & fear.
    Never once have I seen any kind of reasoned argument or debate, only hate & lies.

  8. I love you Keith!
    Those newspapers are pieces of poison, promoting the xenophobic hatred that is taking place in this country. I am no longer proud to be British if it means I have to share a national identity with people like that.

  9. Penelope Pitstop says:

    I genuinely think they are trying to foment civil unrest. The Tories will use it as an excuse to impose curfews and lockdowns.

  10. As a former Royal Marine Commando who served proudly for 6 years and wanted to remain part of Europe – to be told I am now “unpatriotic” because I hold a different point of view makes me wonder where we have gone as a people. I would happily compare my record of service to Paul Dacres. Worse – that nearly half the population should be “silenced” for having a different viewpoint is dark and disturbing. Silencing people with a different point of view is the very definition of a dictatorship!!
    What happened to the cradle of democracy and mother of the free

  11. All they are doing is trying to formulate total unrest in the country , for what reason I cannot imagine. They are rag bag newspapers that seek to destroy everything that is good in Europe.it is not myself or many others that are not patriotic but these disgusting rags. The editors and writers ought to be charged with crimes under the race hate laws.

  12. I voted Remain and I’m proud of it. Wonder if the Brexiteers will be so arrogant when the ‘scaremongefing’ predictions come true. The Pound already at its lowest for decades, fuel and food prices set to rise. Yep, its going to be a grand Xmas with worse to come, just because knuckledraggers ‘wanted back control’ of the country; back from what? Name one EU imposed law that you object to…….go on. You can’t think of one can you? The whole referendum was an exercise in small minded, Little Englander racist, xenophobic flag waving which will cost this country very dearly.

  13. Think both these papers have been shown how they attempt to brainwash our society by publishing this nonsense, makes me wonder why they are so biased and what there getting to print this nonsense and who benefits. Smacks of political brainwashing mm mm wonder who is behind it? Eh?

  14. Disillusioned by Brexit Hate says:

    What absurd nonsense. What’s the point of creating division and hatred? These papers should be renamed as Trump Rags. It’s all they are worth if this is the illogical, facile, hateful bilge they publish.

  15. Last night in the pub, Bob who always has an answer for any situation and a Kipper at large, sort of spokesperson without portfolio suggested quite strongly internment camps will be needed to look after the objectors.

  16. The so called “Brexit” vote was won on the back of outrageous lies and deceit. Once the damage was done, every one of the swines ran away and left us in this ridiculous mess. No apologies, just “Ha ha! Byeeeeee!” So now, they expect us to be silent? Not on your life, Mate. We’ve been stitched up by the right wing, xenophobic newspapers and the braying fascists of ukip. It’s more important than ever for us to be vocal in order to implement some measure of damage limitation as we are dragged back to the 1930s.

  17. All 16 million of us should write to the Press Complaints Commission saying that these headlines are:

    1. An incitement to hatred
    2. Fundamentally undemocratic
    3. Unbritish and an affront to free speech.

    In an already febrile atmosphere these comments are reckless and hysterical.

  18. Brexit is in breach of the Act of The Union between Scotland and England. To instigate Article 50 without the consent of the Scottish people would be both unconstitutional and illegal? Theresa May et al are trying to ignore this fact.

  19. What a sad state of affairs! These ‘Trumpster’ newspapers should be utterly ashamed of themselves. They are stating that those of us who voted to remain should be ‘silenced’. We have as much right as your xenophobic & right winged journalists & editors to express our views re Brexit & the negative onslaught that our country is experiencing & will continue to endure once article 50 is triggered. You are clearly ignorant to the fact that that UK operates within a framework of democracy, which entitles all it’s citizens the right & freedom to express themselves, sadly even the likes you!

  20. Stella Enright says:

    The margin of victory for Brexit was very small. Nearly half the Country voted to remain and make positive changes from within the EU. The people who voted to leave were given lots of false reasons for doing so and many seemed to think of the referendum as a protest vote against being ignored by successive governments. Apart from the little Englanders I suspect that many voters didn’t think we would actually leave! It was a knee jerk reaction to the austerity programme and years of being left behind. Now we are f….d!

  21. Quite simply,do not buy these rags. If we don’t buy them,they will go bankrupt!
    Then they will probably blame the remainers for forcing them to close.
    But I suppose because we are British we will not do this perceived threat because we
    ARE British.

  22. When Brexit (if we can’t stop it), when Brexit causes various economic and social disasters, the Mail, the Brexiteers and all the other fascist cheerleader rags (and I do mean fascist), will simply blame remaniers, foreigners, lefties, trade unionists, people dependent on welfare and single mums for sabotaging it – nothing will have been wrong with the Brexit: our right wing press and government will come down hard on everyone they say has screwed up Brexit by unpatriotically downtalking and belittling our glorious nation. Basically, they’ll come for us in the streets, at work and eventually in our homes. This is going to be ugly.

  23. Welcome to media spin, lies and fabrication. Now some folk down south may have a glimmering of the crap that was thrown at Scottish folk during and after the independence referendum. Deceit doesn’t even come close to the downright utter falsehoods that were promulgated. The Mail’s attitude to immigrants is actually more benevolent than it was to those seeking Scottish Independence.

  24. The Daily Mail and the Express along with the Sun shame us as a nation. If being British means being tolerant and welcoming, truthful and willing to stand up for what is right, then they are the ones who are unpatriotic. The headlines of these ‘newspapers’ disgusted me before the referendum and disgust me still.

  25. loyalty has little to do with staying in the EU rather a pragmatic view that it is financially beneficial if we had only participated properly. most of our EU problems lie with inept UK politicians. none of the real financial problems that need to be addressed have so far been tackled.

  26. Vile rag printing bs like this. it’s the leavers who are treasonous for trying do destabilize the economy with their xenophobic beliefs and as for PM may acting like a dictator over the implementation of article 50 she should be put in the tower of london along with bojo the clown and sly fox ..

  27. Voted,leave,n,proud says:

    Can you lot hear your selves, moaning like a load of Hillary Clintons

    Get over your selves, the government got its mandate from 17.2 million voters

    Out means OUT

    Not half out half in

    Now grow up, you lost the vote

  28. They should have been pursued for inciting racial hatred long ago not withstanding the fact that they falsely call themselves Newspapers!

  29. The Referendum was not a town by town vote. It was an individual vote. One man/woman one vote and Britain and the British people voted leave. In fact 1,000,000 more people voted leave than voted stay. So the majority of the British people want democracy to prevail. That’s all that counts. We are a democratic nation, we don’t revisit a general election result because we don’t like who won, we accept the majority result. So accept the result of the referendum and stop trying to regeonlise the results to suit what you want the outcome to be. It was not advisory referendum it was the British people we want out of the EU referendum

  30. The Mail and Express have never really changed their beliefs since the rise of Hitler was so attractive to them. They do not understand how democracy works so all they have is a sort of bilious hatred of anything that is not a Tory upper class, “Ho, ho, get out of my way” standard of bigotry and hatred for ordinary people.

  31. All of these remoaners will keep bleating about losing the arguement, if had been the reverse I wonder they would be saying now if we were the ones in their position, like us they would be saying you lost, deal with it as to the refugee crisis bad though it is in twenty we could very likely havs an Assad bombing us into submission in fact its a cerainty since it is in the Muslim DNA to change the whole world to their filthy ideaology they must at all costs stopped and converted from their murderous so called religeon

  32. Going by the comments that have been left it looks like there are an awful lot of people who want to be dictated to by unelected bureaucrats who respect no ones national sovereignty. Even Gorbachev couldn’t understand why they were setting up a system that had already failed and led to the former Soviet dictatorship crumbling.

  33. As an over 70 who voted to remain I am horrified at the right wing rubbish these papers publish. I fear for the country my grandchildren will have to live in.

  34. Barry Derbyshire says:

    Don’t forget these rags are owned mostly by people who don’t live here and who pay no tax. They wanted out of the EU because a reformed EU would have cracked down on tax evasion. Same reason they hate Corbyn so much. Billionaires can’t bear to lose a penny.

    Also, since when did a vote mean the result had to be accepted without question or opposition? If Labour were to win the next election you wouldn’t notice any of these rags saying “The country has spoken, so you moaning Conservatives need to shut up and live with it”

  35. Democracy is a process, not an event. \it does not mean “put your cross on a piece of paper and then shut your gobs!”

  36. The one thing that won us this leave vote. Immigration! We are a tiny little country, we’re full! All who voted remain stop moaning about it you lost. Can’t wait till we sod off from this vile Eu!

  37. Roman Sinclair says:

    I to am 70 years old and voted to remain However just before the referendum I decided to read The Express to see others points of view. Now I have an inner peace inside myself when I live with truth and goodness but when I read the lies and untruths written by this paper it unsettled my belief that most people are good. Daily Express I pity you and your staff

  38. Well done and Bravo all the Remain side who commented above, you are UPHOLDING Democracy and the rule of law!

    Trial starts tomorrow, follow it and be sure to lobby your MPs in the weeks and months to come!

  39. People HAD their say….the Referendum.

    We now need to get on with life outside of the EU, continual whinging won’t help a thing!

  40. The government itself may not be legal due to the election expenses scandals. If proven that the election laws were broken the referendum was illegal. It is not binding and requires an act if parliament to invoke article 50. So if invoked and the election was illegal, then it is an illegal referendum and therefore invalid

  41. What do you expect from the papers that have been promoting racism for years. It was innevitable that these foreign owned papers would write lies in order to brainwash people into voting out. And to the idiots who accuse the remainers of whining. IF THE TRUTH WAS TOLD THE OUTCOME WOULD HAVE BEEN THE OPPOSITE. But you will be crying when your pockets start to hurt and realise you were duped into faulse statments and promises of money being transfered to NHS not getting anywhere near there. And when you find getting to work is costing more because the pound drops and have to pay more for imported goods which is not just your fuel, but 3 quarters of what goes on your dinning table and what covers your body. Only then you will wakeup to the fact that you are worse of. And that will not be temporary. That will be long term.

  42. The rich want in the EU so that they can continue to get cheap labour and keep wages artificially low. The EU is great if you can afford private health care, education for your kids and live in Surrey where the are are hardly any immigrants! The EU has made the lives of normal people in the UK unacceptable.

  43. You are a vile rag that feeds on gathered and racism. You should be ashamed of yourselves. This kind of story is the kind of pathetic crap that has got us into this mess. How dare you!

  44. Tax dodging newspaper owners screaming about patriotism. What hypocrisy. Sad that all those who read it can only parrot the usual cliches – ‘you lost, get over it, move on’ blah, blah, blah. We had over 40 years of the anti-EU crowd moaning about the EU, Brussels etc and now they expect others to shut up. Like hell we will.

  45. Anthony Austin says:

    Josef Goebbels would’ve been proud of these propaganda rags. Billionaire, tax evading newspaper owners using media to protect their own fortunes dressed as patriotism. Disgusting.

  46. These remoaners talk about democracy yet voted to give it away so that we could never make and create our own individual laws to suit the needs of our people and country. Reading their whining comments just cheers me up even more…

  47. Andrew Evans, 17 million deciding the fate of 64.1 million does not seem very democratic to me. In fact the Leavers only got 37% of the electorate vote, again not very democratic. And isn’t being a democracy about being able to have a choice which is why after 5 years we have the democratic right to choose another political party if we are dissatisfied with the government of the day. For some reason I choose to consider future generation and the opportunities that would have been open to them had the UK decided to Remain in the EU. All those opportunities have now been denied them (guess they won’t be too happy about that). Then I thought about all the positive directives that had come out of the EU, protection of employees, maternity benefits, consumer protection, etc. etc. I ignored all those lies that were told by the Brexit people, one of which was, let me think cos there were so many, 350 million a week to the NHS. Lies won, democracy lost. Hope I have cheered you up!

  48. Andrew Evans you hit the nail on the head ..if all the doom and gloom merchants shut up and got on with things join together and make it work instead of dragging everything down .there was lies on both sides .

  49. Brexiteers unite and revel at the stinking pile of shite your ill informed decision has created. I’m not moaning- I’m gloating.

  50. Why are the Mail and Express so worried about the “Bremoaners”? Could it be a guilty conscience? We do things quickly sometimes when we know it is something wrong.
    There are clear arguments it is MORE democratic and MORE patriotic to realise that this referendum was very undemocratic in the exclusion of voters (16-1\8 and UK citizens resident in the EU for more than 15 years who were to have been given their voting rights back – stated in the 2015 (Government) Queen’s speech.

    Bile and haste? As Shakespeare said, “Methinks though dost protest too much!”.

  51. All these Brexiters, banging on about how they voted to ‘take back control’ and because they are ‘patriotic’. Before the referendum, they must have been going about their daily lives feeling so constricted and angry about the EU laws.

    How they must have hated the fact that the EU protected their working rights – access to paid annual holidays, improved health and safety protection, rights to unpaid parental leave, rights to time off work for urgent family reasons, equal treatment rights for part-time, fixed-term and agency workers, rights for outsourced workers, and rights for workers’ representatives to receive information and be consulted.

    NEVER EVER heard one of them (and I know lots of ‘Leavers’) moaning about the EU or its laws before the right-wing plonkers started preaching about ‘taking back control’. Could they even name one EU regulation that they found so restrictive/negative?

  52. In Britain we have a strong cultural tradition of pulling together in the face of adversity. This situation is no different. Of course we are going to pull together and ‘get on with it’. We have no choice. It does not mean that ‘Remainers’ have to shut up and not express their opinions though. Democracy means freedom of speech.

    Many Remainers are sad and feel that the future is bleak. I used to think my children had a bright future ahead of them; now their future is uncertain. So I’m hardly going to jump for joy. My whole family voted ‘Leave’ and I’ve basically been told to stop talking and stop posting anything about Brexit. It’s appalling.

    I’m getting on with my life, I’m doing my bit for this country. I’m willing Brexit to be successful, because it has to be. I want it to be a success, for my children. But I am crying man. I am crying.

  53. Maybe we should, while outside the EU, set up a government that more closely fits the model that 16m people wish to join?
    I mean, if we remodeled our parliament to mirror the Brussels structure, with our MPs only discussing laws that are put forward by our civil service, with no power to do anything except rubber stamp regulations put forward by the bureaucrats, thereby giving them the same role as MEP’s, then it would surely greatly speed up re-unification ?

  54. Cant upload photo but have one with Hitler and Rothermere shaking hands but just google it and you will see who the traitors are. scum

  55. Andrew Montgomery says:

    This and other papers supported the Brexit position which will in all probaility damage Britain’s economy and international standing – is this not an act of treachery? How about a crowd funding campaign to indite and bring them to trial on a charge of treason?

  56. My football club recently lost by one goal. It was a close game but we were not quite good enough. Both sides used cheating but that is the way it things. I supported my side but lost the result. I do not accept this. I believe that because there was only one goal in a 4-3 thriller I should have the right to replay the game until my side wins particularly as my side has nearly as many supporters as the opponents, if not more (but they did not all declare their loyalty so I can’t be sure). Only in this way will we get into Europe and win the Champions League even though the ultimate ruling body FIFA (unelected by fans) have been shown to be corrupt, self interested and financially wasteful. But that simply doesn’t matter because IT’S NOT FAIR. What? it’s the end of playtime already? Sorry Miss. Pat, aged 8 and 3/4

  57. juliet solomon says:

    We are to leave. If people stopped whingeing and looked around, they could begin to see how we actually might benefit in a few respects (I am an over-70 Remainer, not supposed to exist I think)., to read what some young people are saying.

  58. Bonnie Blackie says:

    Remember your words, when the 37% that voted Leave find the 63% that DIDN’T vote the facist government out.

  59. Truly disgusting headlines – both should be ashamed of themselves.

    The simple truth is that in any sane world the referendum result would be judged a tie, and no action would be taken, but if it is judged a win for Leave it is a wafer-thin majority that confers at most only a very tenuous mandate for a Brexit, and certainly no mandate at all for a hard brexit.

  60. We have povrety jobless People. ..all accros the globe not because voter BUT bankers, GOV and all billionaire MD and cie ….

  61. Sylvia Martin, 17.5 million leave voters is the largest mandate in British history and more that 4% more than the remoaners. I fully expected there would be some pain and loss because of leaving yet however it hasn’t been that bad so far. Of course now the EU bureaucrats are talking about punishing the UK and making life difficult for us to deter any other country that also wants to leave, yet you don’t seem in the least worried by that behaviour and are still moaning that the UK is leaving a club that would treat the British people with such distain. The EU isn’t about democracy is it…we cant sack any individual no matter how corrupt and we certainly didn’t get to choose them. Wake up and free your mind.

  62. Rhiannon Autumn Young says:

    where do I make a claim to sue for liebel. The Mail has called 48% of those who voted in the referendum (including myself) unpatriotic. This is not true. I am very patriotic. I will argue to the last that we are better off in a united Europe. heck, we’re better off in a united globe, but I don’t see that happening in my lifetime. so I’ll settle for the former.

  63. So many over aged children it’s done no matter what you think or thought let’s just get on with it

  64. These papers are a disgrace to the term. Their attitude is abhorrent, and smacks of an extreme political view where opinions other than your own are repressed. I think a lot of people have gone to war in the past to preserve just that very right to have an opinion that differs from others, and not to be persecuted for having it.

    In any case, ok the Eexiters won the referendum, but that doesn’t mean Remainers now have to forget their opinion. If you support party X, and party Y wins an election, you don’t immediately forget your views do you? This situation is no different.

  65. These papers are a disgrace to the term. Their attitude is abhorrent, and smacks of an extreme political view where opinions other than your own are repressed. I think a lot of people have gone to war in the past to preserve just that very right to have an opinion that differs from others, and not to be persecuted for having it.

    In any case, ok the Exiters won the referendum, but that doesn’t mean Remainers now have to forget their opinion. If you support party X, and party Y wins an election, you don’t immediately forget your views do you? This situation is no different.

  66. The last time I checked I lived and still live in a country of freedom of will, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom to disagree and freedom of debate.

    They seem to have the freedom to tell me shut up so I say I have the freedom to tell them to fuck off.

  67. The question was about membership of the EU, not of the Economic Area, the Customs Union or the Human Rights Convention. The referendum is in no way a mandate to exit the other organisations. It is also unsafe to treat it as a mandate to remove the whole UK from the EU, the margin was too small given the lies. However it would seem that the voters of England and Wales (Britain, when the word isn’t used as an abbreviation for Great Britain) do wish to leave. I believe there should be a referendum for England and Wales, with 3 choices remain, EEA and WTO (supplementary vote like the London Mayor). Should the vote still be leave, then Scotland, NI and Gibraltar would have referenda to see if they wish stay with us or leave (remaining in the EU). I cannot see any other way that the people of the British Isles will not be bitterly divided.

  68. these neo nazi rags don’t like it when you disagree with them. They’ll probably advocate the wearing of yellow stars for remainers soon. Crawl back under the rocks you came from

  69. presumably the person who said, above, “Can you lot hear your selves, moaning like a load of Hillary Clintons… Now grow up, you lost the vote” thinks Trump’s OK – so much for that, then

  70. The Daily Mail and the Express have today published headlines demanding all those who didn’t vote for Quit have no right to a voice..
    That gives the impression that the ‘Quit’ vote is the majority of ‘Great Britain’ – that those who relied on facts and figures rather than lies and propaganda are the ‘Minority’.
    And – if there’s one thing the Daily Heil and InExpressible love to do, it’s kick a Minority.
    Bearing in mind that the Voter turnout was 72.2 %…
    That means 27.8 of voters – in addition to those who ignored the propaganda from papers like these and voted ‘remain’ – DIDN’T vote for Quitting.
    So, the majority of the UK Voters didn’t vote the way the Privately Owned (registered offshore for Tax Purposes) Tabloids wanted them to wanted them to…
    This time the fascists are actually victimising the MAJORITY.
    It’s time the Great British majority told these two hate-rags what they think of them.
    There are bins provided outside any newsagent.
    Please use them properly.

  71. Half the country voted for Brexit? It was 17.4m/46.5m electorate. So only 37.4% voted for change. You could arguably say that 62.6% did NOT vote for change!

  72. I see that the more aggressive comment on this subject come from the Brexit club, which does not surprise me in the least..

  73. Calling people “Traitors” because they voted a certain way is just wrong, surely everyone can see that, no matter which way they voted..

  74. Adam Goodfellow says:

    No, Stephen Webb, many of those who buy these papers think they are the only true patriots. You are a traitor if you voted to remain.

  75. If MP’s get to vote on the Brexit decision, we the people demand a General Election so we can pick what MP’s (of all parties) we want to scrutinize the important decision that 34 million people have already taken.

  76. I accept the result of the Referendum. The fact that I voted to remain and think it is in the interests of my country to remain doesn’t make me unpatriotic. Typical redtops.

  77. How is the Express proposing to ‘silence’ 16 million plus British citizens who voted in the sincere belief that remaining in the EU would be better for their country? Or those who didn’t vote but now wish they had, or those who have changed their minds? Sinister in the extreme. Democracy means freedom to express an alternative view, or it means nothing. It should also mean freedom to express alternative views without fear of intimidation, verbal abuse or physical violence. Instead of which all these things are increasing, with the Police reporting a huge ‘spike’ in hate crime. These ‘newspapers’ bear a large part of the responsibility. They are quite shameless.

  78. I know you are a little dim, being a remain supporter and not being able to understand nor read english If you are having a problem in reading and understanding I can explain to you… without a dictionary…. Thankfully we, Ukip Leave Supporters, are nothing like the other parties as we believe people like leavers and Ms May, are wrong by believing nothing other than we will do everything we can to keep paying in, abide by the rules, allow thousand more illegals into the country and exit in a way that helps Europe.

    So I do not suppose helping the UK leaving the EU is way above your intelligence level, you numpty. Tell me does she not understand Europe helps itself. Germany, like America, like all the other countries bullying and threatening us to stay in the EU are only interested in what they can get out of us.

    How many countries worldwide enjoy doing business directly with the EU without first coming through us or having us at the negotiating table? Come on world, how many of yo

  79. Have you whinging remainer lot never heard of trade labour or even thought what the freedom of movement act has done to some countries economies.Go and live in France Italy Estonia Poland have a look.

  80. Maboza ritchie says:

    If you voted remain it means you want to be ruled by unelected 5hitheads so by default you are a traitor,end of!!

  81. Those who voted to leave the EU seem to be either 1. Bre-dreamers who think that things will be ok because they want them to be. The world is a tough place to hang out. No one is going to make this easy for us. Just like those who sign up for x factor and fail we have to work hard at being better to succeed.
    The second group are 2. Bre-screamers. Insecure so they dare not consider alternative ways to win. Heads buried firmly in the sand, aggressive defence is the way for them. Neither group have thought through how to make it work. Half truths and vague promises are not enough. We need a practical plan to be able to retain the levels of success we currently achieve. Most of the remainers have accepted the need to sort out this mess. How about the brexiters start showing some leadership. Or is it that they only know how to winge.

  82. I have served my country in the Royal Navy & as a RN Commando, am I unpatriotic to have voted Remain ?
    Nope, I’m just educated & have seen a bit of the world is all unlike these racist idiots who voted leave.
    Lets face it a high % of leave voters will be dead by the time we actually leave the EU anyway.
    I also appreciate the EU needs a kick up the ass & as a European friend said to me recently “a brand new car runs better than a 40 year old one, but I still need a car”.
    Remain voters will know what this means.
    Leave voters can try & work it out for themselves.
    Leaving the EU will be the end of the UK & theres no going back.
    The leave campaigners, all of them, need to be prosecuted for the lies they have peddled & the resulting disintegration of this once fine country.
    As of today the £ has not recovered, food prices are on the rise as well as clothes & many other goods & services.
    Where are the leave idiots & why aren’t they sorting this out for us ?
    What a surprise, NOT !

  83. James Horrocks says:

    I spent 12 years on the dole no thanks to the Frankenstein monster nationisation of the steel industry I received no help from the lame duck EU in this period to hell with the Bolshevik EU pen pushers

  84. Petra Michaelakov says:

    To be fair the average Remain voter isn’t a traitor and doesn’t deserve to be silenced. They’re just incredibly ill-informed about the machinations of the EU, don’t travel widely within the UK and don’t speak to people outside their socioeconomic group: it’s unsurprising therefore that they’re unaware of the devastation EU membership has wreaked on many parts of the UK economy. It’s simply ignorance.

  85. Richard DuBois says:

    Not all Remain voters are ill-informed unpatriotic whingers. But all ill-informed unpatriotic whingers are Remain voters.

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