Hunt has been taken to task by the Health Select Committee today, who accused him of massaging the figures in his bizarre claim that £10 billion has been made in NHS investment.

Hunt admitted that the government’s £10bn figure includes the year prior to this spending review as well the spending review period.


By the end of session, Hunt had completely abandoned the £10 billion figure, clutching at painfully fluffy phrases:


Went from fumbling to floundering to farce pretty fast there, Hunt.

  1. Surely he HAS to go. Can’t understand why PM left him in post. Did she wan a “lightning conductor”?

  2. Meurig Davies says:

    He is either very stupid or it is all part of the plan to starve the NHS of funding, cause industrial disputes with health service staff ( don’t forget MacGregors directions from Thatcher to get an industrial dispute with the miners) and then privatise large chunks of it. The Tories have always hated the NHS despite it being the last institution that put Great in Gret Britain!

  3. Peter Stefanovic, you’re a lawyer, can you not find something in his game (like lying, misleading, stalling the process, anything) that you or we the people, can take him to court over? He has already caused a lot of people (not to mention the doctors) a lot of stress as he toyed with the NHS. All the time dacktracking, all the time lying. He must be stopped.

  4. Anyone with a functioning brain cell knows that Hunt is a lying pathetic little man that will destroy totally the NHS as we know it!!!

  5. He’s a lying crook and the sooner he’s out the better. Theresa May kept him in the job because she’s as bad as him
    Enid Sanders

  6. So pleased to see this coming out in to the light. So pleased. More of these sorts of exposure of our less-than-honest public figures is what we need. Well done, the Health Select Committee!

  7. What a nasty lying CONIVING man that Hunt is and The May is as bad she knows very well he is deliberately decimating our NHS in order to privatise it .

  8. Surely there must be SOME mechanism in law, either in accountability to parliament or acountability to the UK public that can provide personal consequences.. Somewhere, some how. Or are we saying that politicians are free to lie as they please? The population can only vote him out at the next election, the media (should) hold him to account in the press and expose his lies – a duty for which they are provided with various legal protections to ensure freedom to report, and a duty in which they are universally failing. If democracy is to have any meaning, there must be some recourse… or is democracy now officially dead?

  9. Hes a really not hunt..just dare he go against the NHS…who the hell dies he think he is..the sooner hes out the better..kill him off now before ge does more damage. Twat that he is

  10. I think that the general public are going to wake up too late to stop these money motivated, supposedly Tory MPs from wrecking our World beating NHS. The envy of the whole Wold. WAKE UP please.Ken

  11. One obvious thing missing from much of the reporting on this:

    Government funding cuts are perfect for NHS England:

    Their “5-Year Plan” is a programme of cuts and privatisation. They use defunding as a tool to force local NHS bodies to “transform” into a US-style ACO system, for private healthcare insurance interests.

    Hunt and Simon Stevens are two sides of the same turd, to coin a phrase!

  12. And why is surprising? It is THE PLAN & he is executing the plan! It has always been government’s plan to do away with the NHS & replace it with US style health care. As to if JH can be stopped/suied is another question

  13. Hunt has probably directed the missing 5.5 bn into tory party funding and is now being lined up as Mays next scape goat and then possbly a knighthood.
    If wh had a democracy hed he imprisoned for fraudulent use of taxpayers money

  14. This is modern government. Using political verbiage to best effect, lie.
    We sheep have allowed these creeps to pull the wool over our eyes whilst they go about picking ourpockets and selling off thise assets that are for the benefit of all.
    Education, health and pensions time to give it a good kicking

  15. My better half is currently in an American owned facility in Herts, we live in Essex. allegedly, due to lack of beds in Peter Bruff ward, due to close 7/16, appears to have been transferred to the Kingswood Ward in Colchester on 15/10/16. nep lost my other half, who was in Crisis, whilst I was on a ward in Colchester General. She rang me to say goodbye. I was lucky enough to get the ward, where she was supposed to be, to get an ambulance, as she was 2 hours into overdose. This took 1 hour. This is the 2nd time this has happened, the last being on 11th Dec 2015. I complained to the Clinical Manager The Lakes, it effectively was swept under the carpet. Oddly I have complained again, this time to the acting interim CEO via the Partner was moved out of county, bussed by private ambulance the day PALS got the complaint 4 days after it was lodged. Coincidence? I dont think so, do you?

  16. How can these politicians lie and still remain in office as if it’s spilt tea…?
    When the country has specifically stated it wants to keep the NHS in good order….?
    They have taken over and telling the electorate what we must have regardless of what is possible as dictators do.
    If they win the next election we can say goodbye NHS, Care, Society, along with UK land will all be sold off. We will become a privatized land, and ordinary people will have nowhere to turn for help,
    god, help us.

  17. The man in the photo at the top of this article looks like he is manic. Like most monsters, when cornered with the truth, and found to be liars, manipulators, thieves, etc, cast around looking for somebody to blame for their behaviour. There is only one other, MAY she rot in Hell with the Thatcher creature that started all this greed and low moral behaviour. May must have known, and is therefore complicit, if not she is not capable of running the country due to ineptitude.

  18. We will have the opportunity to rid the country of him at the forthcoming General Election, will the electorate take this opportunity? Well, will we, or do we have five more years that will allow him to completely dismantle the NHS as we know it and love.???????????

    Come on his local constituent’s the whole country demands you do your duty to your fellow countryman to remove this Cancer on our NHS before it is too late, you have the power to ensure that we keep the NHS, please act before it is too late.

  19. What are we surprised! The agenda is to strip the NHS of vital funding, thus causing crisis after crisis to justify that the NHS is not workingpp

  20. Its great that he can be confronted in Select Committee,the shame is the Daily Media,which includes will not show anything that makes the Tories look bad,which ievery day and every time that one of them opens their mouths

  21. Hunt the C… has had many meetings with Kaiser Permanente the biggest American
    Health Company .
    The Company that the Tories are Communicating with to take over Our NHS.
    One they only take Working People no unemployed .
    Their Aim is Profits before Patients.
    Hunt has been betraying this Country
    All the time.
    He should be up in Court.

  22. No point in personalising to Hunt
    get rid of him and nothing will change
    but I like the idea of taking the government to court over
    their lies

  23. Eddie Donegan says:

    How come Hunt is still running OUR NHS when it has been proved on many occasions that he wants to destroy OUR NHS. A fox running the henhouse Just as a one of one time only I would bring back foxhunting to eradicate Hunt

  24. He,s not stupid he is in this Jo b to run down the NHS in preparation for private companies to take over get this Tory crowd out

  25. Will he now be held accountable for systematically ripping apart our NHS and millions of lives including staff and patients? This is a despicable human!

  26. So pleased he has been found out. He’s a murder dicing with peoples lives withholding all this money from NHS he needs to go and needs to be locked up for being the crook that he is. !!!!!

  27. So pleased he has been found out. He’s a murder dicing with peoples lives withholding all this money from NHS he needs to go and needs to be locked up for being the crook that he is. !!!!!

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