Tommy Robinson is giving a talk at a US college via Skype, possibly because his last visit to the USA landed him in prison.

Robinson — who now leads the minuscule and bizarre outfit Pegida UK (an offshoot of the German variant) and founded the EDL — is presumably unable to enter the United States because he has previously been sentenced to ten months in jail for entering the country illegally on a friend’s passport in 2012.

That’s right, he went to prison for being an illegal immigrant.


What is a bit of a mystery is why the Columbia University College Republicans wanted to invite Robinson to speak to them in the first place.

The topic is the ‘Police State’, something Robinson should have good knowledge of, having:

  • been convicted for drunkenly assaulting a police officer
  • helping to start a 100-man brawl (he was sentenced to community service)
  • convicted of headbutting a fellow EDL member at his own rally

Tommy Robinson

He once managed a full 24-hour long hunger strike against his status as a ‘political prisoner’ (and the halal food) in jail before cracking and chomping down a meal. Real Mahatma Gandhi stuff there.

So it’s good for him that at least there’s free pizza … even if he won’t be on the right continent to have a slice.

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