Iain Duncan Smith budget

Eyebrows were raised in the Commons on Monday after Iain Duncan Smith overreached himself — attacking Labour’s new Brexit shadow Keir Starmer, one of the country’s top barristers, as:

“a second rate lawyer who doesn’t understand the parliamentary process”


Well … it looks like someone has decided they have some apologising to do:

All an innocent misunderstanding, see?

Perhaps Starmer should have got his law degree from the ‘Dunchurch College of Management’.

  1. Patrick Graham says:

    IDS needs to be shot in the arse every day for a decade…
    and then shot some more.
    Painful death is too good for him.

  2. hes a tory, and has been and is still part of an illegal government. He is responsible for avoidable deaths and a liar. hes a true tory despicable, untrustworthy, self serving, and deceitful to the last.
    Wonder how anynof them sleep at night. Perhaps they cant, surely theyre unwanted and shouldnt make any policies for in reality they dont hsve entitlement to do so.

  3. What a prick IDS is. I suppose after his policies at the DWP lead to the deaths of hundreds of vulnerable people, a little schoolboy insult means nothing to him.

  4. Pauline Wallis says:

    He is loathsome and should face murder charges for all those people who have died because of his henious law changes and benefit cuts to dying claiments. To disabled people. Sanctions that led to many suicides by people who did not have the courage to fight back because they felt a burdan. He has blood on his hands like a lot of Tories.

  5. There are no words horrible enough to describe this inhuman, alien, cowardly, slimeball, wormeaten piece of devilish, lying, used toilet paper excuse for a ma, full word not being used as he doesnt qualify for it.

  6. Mr Smith is wrong on two levels:

    (1) Mr Starmer was a good competent barrister

    (2) It was an attack on the person, not his policies.

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