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If you thought the Brexit vote was merely about withdrawal from the EU and getting more money for the NHS, you couldn’t be more wrong.

First it ‘bring back blue passports’, then it became ‘bring back imperial measurements‘. Now it’s getting worse.

The Sun yesterday published a list of ‘ten ways we can say up yours to the EU

Here is that completely barmy list in full:

  1. The Sun is calling for the return of blue Brit passports, ditched for EU-backed burgundy.
  1. Restore our once-proud fishing industry, scrapping tough EU quotas.
  1. Axe EU-imposed VAT on gas and electric for cheaper energy bills.
  1. Have cleaner carpets by swapping weak, EU-regulated vacuums for powerful ones.
  1. Have drier hair by avoiding planned EU energy rules on powerful hairdryers.
  1. Defend our morning tea and toast by using appliances free of energy constraints.
  1. See the light by bringing back the incandescent bulb, phased out by EU regs.
  1. Reclaim “jam”, as the EU says less than 60 per cent sugar means it’s a “fruit spread”.
  1. Recycle tea bags, which a council banned amid EU fears over spreading disease.
  1. Reclaim countryside from turbines and solar panels, built to meet EU targets.


Such ambition, such resolve!

Most of those relate to EU regulations that we either won’t be able to change (because we don’t make products like toasters and tea kettles domestically), or wouldn’t want to.

Why would any sane manufacturer ignore EU regulations to please the Sun while ensuring they can’t export to the biggest market on our doorstep?

Plus, the EU environmental targets implied here are already part of UK law through the Climate Change Act. Even the Tories have committed to that.

And, the EU didn’t mandate burgundy passports, we could have changed that at any time!

Finally, how will sticking up two fingers at the EU ensure a good trade agreement after Brexit?

The Sun list is a sure-fire way to economic ruin for any company.

Which tells you all about the priorities of most Brexiters

  1. The Sun doesn’t represent the views of British people. It probably doesn’t even represent the views of most Brexiters. The views it represents (and its morals, or lack of them) are those if its owner, Rupert Murdoch, an australian who lives in the USA, has no stake in this country and no loyalty to it. Unfortunately its lowest-common-denominator appeal means the people who buy it end up persuaded that the views it fosters must be theirs also.

  2. The Sun was, is and will always be a stupid organ, it is deliberately ignorant and devisive. It would be good if it ceased to be like its sister rag.

  3. No 6 is a complete load of drivel.

    The regs on toasters and kettles do NOT apply to domestic appliances. but to ones used in commercial situations such as hotels and restauraunts.

  4. Berxiter Brain Bypass.
    An attempt to pretend everything that the Sun published in the Referendum campaign was light comedy, including hatred of non-British people living here, and was not to be taken seriously.

  5. I believe there are ten ways to say “Up Yours” to ‘The Sun’. Up Yours. Up Yours. Up Yours. Up Yours. Up Yours. Up Yours. Up Yours. Up Yours. Up Yours. Up Yours.

  6. The Sun’s consistently-offensive pseudojournalism- hasn’t it ‘always’ been thus?- appears to be driven by a number of highly-offensive individuals, along with those at the Mail and the Express, who have not been robustly challenged nearly enough. Much as some of us may feel this to be offensive, these angry views are far from uncommon in certain families, neighbourhoods, and workplaces. When a critical mass of like-minded individuals is reached, doesn’t this mass tend to simply consolidate its own views, if it is not seriously and regularly challenged?

    Undoubtedly there has been a considerable national slide. I think also that some of these ‘values’ are seeping into other newspapers, sometimes quite subtly, and that this is being reflected in some wider societal values. And, much as we may may like to hope that this is not the case, many people are still heavily dependent upon the mainstream media in formulating an overview of the wider world. But, how to deal with this?

  7. Jonny Speight could use this if the BBC decide to re-run the wonderfully bigoted Alf Garnett. Irony is knowing the difference between a statement and the facts – so, alarmingly wry – right wing media taking the piss out of the sad baseline it considers the working man to be.

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