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The Prime Minister today had to slap down her own Brexit minister for saying it was “very improbable” Britain would stay within the EU Single Market yesterday.

David Davis yesterday told MPs in the House of Commons:

This government is looking at every option but the simple truth is that if a requirement of membership is giving up control of our borders, I think that makes it very improbable.

This line was in response to Emily Thornberry’s claim the government had not set out any concrete plans or ideas about leaving the EU.

Davis had earlier made a statement to MPs that contained no substance.

This morning the PM’s spokesperson had to disown Davis’s statement, saying:

He is setting out his opinion. A policy tends to be a direction of travel, saying something is probable or improbable is not policy.

In other words, the Minister for Brexit isn’t expressing government policy but his personal opinions.

Or to put it another way, ignore him because he has no idea what he’s saying.

This isn’t surprising – Political Scrapbook noted earlier that David Davis has little idea of how EU trade deals work.

And this is not the first time Theresa May has had to slap down her ministers on Brexit.

Just a few weeks ago the disgraced Liam Fox had to get his department to delete a press release after making a similar EU admission.

It’s barely taken a few weeks for the government to be in disarray already

  1. Hey Dave if you want to tell us about some Brexit positivity that would be great. Can’t get the grim messages from the Japanese, United States, China, Lloyds of London, Easyjet, HSBC, Barclays and pretty much everybody else out of my head.
    So take it away Dave!

  2. @david newby, if you didn’t want any more negativity about brexit then maybe you should have voted to remain since until we know what “brexit” actually means everyone is in the dark about how it will affect us.

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