Michael Gove Education Committee

Without much fanfare, the Times had a little announcement today.

Michael Gove was back as a columnist.

This was the announcement in the paper today


Michael Gove Times


After working at the Times until 2005, Gove started a weekly column until he became a Cabinet Minister in 2010.

The former Education Secretary was also in the press over the weekend for other reasons.

Nick Clegg told the Guardian over the weekend that he stopped speaking to ‘backstabber’ Gove during the Coalition:

In an extract from his memoirs – Politics: Between the Extremes, which is serialised in the Guardian – the former deputy prime minister says he told David Cameron he would end all personal dealings with Gove, and that the news “didn’t seem to come as much of a surprise” because the then prime minister also had difficulties with the Gove team.

Clegg also accuses Gove – who was education secretary for the majority of the coalition government – of putting dogma ahead of the interests of pupils when he axed the Connexions careers advice service but refused to give schools instructions on how to compensate for it because he did not want to compromise their autonomy.

Putting dogma ahead of evidence or interests of pupils? From the man who said we this country has “had enough to experts”?

We’re shocked

An occasion like this is always a good excuse for this classic cartoon by Stephen Collins



Perhaps his colleagues at The Times should watch their back

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