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Labour initially suspended a party member and denied her a vote in the leadership election because she swore at U.S. rapper Azealia Banks for making a racist comment.

See update at the end of this post.

Amandeep Gill told Political Scrapbook she got the letter today, a week after she told a canvasser for Owen Smith’s campaign she was leaning towards voting for Jeremy Corbyn.

The letter from Labour general secretary Iain McNicol (below) states that Ms Gill, who works in organising live events in London, was being suspended for:

Comments you made on social media including on 11th May 2016.

The letter gives no further detail.

Ms Gill told Political Scrapbook the only comment she could find on her Facebook account on that date was one on U.S. rapper Azealia Banks.

The post had nothing to do with the Labour party, though it did include swearing.

She sent us a screenshot of the Facebook post. In it, she said:

I don’t use this word often, but feel like its apt now. Azealia Banks, you are a c**t and a racist piece of s**t! From a #Curryscentedbitch

(Apologies for the language)

Amandeep Gill Facebook


She made the same comment on Twitter on that date.

In an email to Political Scrapbook today, Ms Gill said

Apologies for the language, I genuinely never use that word, but this was something that got me very angry!

With 5 days to go before the polls closed, I haven’t had a response to my reply to the letter and suspect I won’t get one until after the polls close.

She also said she had got a call from a canvasser for Owen Smith’s team last week, and told them that she had been planning to vote for Corbyn, but hadn’t gotten her ballot yet.

She was assured that she would get her vote soon. Instead, she got the letter suspending her from the party.

A spokesperson for the Labour party told the Mirror earlier on the same issue

It is also vital to this process that those applying for a vote as a supporter, who have been abusive on social media, or there is evidence to suggest they do not share the Labour Party ’s aims and values, lose that vote.

If merely swearing in general is enough grounds for suspension, it would wipe out more than half the membership

UPDATE: Amandeep got in touch to say she has received a letter from Labour saying her membership has been reinstated fully.

This was the suspension lettern in full

Amandeep Gill letter

  1. Seriously, the Labour Party is finished for a decade if the folks at the top are stooping to this. I hope the ringleaders of whatever faction is behind this are promptly expelled for behaviour more akin to Stalin than Hardie.

  2. Be careful who you talk to. I dread being called up and asked to vote for Smith – if I refused no doubt a letter would come my way too.

  3. I’ve also been thrown out of the party for swearing on twitter – some of it aimed at politicians. I can’t see how this should have any material effect on my membership, but then I think the fact that the PLP know that I’m a Corbyn supporter has much more significance. Absolutely disgusting behaviour, and that cunt Iain McNicol should be ashamed.

  4. anna-rose phipps says:

    I received several messages from Owen Smith canvasser asking if I’d received my ballot yet. I ignored these messages because I was leaning towards voting Corbyn and then instead of getting the ballot on 9September I got suspension notice identical to this one, except my ‘offence’ was to retweet a post I was tagged in referring to Murdoch being scum.. (27June). My letter of appeal emailed on 14September. I’ve not heard a thing. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this treatment

  5. It seems they’ve suspended some people but reinstated them when they’ve checked out the detail of what’s been said. Maybe there’s just a bottleneck in dealing with all the cases.

    Sean, you’re a very foolish person, but that shouldn’t have any bearing on whether you’re allowed to be suspended. Give me strength.

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