Vote Leave Churchill

The former chief executive of the Vote Leave campaign and the chief executive of the Taxpayers’ Alliance are launching a new project called Brexit Central.

But who is funding this lavish new operation?

That is not clear yet, and their website says little. But we can speculate a little.

Matthew Elliott, the former chief executive of Vote Leave was also Chief Executive of Business for Britain.

He is going to be joined by Jonathan Isaby from the Taxpayers’ Alliance, who will be the new editor.

Both currently work out of 55 Tufton Street in Westminster, where Vote Leave was also registered.

That address is also where the think-tank Civitas and the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) are based.

It is also where the climate-change denying group Global Warming Policy Foundation is based. You get the picture.

In fact there is a big nexus of ideologically-aligned groups based at 55 Tufton Street, which is registered to a company owned by Richard Smith, a Midlands businessman.

Richard Smith gave 150,000 during the EU Referendum to fun Labour Leave campaign, and more to fund Vote Leave.

It is likely he will be behind this project too.

  1. Wonder if that old windbag John Mills who headed up Labour Leave (funded mostly by Rick Toeies) is also involved

  2. A picture of Churchill and “we shall never surrender”. What does that mean? Never surrender to Europe? We should become inward looking and isolationist? Strange headline from vote leave. Your memories are short, as Churchill said “If Europe were once united in the sharing of its common inheritance, there would be no limit to the happiness, to the prosperity and glory which its three or four hundred million people would enjoy.” Clearly he would have voted to stay! You have also forgotten the 70 million deaths in 2 dreadful European wars. If the EU has been a power for good and cemented us into a relationship to make war unthinkable then that in itself has been its success.

  3. Terence Franks says:

    What about the (supposed) £350 million per week that will be saved when Britain finally exits the EU ?
    If we are possibly about to turn in on ourselves and become isolationist,perhaps we could spend that money on a 1000′ wall right around the British coastline – that should keep all the future immigrants/refugees/migrants out – the entire thing seems to be turning into a joke !

  4. If the issue is inmigration, then all Brits should be kicked out of Europe. All Brits should not be allowed in any country that Britain repudiates its citizens. In fact, all countries around the world should close their doors to the UK. Britain is showing its true racist, xenophobic, intolerant, exploitative, abusive false face. Right now I feel ashamed to be British. If I were a Scott, Welsh for North Irish, I would definitely start pushing for breaking up with the English and leave them to their fate. Lets not forget also that Britain got its power from going around the world probing, interfering, colonizing and enforcing its ways into other nations. Silly fools

  5. I was served at BOOTS counter on 2 occasions by Polish women (cheap labour)
    The outcome of that is simple. 2 BRITISH women are now out of work. Add
    another 2 for every BOOTS store and quite a few British women are out of a job

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