Pakistani hate preachers and Justin Welby

Two Pakistani cleric who praised the murderer of a popular Pakistani politician have been welcomed into the UK with open arms and are touring mosques around the country, Political Scrapbook has learnt.

They both even had a friendly meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

How in the world did the Home Office let them into the country?

Muhammad Naqib ur Rehman and Hassan Haseeb ur Rehman are both popular preachers in Pakistan are on tour around the UK until 4th September.

They are also big supporters of Mumtaz Qadri, the man who brutally murdered the governor of Punjab Salman Taseer for speaking out in defense of religious minorities and against its brutal blasphemy laws.

Both spoke in front of huge crowds in Rawalpindi, Pakistan just a few months ago after Qadri was hanged for his crime.


This is a picture from that event, taken from their Facebook page.

Here’s a video of their remarks, praising Mumtaz Qadri as a martyr. The two have posted several videos and remarks over years praising him.

Earlier this year a shopkeeper from Glasgow, Asad Shah, was murdered for being an Ahmadi Muslim by Bradford man Tanveer Ahmed, who was also inspired by Qadri.

The two hate-preachers from Pakistan recently met the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby during their travels.

They are now delivering talks and visting mosques around the UK. So far they have visited cities and towns including Derby, Rochdale, Rotherham, Oldham and others.

Birmingham, Leeds and Newcastle are also on the list. This is from an event they held last week.

The two hate-preachers have also met with one or two self-described ‘moderate’ British Muslims desperate for a picture, including Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadhan Foundation.

The son of Salman Taseer, Shahbaz, recently told IB Times he was shocked the two preachers had been allowed into the UK

These people teach murder and hate. For me personally I find it sad that a country like England would allow cowards like these men in.

It’s countries like the UK and the US that claim they are leading the way in the war against terror [and] setting a standard.Why are they allowing people [in] that give fuel to the fire they are fighting against?

We have contacted the Home Office for a comment.

  1. I am a British Muslim, born in the uk. I think people like these should not bed allowed in the country. Cause of their support of murderers.

  2. Philip Smeeton says:

    Muslims murder Christians.Anyone that has taken the time to read the Quran and Hadiths will understand that Islam is all about Sharia and violent Jihad. Those that claim that Islam is a religion of peace or that Jihad is just a spiritual struggle have rendered themselves defenseless against an aggessive and expansionist religious ideology that has as its main purpose to destroy everything that is not Muslim. The Muslims understand this but they are not going to admit that they do, unless they are islamists and true Muslims. They all want Sharia and their faith obliges them to take part in or to support Jihad.

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