Incompetent Liam Fox’s dept. deletes press release after making big Brexit EU admission

On Friday morning the Department for International Trade published a press release by the disgraced Liam Fox in effect saying the UK would leave the EU Single Market.

The press release said the UK would seek to trade with the EU under WTO rules.

Here was the key paragraph from that release:

If the UK does exit the European Single Market, it will be governed by World Trade Organization (WTO) rules until any new trade deals are negotiated. We’ll remain a competitive player on the global stage because all major economies and most minor ones are members of the WTO. The WTO requires each member to charge the others the same tariffs and grant them ‘most favoured nation’ market access.


The press release was picked up by Labour’s Chuka Umunna, who pointed out the implications





You get the point – this was a huge admission by the government.

And weren’t even aware of the implications of what they were saying. When the incompetent buffoon realised what he’d done, Fox asked the press release to be pulled.

It’s no longer there. No explanation, just gone. Here’s a Google cache of the press release.

Perhaps the disgraced Liam Fox doesn’t want to publicly admit Vote Leave misled the public.