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He may have resigned the role in disgrace five years ago, but Liam Fox isn’t about to give up on becoming the Defence Secretary, again.

Yesterday, the Sunday Telegraph reported that Fox was trying to wrestle away parts of the Foreign Office away from Boris Johnson.

Fox sent a letter to our new Foreign Secretary and copied it to the Prime Minister, saying the FCO should be broken up so he could get diplomatic powers again.

This is the relevant bit:

The role played by economic diplomacy is crucial to delivery of the objectives I have been set by the Prime Minister as International Trade Secretary and I believe it is imperative that this capacity is fully aligned with Government resources delivering trade and investment for the UK.

If we are to have a rational restructuring I think there is a reasonable proposition to transfer the Economic Diplomacy function from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office into the Department for International Trade. ….

The new approach would allow the FCO to retain clear leadership on diplomacy and security, including your crucial role overseeing SIS and GCHQ, while allowing the Department for International Trade to take clear leadership of the trade and investment agenda.

May was apparently not too impressed by Fox’s demands but hasn’t said anything publicly yet.

It’s only taken five years for Fox to plot a way back into cushty diplomatic trips abroad again.

Maybe he’ll have to resign in disgrace again, soon…

Update: We mistakenly wrote earlier that Fox was Foreign Secretary. The post has now been corrected.

  1. Yes we know, we read this yesterday in the Sunday papers….

    He was never in the foreign office, either. Copy and pasting ain’t that difficult…

  2. Corrections

    At Political Scrapbook we pride ourselves on the veracity of our material. Where inaccuracies are brought to our attention, however, we will work to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

    Still waiting!

  3. When your correction to your correction needs correcting…

    He’s asking to take some of the foreign affairs brief, not the defence brief. So no, he’s not trying to become Defence Secretary again.

    I’d just give up now if I were you. Better than post a fourth attempt at a coherent post.

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