Britain First Jayda Fransen

The deputy leader of far-right thugs Britain First has been charged with religiously aggravated harassment after a ‘Christian Patrol’ through Luton.

Jayda Fransen has also been charged with two other offences – failing to surrender as part of her bail conditions and wearing a political uniform.

The charges came to light after Fransen posted a video saying the charges were “ridiculous” and “nonsense”.

The charges relate to an earlier video that Britain First posted, showing around 10 Britain First thugs marching through Bury Park, Luton, while carrying Christian crosses and handing out anti-Muslim leaflets.

Inevitably, that led to some angry verbal clashes with local residents.

But the real reason she posted the video? To raise money of course!

Now I would say, and it’s always a contentious issues, but of course these legal issues they do need funding, because I am going to need representation and they say they are going after me with everything they’ve got.

… So of course we need to pay for legal representation and if you are able to chip into our legal fighting fund in any way, I would very much appreciate it.

She is due to appear at Luton Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 5th August.

In recent months, Britain First have fund-raised for their deputy leader Paul Golding, and for their campaign against London’s Sadiq Khan.

Now they’re asking members to stump up for this.

As long as far-right thugs are wasting money bailing out these idiots, we can’t really complain

  1. AngryOfMayfair says:

    They are hardly thugs – go & look at the dictionary for the meaning of the word ‘thug’. I have never seen any of BF videos where they physically attack anyone.

  2. As if a roman catholic holds superiority in Blighty, we are secular and proud of it.
    Many different nations with various religions have been our friends, these christians always seem to be the most problematic. In the picture, I see a working man and a religious zealot thrusting a cross in his face, one pays taxes the other does not. I know whos side I’m on and it ain’t no twit with a cross…….

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