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Now that the ‘bring back blue passports’ campaign is dying a little, Brexiters have a new plan to restore Britain’s former glory: bring back imperial measurements!

Damn those evil EU types for stopping us from measuring things how we want!

The Telegraph’s leader column said the other day:

The EU demands the metric scale be used, regardless of the fact that many British shoppers still think in imperial measures – including many of the younger generation. The customers of fast-food chains have grown up ordering their burgers by the quarter-pound, not in 113-gram servings.

The reason for these rules, once applied with such zeal as to result in criminal convictions, is of course specious. Theoretically the EU’s single market requires all sellers to use the same unit so that consumers can compare products equally across the union. But are British market traders competing with French or Italian ones when they offer apples by the pound? Of course not.

It’s scandalous that British traders sell in metric measurements that make it easier for Europeans to buy our produce!

Just…. shocking! PC Gone mad!

The Spectator’s Ed West has also weighed in:

Imperial or metric? Why can’t we have both?

Yes indeed, why are traders being strung up for using imperial measurements?

Except, er, they’re not (via Chris Gannon).

The government specifically states that labels can use both units of measurement.

You can display an imperial measurement alongside the metric measurement but it can’t stand out more than the metric measurement.

Damn those evil EU bureaucrats for giving us flexibility and making it easier for British traders to sell overseas!

After the call to bring back blue passports, you can’t accuse Brexiters of having low ambitions.

  1. Note to the Editor, Daily Telegraph: The Big Mac Quarter Pounder is not 4 ounces. Uncooked the Big Mac is about 4¼ ounces. After cooking, 3 ounces.
    Berxit News.

  2. I’d really like to bring back pounds, shillings and pence. Such a reassuring old England type of currency

  3. Really? You can’t expect the thick fuckers that voted to leave, will have the brain power to calculate multiples of 12 and 14!

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