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God forbid that anyone have a different view to the Daily Mail.

It turns out the Financial Times took a more pro-EU stance during the EU Referendum (like most of its readership), and so the Mail is now attacking its editor relentlessly.

A column by Stephen Glover today takes the biscuit for hypocrisy:

What is so striking is the one-sided and almost hysterical manner in which the supposedly august Financial Times has pursued its argument and, in the process, consistently talked down the British economy. It’s almost as if the paper wants there to be a recession, to punish the unruly peasants who dared to defy it in the referendum.

Significantly, the FT is no longer really a British newspaper, not only because about three-quarters of its readership is abroad, but because since last summer it has been owned by Nikkei, a Japanese conglomerate which has no loyalties to this country.

This is simply astonishing.

A Daily Mail columnist is accusing others of “one-sided and almost hysterical” coverage over the EU!

Plus, he says the FT has “no loyalties” to Britain because it’s owned by a Japanese conglomerate.


This from a newspaper owned through a company based in in Bermuda, and a series of offshore trusts, so its owner can stay as a ‘non-dom’.

As Private Eye’s Ian Hislop recently pointed out

What I think will be embarrassing for the Mail’s Editor is the Mail is owned by the Rothermere family. What did your Dad do? The current Lord Rothermere’s father loved Great Britain so much he went to live in France as a tax exile.

He then passed on the nom-dom status to his son who doesn’t actually pay the normal amount of tax despite owning a newspaper that’s owned through various tax companies in Bermuda.

Someone tell Glover that people in glass houses shouldn’t thrown stones

  1. Normally I hate Ian Hislop but for once I’ll go ahead and say “good lad”. A screaming conservative laying in to the rich for tax avoidance

  2. Anthony Tuffin says:

    Re-order these words to make a well-known saying, “Throw glasshouses in shouldn’t people stones”!

  3. Not to mention Rothermere’s sympathetic stance towards Messrs Hitler, Mussolini and Moseley. We should never let them forget that people.

  4. Ah. But I belong to the Daily Mail club and for three thousand points I get a £10 voucher to spend at Marks and Spencer. For that kind of bribe I don’t care a ‘cats cock hair’ who owns the bloody newspaper.

  5. Anonymous two says:

    Me either anonymous, not caring who owns the paper I mean. Those M$S vouchers are not to be snuffed at. I put mine t’wards new heliotrope jim jams that I’d coveted for some considerable time. The price was just out of my budget until I got the ten quid voucher.

    I think by the way that we could be related. I come from the Hereford side of Anonymous family. But when researching family tree, found that we’re actually widespread not only throughout the British Isles but worldwide. You don’t happen to sport a roman nose, coupled with wide set eyes do you? If yes, then I feel sure we’ve a common ancestor.

  6. Viewed in a dark room void of illumination my nose could be described as Roman and my eyes as well spaced but ’tis my whiskers that excite comment. Viewed full frontal I resemble a burst horse – hair sofa…..The ladies love it.

    Anyway. ‘Twas the medico in the Daily Mail (The rag without a gag) that cured my ‘Jock Itch’ A troublesome rash that attacked the scrotum. When grasped and pulled forward it seemed my scrotum bore the map of the America’s with Panama leading away to areas that I needed a mirror to follow.

    Other newspapers I’d consulted offered no solution and the fellow from the Guardian actually called me a dirty sod and told me to ‘F’ off.

    Were have all those clever fellows gone…….Probably to seek a cure for ‘Jock Itch’.

  7. You sound exactly like my great uncle Hugo. He hailed from the Somerset branch of Anonymous’s. They were quite renowned throughout the isles for their whiskers. Uncle Hugo’s first afforded comment when he was nought but two and twenty. I’ve been privy to much gossip regarding his “full frontal” a sight once seen, not easily forgotten.

    I cannot begin to tell you how excited I feel to have encountered another Anonymous and one who appears to have a full compliment of the families attributes.

    Steer clear from all other newspapers dear friend. The Guardian will not guard you from ‘jock itch’. The Daily Mail is the only true friend.

  8. There seems to be an outrage over the most basic british trade speciality; deception.
    The occurrence that the british say one thing and tweak the outcome is historically documented. Why is there a different expectation now/

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