Ian Hislop

Last night Private Eye editor Ian Hislop was asked on BBC Question Time whether those who voted to Remain in the EU should now shut up.

His reply:

After an election or a referendum, even if you lose the vote, you are entitled to go on making the argument.

When a government in this country wins an election, the opposition does not say ‘oh that’s absolutely right I’ve got nothing to say for five years‘.

So, for those of us trying really hard over the last few weeks to follow what on earth is happening in this country: the Leave vote has left us with a group of leaders who, having lit the fire, have run away saying someone else can clear up the mess; the Prime Minister who put us in the mess has resigned; everybody is gone; all the people who put their cross down for Leave saying ‘this is what we want‘ – they seem to be getting a group of people who say ‘we can’t stop immigration, we can’t get £350 million, oh and there might be quite a lot of austerity… sorry, bye!



Sums it up for all of us really…

  1. Spot on. And I’m afraid there’s worse to come with both Tory candidates wildly outdated, fascist and frightened

  2. Time to move on. They dragged the UK out of the EU. 16 million people who are really determined is enough to literally destroy the UK as a political entity. Let’s do it for the same reason they dragged us out oif Europe… SPITE!

  3. Kristen Rowan says:

    So very sad that so many of those who voted leave are going to be the ones who suffer most at the hands of the Tories who now have a mandate to nail what’s left of their arses to the wall. They will also suffer from loss of EU funding to their particular counties, many of which the Tories have already shown massive contempt for.

  4. Philip Weaver says:

    They are not ALL gone! Jeremy Corbyn is becoming stronger and stronger, as is the Labour Party, so why does Hislop not admit this? Every edition of the Private Eye since last year has mocked Jeremy.

  5. Franklin Scrase says:

    Ian Hislop explains extremely well why the referendum was a democratic malfunction and its about time responsible political leaders had the guts to call it such and demand a second referendum (assuming that would make Brexit folk slightly less pissed off than just having their votes ignored).

  6. Tony Bulley says:

    If Andrea Leadsom wins the Tory vote we will have replaced a democratically elected Prime Minister with an unelected Hedge Fund Manager who in Nigel Farage’s eyes has never done a proper job in her life. Exactly what the “out” voters voted against. They will feel very stupid and we will all suffer.
    It remains our duty to continue to complain. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

  7. All those involved need to be brought into a room and answer for what they have said and done. I have always thought Politicians were liars and lacked backbone, now I know it is true.

  8. Ken mulley says:

    I have been told personally to stop whinging over the leave vote I have drawn indisputable facts and figures and placed them on social media .. Suporting the need to remain and the damage since.. Its made no impact with those people i know who voted out.. There answer.. It will be OK.. No facts no reasoned argument.. Just OK

  9. A complete dogs breakfast served up by the least talented Prime Minister in a century together with the help of the trio who have also run away. Leadsom’s husband must be counting his profits already.

  10. It’s time for everyone to stop whinging including Ian Hislop. Stop being so negative and talking this country down. With any change there is bound to be a few teething problems but we can do it and take back some control of our laws from the bloated unelected EU fat cats.

  11. No I would not say we were idiots. Just reading up facts with a different outcome. Was talking to coach driver who said that what we pay to hire will go up plus extras I did not think of. One of the girls who works with jobless youngsters said that the young folk she works with will not take a job unless it suits them. I am quite willing to accept the vote has gone against me but everything around seems doom and gloom.

  12. Dave Thompson and Babs I like you reasoned defence of your support for the vote to leave the EU. It’s the sort of ill-informed claptrap we heard from Farage, Gove and Johnson being regurgitated. It will be ok, it’s only teething problems. As Luke says please explain to us how these teething problems will be solved and what control will we regain over our laws and how ait will be Ok. It sounds like you are bothe experts, let us all learn from your evidently superior intellects.

  13. 1972 model says:

    So Leavers what’s your plan? Imagine the Leave voters had not been hood-winked by lies on NHS funding and immigration. The economy would be charging ahead, the pound would not have crashed, property funds would not have closed, there would be no potential break-up of UK, there would be political certainty, there would not have been a rise in racist attacks, I could go on.,.

  14. Its not whinging Babs! Its fact and to say lets get on with it is ridiculous, because I for one would like to know what it is we are getting on with. There seems to be no plan and hasn’t been since day one! Who will clear up this unholy mess? Do we have anyone qualified to do so?

  15. Ozymandias says:

    Hislop – once upon a time you were an amusing & observant iconoclast – a real breath of fresh air…..but since you became a metropolitan luvvie a few years back you really have lost the plot – WTF were you doing on QT anyway…….time to retire methinks & enjoy private life ‘cos Private Eye is well past it sell by date & you have become exceedingly tiresome

  16. The Leavers are displaying all the classic signs of denial. Their arguments now consist only of anger and barely concealed fear at the damage they’ve done by backing a campaign based entirely on lies and rampant xenophobia. It would be amusing if we weren’t all on the sinking ship with them.

  17. James Carter says:

    A vote fought on the basis of lies, half-truths and tinpot fascist propaganda is neither democratic, nor a vote. It’s a farce.

  18. Ozymandius (a pretentious epithet). Your little diatribe just shows you to be be an anti-intellectual imbecile posing as a political commentator. Stick with something you know about.

  19. Daniel (Dan) Moore says:

    The European Union was first mooted as a European Economic Community. Back in 1970 I canvassed against entering into this union as I saw it as a start of something else. I canvassed on behalf of the Official Republican Movement at the time advising people to be wary of what was happening. I suggested that the small farmers would be forced of their land. Oh no that won’t happen. It was not long until it happened. I also said that it was only the start of a United States of Europe. Sadly this has come to pass. We now have a club for the well off and the working class can hump off and take the crumbs of the floor not even the table. We now have no hour contracts, low wages, and in no time unions will be banned. Neighbour will be against neighbour in the scramble to get the crumbs. Was this that 1916 was about. Shame on those who engineered this. We now have a new fight on our hands and I call on all Republicans to unite for the political battle that will have to come.

  20. Ozymandias says:

    Actually Anonymous – it’s ‘Ozymandias’ & try not to use big 3 syllable words like ‘epithet’ if you don’ quite know what they mean.
    Check out the poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley & you may discover the most extraordinary counterpoint in literature regarding hubris & nemesis…..a singularly apt metaphor equally perhaps for bothDavid Cameron & Angela Eagle amongst others don’t you think?!
    As to those on the losing side of the Referendum what I utterly fail to comprehend is the wailing for nanny & certainty. The whole point in my view is that sovereignty trumps everything & that of course we will face a degree of uncertainty while we absorb the momentous decision 16.4 million of us have made & with the opportunity to start over with a clean sheet of paper……how exciting & exhilerating

  21. I absolutely researched the matter of the referendum. I voted for democracy rather than the totalitarian EU which will eventually fail and set the countries free. There were also the grounds for treason being committed which goes back to our original entry. Sorry but a vote to remain would have been a blow to freedom. The financial markets were always going to hit sterling as those who own the banks also own the EU and the media.

  22. *Exhilarating. You find gambling one’s economic future on a lie ‘exhilarating’? Has what’s happened so far taught you nothing? It’s going to get a great deal worse. Here’s hoping you’re independently wealthy.

  23. You sad little pathetic drones. You either believe in democracy or not. It is very obvious to me that you have no idea. Even the EU know things are broken. There are many autocratic states that would glady rule over you muppets.

  24. Iain Branford says:

    The blame lies squarely with the Labour Party and the Unions, had Tony Blare not destabilised the Middle East there would not be the mass migration of imegrants. Labour and the Unions failed to elect David Milliband preferring his unelectable brother Edd which gifted the Conservatives power, David Cameron never dreamt he would win the last election so offered a referendum to stop the UKIP vote thinking he would at best get another coalition Goverment were the Lib Dems would not back a referendum!!! So here we are lol

  25. I was glad to see Ian Hislip blame David Cameron for the mess we’re. It was his arrogance that brought us here. He was so desperate to win general election he only called the referendum to stop Ukip and shut up his own Euroscepties. Too many people are blameing vote leave people for not understanding what they were voting for. Cameron in his arrogance didn’t expect to lose. So much for his Eaton Oxbridge education. A pro European Prime Minister who managed to kick the UK out of Europe. Well done David. While he goes back to his comfortable life it will be the ordinary people of this country that will suffer

  26. John Fryatt says:

    Dave Thompson – So everyone whose has a different opinion to you is an idiot?

    Babs – NOT unelected. Laws are enacted by the Council of the EU (consisting of elected ministers from member countries) and the European Parliament (directly elected)

  27. OMG Iain Bramford, please invest in a spelling and grammar checker. It is difficult to buy into an argument which is so poorly written. I voted out, stand by my vote and would vote out again. There are way too numerous laws and regulations passed by the EU many of which do not benefit the UK, there have been subsidies to entice companies to move from the UK to other EU countries which have taken jobs away from the UK. There are so many EU beurocrats I doubt anyone could name them all even if they conducted an extensive search on Google, these beurocrats are paid ridiculously large wages as well as given extensive packages and expenses relating to health, travel, leisure and every other aspect of their lives. The EU was in the process of bringing in the TTIP agreement which would give away all the governments and the people’s rights and powers to multinational corporations, which thankfully since the BREXIT vote has been halted. I could go on but the word limit will not allow me to.

  28. Dave Thomson and “Babs” demonstrate very clearly why we need to be very wary of the future. Idiots abound.

  29. These comments just emphasise the bitterness which the referendum has brought to our islands. Although I voted to remain I am not going to argue with the result of the vote. Rather I will hope that whoever becomes PM brings this country together and we move forward as we have no other option. We have heard too many lies and seen too much racism in the wake of the Brexit vote and it’s now time to put those behind us and pray for a stable future.

  30. Ozymandias says:

    Anonymous – your spelling is getting worse & the spittle of your fury & exasperation must be plastered all over your screen – Calm down pet

  31. Hey Jo, maybe if the laws are too numerous to name them all, perhaps you could share just one that was passed by ‘unelected bureaucrats’? And do you really think our current government isn’t looking to sign something like TTIP as soon as they get the opportunity???? Keep on kidding yourself.

  32. Terry Turrington says:

    YES, Ozymandias (self- proclaimed), you idiot: the poem IS about the sort of hubris you display, and the emptiness of sovereignty. Read it again, look around you…and despair.

  33. Robert edmundd says:

    From Bob
    Can anyone tell me the difference between an outdated frightening fascist, and an outdated frightening communist . What a choise we have. Last one to leave turn off the lights.

  34. paddyfields says:

    “Oh, and Jo, it’s bureaucrats. You should invest in a spell checker”

    Well aren’t you clever. 10 points to Griffindor.

  35. Sounds to me that people on here who dont like the leave campaign have to much money..Whats up your all crying because affected your back pockets!! Stop whinging and accept it. Its done and theres no turning back. Royal Brittainia!!

  36. Ian Hislop was incorrect about people deserting – most got pushed by MP’s Votes – The FACT is that practically everybody expected Remain to win – even the Leave crowd. I Voted LEAVE because at 90 years old I have lived through the whole lousy compilation of the EU. From DeGaulle NOT wanting the UK – the transfer Brussels to Strasbourg & Back EVERY few months which costs the EU practically the whole of OUR donation every year – The change from a TRADING group to unelected people Dictating to us WHAT we CAN & Cannot do. Within the next 5 years if we stayed it will get WORSE as the UK will be required to pay MORE & More.

  37. Ozymandias says:

    Terry Turrington – nice try…..but nothing to do with me – have hunch Shelley placed his poem in ‘The
    Land between two rivers or Mesopotamia ehich is pf course modern day Iraq…..I originally adopted the handle following the disasterous invasion of Iraq as a reflection of my views of both Blair & Bush – a position adopted by Chilcot it would seem & therefore absolutely appropriate.
    ‘Nothing beside remains
    Around the base of that colossal wreck
    Boundless & bare
    The lone and level sands strech far away..
    If that isn’t a perfect analogue for poor Iraq I don’t know ehat is – & written at the end of the 18C……next time a politician claims blithrly tbat ‘lessons will be learned’ – I will vomit.
    As fot the PLP they have demonstrated uttrr disloyalty to Jeremy Corbyn who has grit determination & decency over the last 9 months & the PLP should eat humble pie and get behind their leader – he is a man of unimpeachable integrity & the country needs him

  38. Carole Shrigley says:

    Strange how we have all become experts overnight. I for one do not profess to know all the aspects of the arguments any more than the next person whether they be leave or remain. What I do know is that for the past few decades I have watched this country gradually slip backwards into the mire that has been created by successive governments. It seems the only objective in their policies is that money is the only important factor – how terribly wrong these people have been and how arrogant that they have completely dismissed the needs of the people they are supposed to serve. The decision has been made and ALL citizens of this once great country need to pull together and stop the uninformed bickering that helps nobody. We must sincerely hope that any new PM has learnt a very important lesson – the people of this country matter. People are very passionate now and any reneging on the vote could cause civil unrest. Please give us somebody with integrity and backbone to see this through.

  39. New ties have to be made and old ones cut loose. Why do our lives seem to be a reflection of what even hollywood coudnt dream up. Canada is offering safe haven for scared people. And if I were there I’d be running for the hills too!

  40. There has been little debate too on how the appointed commissioners versus the politicians who are elected are behaving on the continent. The ones who have to listen to the people are talking of change while those who don’t say full speed ahead. We are sold the line the EU is about no more war in Europe time again. Europe needs more trade deals to allow itself to get back to a real economy yet the Canada deal has been kicked into the long grass. Why after it’s entire existence has it only ratified 5 trade deals and now is ignoring the democratic will of the citizens trying to ram through an expedited deal with the Ukraine? Canada shows they don’t care about trade while what is more important seems to be further empire building. So much for European safety when they constantly poke Putin in the eye.

  41. I and other people in business who value steady growth and improvement in life quality could see the affects of the U.K. being voted out of Europe. It’s all come true! No confidence in the UK , £ drops, costs of imports rises hugely , businesses make less profit, less confidence to reinvest, make new jobs, prices have to rise, cost of living goes up, people don’t like it and spend less on non essentials, recession starts , taxes have to rise to sustain core services and pay for the huge amount of people that will be needed to administer all of the changes and work out this bloody mess. So the vicious circle of doom gains momentum. I am angry, frustrated and annoyed that the British people were allowed to vote on something that had such economic consequences. Clearly not enough thought , intelligence, or vision was available to those they voted out. Of course Great Britain is great so we will make it work in time and maybe just maybe life might be better ! Rant over

  42. The EU has somewhere in the region of 33,000 of these “unellected” Eurocrats (AKA EMPLOYEES)- it includes everything from the claners up to the comissioners. We don’t have anything like that in the UK do we?

    Oh wait a minute …..we do!
    Its called the civil service and ours manages this small little island on the edge of Europe with only 400.000 of these faceless , unelected beurocrats

  43. We haven’t left yet. The vote has happened. Moan about it if it makes you happy.
    Personally I’m going to look to make the best of whatever it brings because that is the only thing I can do.
    I’ve no time for the people who say the future is ruined. The future isn’t written yet. As long as the future doesn’t contain the words “it’s inoperable” then anything is possible.

    Stop moaning about unelected Tory prime ministers without acknowledging the unelected Labour precedent. You don’t elect a prime minister anyway, you elect a government.

    I’ve seen this country talk itself into one recession. It’s doing a brilliant job of talking itself into another one. Stop whining about the 9 figure sum on the side of that bus. There are people who won’t see £500k gross in their lives. A 9 figure sum per week is just unimaginable even if it was the correct 9figure sum.

  44. Oxzymandias says:

    So Bill RF – please elucidate us on your concept of Democracy – clearly in your view the great unwashed don’t qualify for enfranchisement – do you qualify pray tell? Perhaps we should return to ‘Rotten Boroughs’ allied to those with six figure incomes? Or perhaps even the TTIP Brigade?
    Await your response with interest!

  45. I’m going to moan I’ve listened to the people moaning about Europe for the last 30 years. So now I’m going to moan about Brexit welcome to payback, it’s a bitch get used to it.

  46. I think we should investigate the idea of letting the leavers leave and the remainers remain. Its in the article. Of course its needs investigation and debate, but I think it should be discussed. As shown here there is nothing united about the United Kingdom.

  47. Those who go on about ‘I remember what it was like before we were in, that is why I voted out’ or similar, need to realise that the world is not the same as it was then. The world has moved on, and will continue to move on, while we have just hit the rewind button.

  48. How could anyone claim “democracy has spoken” when what we saw were rich kids with nothing to loose either way, flinging feaces and lying through their dentures. Regardless of the result I’m ashaimed of our cowardly and disorganised government that blatantly doesn’t give a flying turd about the people its paid to represent. None of this was about what is best for the country. It’s an insult to the electorate and respect for Great Briten has rightly been reduced internationally. Democracy is broken along with our country. There is no graceful way out of this.

  49. Ironic to see some commenting that “the rich” are the ones moaning. The problem is it is the poor and lower waged who will pay the biggest penalty for Brexit. The Tories have already shown they will use the opportunity provided by the downturn and all too likely recession to mount their biggest ever attack on the state. Austerity will hurt the poor while the rich are rewarded with corporation tax cuts and more quantitative easing.
    The gutter press has spent 40 years lying about what the EEC/EU did, blaming them for all kinds of things which were invented or distorted by their propaganda machine to further their owners’ (rich owners like Murdoch and Dacre) agenda.
    Remainers should not and will not stop campaigning. That’s what you’re supposed to do in a democracy if you have conviction. We will leave, because the majority voted to do so, but I’m afraid the majority will live to regret it.

  50. Honestly everyone should calm down, we need to not dwell on the first referendum but discuss what to do moving forward. I’m not sure I see the value in a 2nd vote as we may get the same result. Why don’t we investigate letting the remainers remain in a region that is in the EU and the leavers leave in a region that is not in the EU. The leavers could them isolate themselves as much as they want and elect Farage, Jim Davidson or whoever.

    Further details here:

  51. Shortly after 10 o’clock on June 23rd (when he still thought he had lost!) in a typical platitude, Nigel Farage said on live TV “We have lost the battle but we will win the war”, so he would really have accepted the result if it had gone against him (NOT!). And don’t forget that the petition that eventually received so many signatopries was actually started by a Brexitter who wanted the “democratic decision” overturned if the margin was less than 60-40. Sounds like the Brexitters should shut up whinging about the Remainers wanting the result to be challenged!!

  52. I’m really upset about the leave vote. I think the more together we are the better, so to be part of Europe is better than to be isolationist and out of it. People were convinced to vote leave, in part, by some horrendous lies. I wish the liars could be held accountable. I’m not saying that some of the remain crowd covered themselves with glory either. So we’ve had a referendum, the recommendation is leave. What sort of “leave” is not in the least clear. Once the politicians have sorted themselves out I think there should be a debate about the options and our democratically elected politicians should vote on what is best for this country. And whatever the result of the vote is – we should look at why so many people feel disenfranchised and used their vote to kick the so called political elite. And put it right.

  53. Well I’m very happy in my small world to get rid of the undemocratic for sure. Not racist nor are the rest of us….but I’m of a small minded 17000000 people who believe and would of gone against the 48% (the rest of the idiots) who dislike sovereignty and democracy…how about stop being so looked after and tucked up in your bed…sort yourselves out and grow a pair of tits or Bollocks and look after your kids and country. Or fuck off to Europe.

  54. Baz Thomson says:

    Couple of posts suggesting Brexit could split the U.K. The SNP have suggested another Scottish independence referendum is likely within 2 years. The U.K could not be any more broken or separated than it already is. The reasons and arguments in favour of a yes vote in Scotland are twice as strong as they were in 2014. Whoever becomes prime minister will do well to acknowledge the inevitable here and accept that things are now different. Better together, family of nations, this great democratic country blah blah blah are all clever misleading tag lines that barely worked last time but will sound even more ludicrous next time. The U.K has no way of uniting under the current system of government. The irony is that until Scotland regains it’s independence the U.K is a political basket case, holding onto something that doesn’t exist anymore. If you want Great Britain to be great again, pray Scotland votes yes next time. That will be the first step in the right direction for a long long time.

  55. Darren, I wasn’t sure if you were responding to me. If you were I wasn’t saying people who voted out are all racist (although I think some were) or small minded. I don’t think that the EU is undemocratic – in fact I think in some cases it is more democratic than the UK. I think the rest of your message speaks for itself. And Ian, the point of Mr Heslop’s contribution was that democracy doesn’t stop after a vote. I and other people who wish the vote had gone a different way are perfectly entitled to express our views. I’m hoping our elected MPs will vote on what they think is right for our country. Whatever happens I hope that the division we currently have is healed.

  56. What has in fact happened as a result of the brexit vote?
    1. Share prices dipped but rallied (apart from the banks which will take longer but are no where as low as after the banking crash).
    2. Exchange rates have dropped and again will improve with time. This is good for all exporters as our goods are more attractive and if paid in dollars or euros we receive more .
    Ok if your off on your hols this year it’ll cost a bit more if you didn’t get your cash before the referendum.. Unlucky, there are worse things in life than an expensive foreign holiday.
    3. All the remain voters have decided that democracy only applies when you get the result you want and that apparently there are 17.5million racist uneducated UK voters.
    4. The remain voters are continuing and feeding the panic stories and saying I told you so.
    The vote has happened
    The result should be honoured
    We should make the best of the situation moving forward rather than trying to make the worst of it in the hope of a revote!!

  57. So someone calling himself Tom Payne voted leave. Then he tells us he’s 90. I think he’s got a fucking cheek. He’s not going to be around to suffer what he’s voted for. Selfish git.

  58. I feel sorry for the young people left in the EU unemployed with no hope of getting a job with no opportunity to do anything about it for if they vote they are ignored. I am not talking about the entitled young of the UK but my fellow Europeans in Greece Italy Spain Portugal where unemployment is in parts above 50% for 18 to 24 yr olds . Rather than abuse your fellow citizens for having a different view possibly based on class why not examine what is wrong with the trading group which we joined in the 70 s and see how it can be improved and reformed without forming a dysfunctional and unbalanced super state. Just asking

  59. Ken. Stop trotting out the Rupert Murdoch line. You’ve been fooled. It’s not going to be alright just because Murdoch says so. Only 37% voted to leave. 34% voted to remain. The other 29% didn’t vote (ie they weren’t concerned enough to want a change). It’s a flawed result.
    It was won on the basis of a few slogans. “Project Fear” (so it’s not project fear saying millions of Turks are about to migrate to the UK?).

  60. Unfortunately for Ozymandias and his saintly leader until Labour see the light of reality and realise that you need votes to win elections true democracy will be on hold

  61. John Stevens says:

    Remain or leave – if we have a difficult financial period now a lot of low paid people will suffer – not the England football team. That is not fair and I used to think “that is not British”.
    See you in Carey Street.

  62. I would love to move forward and get on with it as we keep getting urged , but ,as Ian points out all the politicians that were at the forefront of “leave” vote …appear to have ……left ! And again , as Ian points out what exactly are we to “get on” with as no one, as yet, appears to have produced any sort of coherent plan as to the way forward. Apart from Nicola Sturgeon , Northern Ireland, oh, and Sadiq Khan who wants London to have more autonomy ..falling just short of declaring a city state.

  63. What’s done is done!! Let’s unite rather that bitch!!! We have history of going though so much and getting though it!!! Why can’t we do this!!!! It may be are biggest test!! But one thing is the British back bone and the will never to give up and surrender!!!!

  64. to the people that want the leave voter to explain THEIR CHOICE in the vote, my reasons are many, i dont want the EU to build an army while we are in the EU, the EU could use it for control which is a fear many have. i dont elect anyone in the EU other than our PM and they have very little choice if the EU say so which is correct, i did not elect juncker or the other 27 countries that are there, we are one voice in a crowd. i am sick of paying for everyone else but our own people, did you know we pay VAT to the EU, not our government? or that we get charged from the EU for drugs and prostitution even though our own government dont see a penny of that because it is ILLEGAL so there is no tax on it. what about the NHS, how long will it last when all the migrate come over just for free treatment. what about housing, in 20 years time will wont have any more land to build on, what happens then? are you even thinking of our futures? or is it selfish reasons? or greed?

  65. This is part of what was inevitable. The fact is that the Tories’ leaders are mostly running while there is as labour leader who is willing to carry on at all costs. It may be hard to begin but surely it will encourage more enlightened thinking around sustainability and more localised production and therrefore more money flowing more through our economy. Longer term thinking is now necessary.

  66. Brother Phil says:

    Ken, just to pick up on one of your points, and add one of my own – “if you’re off on your hols it’ll cost a bit more” or if you’re buying anything imported, or anything that needs to be transported, or fuel… If you cab afford to go abroad on your hols, that’s very nice, but some of us need that money for food and fuel.
    And as for the “17.5m racists” nothing like that many, but there’s been a 50%rise in racist abuse and attacks, and most of the people quoted said they voted leave over immigration. Of course the poor will be stuffed either way, and the rich can just dig into their trust funds, so It’s just middle England that has to worry. Maybe you should write a letter to the Daily Mail about it.

  67. What do you think would have happened if the vote was to remain?
    The french and germans putting a noose round our necks forever.
    Any attempt at ‘fairness’ shouted down. Having to obey rules by MEPs..who can say who their MEP is..and when they voted them in?

  68. Everybody needs to just face it. The UK is going to inevitably go though a massive shit storm, but instead of bitching about the way the vote turned out and dreaming about what would have been and lets start looking for ways in which we can help build this country back up. Moping about and worrying will turn this country into a stagnant, depressing, pool of self loathing. People should also sternly/painfully ask all the outspoken racist’s to kindly leave. Screaming at every person they see or hear that doesn’t fit in with thier idea òf a “Great” Britain. It doesn’t make the country great again, it just makes you look like a complete tosser. opinion of a bloke on the remain side.

  69. We voted leave and leave we will. Everyone’s opinions on here are irrelevant, all the anger and fingerpointing,name and shame,and basically prove what your saying isn’t going to change anything, us lower class work till we drop dead,majority voters would like a chance to have a better life for our kids and their kids (children). As it is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, maybe, just maybe our lives will change for the better because most of the remain complainers are already pretty wealthy and only see they’re lives changing for the worse. Stop complaining. Anything is better than what we have now

  70. The idea of making a major ‘constitional’ change based on a simple majority is absurd. There’ll always be heaps of protest votes unrelated to the issue, as in this case, with some reasonable concerns and eager to bloody the establishment’s nose. With much incorrect information on the cost of the EU etc that will increase the disaffected. Unfortunately the outcome of this vote is so seriously against both Britain and Europe’s best interest (and UK..or soon to be non-UK if we don’t wake up..is still part of Euop, whether in EU or not), so the only sensible path is to work out the most practical and least divisive way to remain in the EU, but work with other reformers to ensure it functions better. Proceeding lemming-like down the brexit path, knowing how damaging that would be, would be more than iresponsible. That the brexiters don’t have a case would clearly be wrong. They have many genuine concerns, but also some which were wrong, apart from the xenophobiic and other toxic views

  71. Enough of the obnoxious whinging from staid Remain xenophobics who have bleated constantly, a vote was called a result was had, tough if it did not go your way, the EU is the biggest gravy train for the mega rich, Branson and his like, the likes of the Kinnocks who have made a fortune from Brussels, the EU itself is falling apart, how many more nations will now seizethe opportunity to get out and retake control of their own destiny, the UK is treated with contemptby those making our rules and decisions, they needyhe UK to prop up failing European economies, as for EU funding, the UK pays in Billions more than we get back in “funding”, go into a bookmakers with £50 and walk out with £12, you’ll be relieved to have come away with something but it ain’t anywhere near the £50 you put in, throwing money away with no return?, but back to the whingers if you call heads in a coin toss and tails come up you lose it does not go to another toss, same as a referendum, move on get over it

  72. Guys. Calm down. We won’t leave. No chance at all. All smoke and mirrors about bargaining positions. Watch what ACTUALLY is going on….

  73. agnese sztojka says:

    Just to let to know all the people who voted out. First you need to inform yourselfs what is all about and what you will benefit or not from it. Well, the promised benefits seem to be a fairy tale, the people who started, look like disappeared to an other “country”. Im a little tiny piece in this beautiful country, who work HARD, pay the tax, never applied for benefits, instead of “paying”UR benefits (as my earn is part of UR benefits). So, stop moaning, that we take your place of work, your money, your food, your air to breath, but start to work, earn and then Britain will have realistically more money where they need to have, and could safe money instead of paying benefits to those who just lazy to stand up and do something, because they will get paid, house etc for doing NOTHING. Such as NHS, schools.

  74. Can anyone explain the value of a second referendum. If you can’t accept the result of the first one, why should the losers of the second accept that. Referendums ad infinitum ! Getting as bad as the whinging Scots ! If they had won the yes vote in the independence referendum, we would never have heard anything about a second one up there . It is called democracy; get out a dictionary, look up what it means and live with it

  75. Christine Williamson says:

    I cannot believe all these negative views for brexit on here what was going to happen in the future had we stayed in the EU .None of you know all we can say in 100% certainty is that our exports to the EU has gone down dramatically we’ve paid millions into the EUROPEAN we’ve subsidised many other countries within the EU we’ve had to accept pretty pathetic rules and laws governing our way of life by the EU we’ve had to make many many changes accept things that no way should we have we’ve had thousands of immigrants coming here unchecked criminals with records in there own countries still allowed in we’ve got criminals served time here but couldn’t be deported thanks to the EU who now roam our streets as if we haven’t got enough of our own that we have to subject ourselves to all this .we can survive outside the EU the EU gave grants to industry to move out of the U.K. To within other countries of the EU absolute dirty tricks Are better off out sod the EU it’s collapsing any way good

  76. Marcus Rose says:

    So what are you all mourning about. The vote was very democratic. You had the choice of one or the other and you lost. I lost 1975. Hated it ever since. Look! 95% of parliament for remain. A PM who instead of refereeing decided to back remain and used government to do it. Brought in all the fear mongers under the sun. Even the president of the USA. Bankers IMF. Osbourne warning to kill the economy and the PM prophesying WW3. But true Brits said WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK. And we got it. In 1945 when we won WW2 we were unbelievably poor but we didn’t mourn we had street parties. Bring it on Were free.

  77. Lee O’g. You’re right. What’s done is done. But it seems there may be hard times ahead before things settle down and I would urge you not to squander your exclamation marks in such a cavalier fashion.

  78. Marcus Rose says:

    Bringing many countries together has never worked throughout history. Every empire has collapsed. and even in the UK. there are people in Scotland Ireland and Wales who want independence. Pure fact is that the Human race is tribal. The EU is doomed to failure. There are factions right across Europe that now want OUT. We are fortunate to be the first.

  79. All one can say, if the EU is collapsing, we’d better stay in there and stop it, or help start a replacement quickly, as the EEC-EU has been a mighty effective post-war mechanism for stopping the warlike European tribes ( including UK or disunited K) from squabbling, sometimes with very dire consequences!..it keeps the squabbles within the club, or around the table at least..

  80. So but I’m my opinion people should look at the bigger picture. It’s clear to all that since 1974 The Federal Reserve Bank and it’s whole chain of central banks has been trading more dollars than are in existence they have also been trading more Gold than there is in the whole interest world. Now neither is the Dollar or thee Pound or the Euro backed by either Gold or Silver. The fact that both Russia and China have started issuing Gold backed currencies means the Western banking system is at a end. France, Greece Italy Spain Portugal are all bankrupt and come 2038 will have to pay back the bailout ls they received in 2008/9 Now considering they can’t even make the interest payments on the said bailouts they are going to be able to back the bailouts. My concern right now isn’t this vote as I don’t believe we be allowed to leave anyway. I am more concerned about the build up of Nato troops on Russian doorstep and American troops on China’s. The West lost the proxy war in Syria.

  81. The European parliament could have prevented this by giving Britain a better deal when the Prime-minister went to renegotiate in February. The fact that he came back with a pitchfork up his arse and no tangible benefits for the British workers did rather strengthen the hand of BREXIT. You’ve had a whole two weeks to bitch about it and nothing has actually happened yet apart from market adjustments, which were inevitable. (interesting that is was world markets, not localized markets that became volatile) I guess this proves how LARGE and GREAT an economy Britain is.

    It will be at least TWO years before we have legislation changes so in my opinion the best thing that we can do is get on with life and tell the world BRITAIN IS STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

  82. Goodness!! It was a vote !! We live in a democracy FFS!! Get over it!!! Whenever it rains someone starts selling umbrellas….and then wellies ….whatever happens we will get over it!!! When the shit strikes it usually brings out the best in those who WANT to work through it all come what may……with the pound going lower we are now VERY attractive to other countries outside the EU- as one door closes ……. Have faith……personally o feel the EU could NOT have carried on in its current form- DEAL WITH IT

  83. Paul Taylor says:

    Of course those who voted Remain should have the right to continue to hold their opinions, and to vocalize them. However, the majority of us voted to Leave the EU. I am glad we did so. It was an issue of freedom.

  84. The government should get its act together. They have behaved disgracefully and continue to do so. Their constant negativity is bound to have an effect on the confidence in the economy, Perhaps that is their aim. Show how badly Brexit affects the economy so they cannot implement it. I disagree with Ian Hislop on this as it is not the same as in a general election where the elected government takes office and gets on with it, obviously the opposition will spend the next few years doing exactly that opposing. In this case the country has been left in limbo with nobody at the helm and people constantly talking of overruling the referendum result. The remain campaigners are intent on talking the country down at every opportunity. The leave voters had very valid reasons for voting leave. I
    have heard remainers complaining about being forced out of the EU, well as a leaver, I object to having been forced into the EU as it has developed over the years.

  85. Malcolm Winter says:

    Why is it those that lose the way they voted are such a whinging load of idiots, we had the vote you lost now either embrace it or go to France.

  86. The alternative to wide area democracy is loss of sovereignty from smaller nations to larger international privately owned corporations.The EU can and is likely to fine the likes of Google billions of Euros for abuse of it’s search and ad monopoly, and more to the point make it behave in a less evil way. The UK on it’s own will get down on it’s knees and plead for the inwards investment it is within the whim of such titans of commerce to grant. So who paid for the leave campaign lies about sovereignty and who benefits ?

  87. He really should just shut up he has never made a point worth listening too and has no idea about what people want or think , please retire him from public life

  88. So sick of whining twats crying “our future is ruined!”. I voted out NOT because of immigration. NOT because of £350million. But because when our parents signed up to the common market in 1977, it was to trade with Europe. We now trade less with Europe (33%) than anywhere else on the planet! When you have 26,000 words to describe how to market and sell a Banana, time to get out! And if you want to argue how wonderful the EU is….fuck off there! Pack your bags and fuck off!

  89. Christine Williamson,
    Having read your piece, I see your vitriol and I for one won’t be sorry when everything crumbles around you and your left counting coins to try and sort out your life.
    It saddens me to see that you think that what the red top Dictators have said along with the likes of Farage & BF have been truthful. Your belief in them is like that of a child in a playground, Childish.
    I’m sorry that Labour were so abysmal in their role during this referendum and that you only had eyes for UKIP but they are no longer there (or at least their leader isn’t and Carswell didn’t agree).

  90. Mark Cameron says:

    Assuming the vote will stand and we actually leave the EU (which is by no means certain) there will be no quantifiable way to say it was a better or worse decision. The current state of the EU is nothing to shout about. Almost half of the member states are being propped up by the other half. What happens when Greece, Portugal, Spain etc. actually go bust? We will never know if this situation would be resolved with our continued presence in the bail out club.
    Whether that will be a success or not will not be judged upon the short term performance on the FTSE or the sterling exchange rate but on the UK economy for the next 10, 20 or even 30 years. For me at least, this decision was based upon our potential future on the world stage and not on a knee jerk reaction to immigration or supposed remote legislation. I believe we have the potential to “take back control” but I also believe we have dodged the bullet of a collapsing European Super State.

  91. Wow all this petty arguing and name calling. Regardless of the way the vote went, this country is better United and not divided. I know many people feel strongly about voting either way. But I’ve not seen any leave voters throw mud like the remain camp do. The reality is that a majority, all be it slim, voted out. We do not know how permanent any economical damage will be and to be fair I’ve lived my life since the result no different to how I did before. I’m not frightened or scared of our countries future because as I’m part of it I intend to make it work. Perhaps the rest of you should concentrate on your lives where you can make a difference. This politics thing has and always will be beyond those of us fuelling this country so stop thinking your keyboard strokes will make a difference. They really won’t.

  92. Lost Londoner says:

    There is a just argument in continuing to discuss what you believe in and then there is the outright pig headedness and toys thrown out of prams that remain voters have splashed all over social media with ignorance calling leave voters uneducated and worse and creating petitions to over throw the democratic process that took place. All I hear is ‘we’d be better off in’ with no solid arguments why and I’m sick or hearing all the whinging. I’m ready for 2/5 years of pain for the UK to then sail in a more democratic, controlled, global, stronger position than we’d ever be allowed within the constraints of the EU. Respect others opinions and focus on what the future has in store and you may just surprise yourself!!! Janker said on the day of the vote ‘i always sweat when you give the people the right to their own opinion’. I for one voted for democracy and what hundereds of thousands of people died for in the last 100 years… but im obviously a racist bigot what do I know!

  93. It’s not that people who have lost are not entitled to go on ‘arguing’: it’s that they’re not entitled to prevent the implementation of what was a very clear, single-issue referendum….As for its implementation: whether that has to happen via May, Leadsom, Farage, or Chengis Khan, it is going to be done. And this is what a small proportion of ‘remainers’ (of which Hislop is no doubt one) don’t like. But the more they squirm: the worse it’ll be…..Must be terrible for them to witness the working-class (to whom they feel oh-so-superior because of their 2.2s in Liberal Arts) actually getting what they want for once.

  94. Gordon Murray says:

    Westminster simply ignores the poor and the less well educated in the country.
    What can we do about it if Westminster is only interested in big money?
    I know, let”s leave the EU and put Westminster in sole charge of the country and give Westminster carte blanche to do what it likes and rip up the rule book that says poor and less well educated people must be protected.
    That’ll show them we mean business

  95. Mr F. U'all says:

    Most of the posts on here for both sides are extremely poorly written to the point that I have to assume most of you are borderline illiterate.

  96. If Brexiteers don’t believe predictions of the forthcoming Brexcession from the IMF, World Bank, BOE then perhaps they will believe what the most senior Brexiteers still standing Andrea Leadsom said in 2013:
    “I think it would be a disaster for our economy and it would lead to a decade of economic and political uncertainty”


  97. The pollsters have now had a chance to analyse the vote. Apparently, more old people voted to remain than the total number of 18 to 25 year olds that bothered to vote at all. Some of the concert goers at Glastonbury were asked if they had voted by post and their reply was, wait for it ” we thought we could vote here” Watched question time Thursday and the young woman in the audience complaining that no one engaged with her and she didn’t know what the facts were. If she had bothered to put her phone down or better still used it to do a bit of research she could have made an informed decision. She thinks some politicians lied. Well,welcome to the real word sweetheart. In future just watch the politicians mouth and if moves, they’re lying. Now lets move on and stop talking this great Country of ours down.

  98. Delusional politicians (nothing new there then). Cameron and Osborne thought it would be all about the economy stupid. Corbyn thought it wad all about some arcane 19th century polemic and God knows what the leader of the Remain campaign (who was he?) thought. None of them could comprehend how profoundly raciist the British have become. Maybe they were conned by the I’m not racist buts.

  99. You know I voted to leave and I stand by my vote as I’ve lived in this country for 54 years and if Cameron had not offered an a referendum at the election he’d never have won the election, because people used their democratic right to vote whether or not they actually understood exactly what they were voting for so what are people now saying lets have a second or third referendum until we all vote to stay really!!!! The sky has not fallen in last time I looked and yes the pound was always going to drop as it would whenever there’s uncertainty so we surely have to find a way now to make our country great again !!!!!

  100. Rich people moaning its ok you’ll still be rich tomorrow try living in an area full of EU immigrants.
    Not racist REALIST.
    6 people in one house 1/6th of the cost if running a house..YES…..
    1 UK couple with baby 1 person working hasn’t a chance of even breaking even.
    So before when there were little part time jobs the mum’s took….
    When the EU turns up yep I’ll do that as well as as my other part time job.
    Look look at yhe lazy Brit..
    No not lazy just no part time jobs left that mum’s used to do.Resulting on going on more benefits.
    So next time you hear them saying Brits are lazy just think about it and stop being so ignorant.
    Just look at all these big farms nowadays.
    Caravans in most if them live on site cheap accommodation hence being able to afford minimum wage…..
    Oh and as for racist abuse…
    I’ve been called English W***** etc and what is a racist swear word in EU language.
    Oh you dont know.
    Well done neither do we…….
    Wake up

  101. Ozymandias says:

    ‘Thus spake Zarathustra’
    Illuminating debating point that significantly advances the discussion hey mate!

  102. As an observer, (viewing the situation from Australia)………what some of you appear to be saying is, there should be another referendum………..until you get the right outcome? I don’t like the outcome of many elections, but I have to live with them!

    Isn’t this a case of being a bad loser? What I don’t understand is why you all didn’t vote to leave? You have your laws overturned by the EU, you have your economy run by the EU and trade restrictions governed by them too. When I voted to join the EEC in 1972, I was told there would be lots of benefits. It seems that’s not how it panned out.

  103. Pascal Charbonneau says:

    I agree with Eileen here. As a foreign observer (although married to a Brit for 4 years now) I do not understand how any self-respecting citizen could just ignore the democratic vote. I know that most of our friends and family in the UK did not vote for leaving the EU out of racism or anti multi-culturalism. Denigrating their right to vote and to express themselves as they see fit is the very worst kind of rationalizarion. The people express their opinion in a democratic fashion. What else is there to discuss? They were wrong in your point-of-view but is this not what democracy is all about?

  104. Welcome aboard our magnificent, beautiful, powerful, grand,great Ship O’State….HMS TITANIC..the unsinkable only God Him/Herself could sink her…Bon Voyage Everyone!! Please take all your valuables to the Chancellor’s Office AKA “The Purser’s Office” and though you won’t need it, Do try on our Lilleywhite Lifejacket which is under your bunk in Migrant Class cabins & in the Wardrobe of Remain & Leave Staterooms….God Bless & Save us all whom “sail” within her!

  105. Given, the lies used to persuade the vote, by manipulating the basest of human desires. We might need to remind everyone, that the referendum has no legally binding power.
    Those elected to Parliament are honor bound to do the right thing to protect the public interest.
    A free vote should be held in Parliament with every Democratically electrd MP allowed to vote based upon conscience and real data.
    The demagoguery of Farage, Johnson, Gove et al, that all the Economic Experts, don’t know anything, is already disproven as their predictions are already coming true as we type.

    The US has rules built regarding changes to their constitution, requiring clear majorities set out under law, before an ammendment can pass.

    We are looking to make a calamitous decision based upon a 2% margin of a 71% turnout. This is lunacy and clearly is not a mandate, expecially as many voters fror Brexit have voiced regrets, especially given the “rat and ship” syndrome evident.

  106. “Stop whingeing … sore losers (or, more often than not, sore LOOSERS) … take back control … make Britain great again (like it was in 1822!) … unelected EU bureaucrats …”

    The Vote Leave playbook didn’t even touch the sides when most of you swallowed it, did it? Christ almighty.

    No, I won’t let the door hit me on the way out. You’re welcome to your shitty, intolerant little rump of a world power.

  107. Like Ian Heslop , who is after all a member of the Liberal elite, who has made a living making cruel sniping comments on his fellow public school friends cares.
    If you want a plan here’s one .
    Free movement of Labour provided you have a job to go to.
    Subsidise agriculture policy so we can get back to feeding ourselves, blueberries from Mexico, bloody stupid.
    A government sponsored technology/ engineering hub that promotes and creates British products .
    Shut down day time TV.
    Well ther has to be one mad idea . We are British
    And put the kettle on .

  108. CheshireCat says:

    Well, I’m glad I’ve already left for good. You’ve been well shafted by a bunch of people who were convinced immigrants were to blame for the current situation (actually caused mostly by bankers). Future historians will point to this as the start of the final decline of the UK from the world stage.

    Even after all the instigators of this mess have done a runner, people who voted ‘leave’ are still trying to convince themselves things are headed in a good direction….

  109. Why didn’t the remainers put forward their points and arguments this passionately BEFORE the vote?? Too late to worry about ‘not bringing a brolly’ now

  110. “Let’s give our NHS the £350 million the EU takes every week”,
    wrote Matthew Elliott,
    Chief Executive of Vote Leave,
    in his, now removed, Tweet.

    I am also self-censored,
    asked to stop sending
    our Brexit-relatives
    the bare-bone facts,

    whilst all the time,
    before the vote,
    their righteous voices
    were quick to scream:

    “You can’t persuade me
    to change my mind!”
    But I never did try:
    I couldn’t disprove lies,

    until now, and then,
    it’s uncomfortable for them,
    having broken the future
    for our children.

  111. We can all be wise after the event but if it was truly known there would be this fallout should they not have been a more active remain campaign… ??? Nobody predicted thIs Horse and the stable door attitude that we have now which seems to be more of a “Ner-Ner-nah- ner-Ner response than anything. We have to find a strong government, we have to turn the ship round!!! Stop finger pointing, blaming and backbiting and all pull in the same direction

  112. What I’m extremely pissed off at is the way those politicians stood there with their flames and banners burning in such passion for Brexit and have now just thrown them to the floor in this ‘3 year old with matches’ fashion and scarpered …What the f—?

  113. I agree the fleeing Brexiters do need to be brought forward to account for this Brexiters exit action

  114. Karen Askham says:

    I watched 2 films this week, -120 days of Sodom and A Serbian Film. Says it all really.

  115. “We took our country back”, “We’re making Britain great again” … if I had a (rapidly depreciating) pound for every time I heard one of these downright awful phrases muttered over the past fortnight, I’d now be able to buy a small EU nation. It’s only English people that hark back to the days of the old Empire that believe in “Britain”. Soon, after Scotland gets independence and maybe Northern Ireland too – who knows – those pathetic, little Englander leave voters won’t have a union jack to wave around anymore. Huwwah for Bwitain!

  116. Rudy Red nose...looking for a post BREXIT flight plan says:

    Just a small observation, anyone who was using the possible introduction of TTIP as their reason for voting leave, and it was one of the few arguments that held water, France have clearly stated that they will veto it and that it will not go into EU law.

  117. Cathryn lachlan says:

    EU seems to be a long dark tunnel getting deeper and darker. If we had had a 3rd option on the referendum form……maybe stay but with reforms we wouldn’t be in this mess now. I have very little faith in politicians at the moment and while the brexit lot were (in my opinion) totally unelectable they might have had the decency to their supporters to stick around. Although I voted remain, I now think forge onwards, don’t talk ourselves further into the mire with negative comments, as U.S. Brits tend to do. With the way things are in Europe, I’m now thinking better first out than last.

  118. 170000 want out over 160000 want in and you still think your right to stay in…. do you stamp your feet every time you do not get your way… you lost the vote ……

  119. mark downes says:

    I’m 56 years old and voted to leave the EU.I believe in democracy and freedom to express your view. I fully expect there to be a downturn in the short term (and possibly mid term) future of the UK. But there is no gain without pain. Our parents and grandparents (twice) recently gave everything “LIFE” for the future freedom of this island. I have NEVER seen hard times. Nowdays if people can’t have a new smart phone a new car or a foreign holiday they think it’s a disaster. We have been drifting along in our risk free, comfortable little bubbles for years slowly having our freedom and rights taken away by Europe… There is another war going on in Europe today and we again have been fighting for freedom to make our own destiny. The last 2 were fought with guns and bullets thank god this one is being fought with pens and paper. Now It is up to us to make sure it works. Optimism creates confidence and confidence creates success. Lets stop the pessimism and look forward to a better future.

  120. Message for Dave Thompson – re your ‘worthy’ contribution of 8 words they are spelt “whinging” and “losers” but hey an out voter with no eye for detail or accuracy what a surprise.

    Ian as always speaks a lot of sense

  121. Oh, dear. What a sad litany of name calling and bad grammar.! As a staunch Bremainer let me make a couple of simple points 1. As the cost becomes apparent the mood may swing the other way. If so parliament would be well within its democratic right not to invoke article 50. 2. “Unelected Bureaucrats” is a redundancy – civil servants are always unelected. 3. None are more shocked in Europe (I live there) than Britain’s many friends 4 I respectt the What price freedom? argument provided a decent fist is made of what the price is and who exactly is going to pay it.

  122. Seems to be there is a lot of speculation about recessionary impact. I was never swayed by any of the campaigning. My decision was purely based on seeing to many politicians who have had their noses in the trough for to long. There were four recessions while we were in the EU. Still waiting for WW3. As for Hislop. Who cares what he thinks. He ceased to be funny a long time ago.

  123. edward hyde says:

    Ian Hislop – the man who has spent a lifetime & made a fortune out of pointing fingers at other people whilst never bothering to do anything positive or useful. If it looks like a d*ck then it is a d*ck

  124. If the legal argument is that a further vote should take place in parliament before we can actually leave then doesn’t this mean we have not been officially part of the EU since we joined over 40 years ago? This to the best of my memory was accepted on the strength of just a referendum vote. From what i have read on the European Referendum Bill it was proposed in 2013. Ratified in Parliament in 2015 by a vote of about 11-1.

  125. Look at the state in 10/20 years.. The EU will come to an end either way we voted.. More probably in a much worse state if we’d stayed in till the bitter end…. Now we are first out the blocks to make the most of what’s out there.. The rest of the world..

  126. It’s spelt “whingeing”; to “whinge”. Why can none of those who profess to support “Britain” get used to spelling the words of the English mother tongue properly?

    Hislop was dead right in his diatribe and sums it up in a few words. The rest of Europe are collectively laughing at us and pitying us at the same time, the fact that so many people were taken in by so many lies.

  127. Just as a matter of interest, there are 45,000 ‘faceless bureaucrats’ working for the EU, of whom half are translators.
    This is unlike the UK where it takes 160,000 faceless bureaucrats just to collect income tax, and over 600,000 to do the whole administratvie machinery. You ring or write to the Commission or Parliament and you speak to or your letter goes to a real person and it will receive a real answer. Ever tried having a coonversation with yout local bank?

  128. Why is it the majority of ‘remainers’ are still name calling the ‘leavers’ IDIOTS, STUPID, UNEDUCATED, BENEFIT CLAIMERS, UNEMPLOYED etc etc ?? All they are doing is causing more hate in the country. I find them to be most insulting all because things haven’t gone their way. I am sorry but not all 17 million leave voters are idiots, stupid, uneducated, benefit claimers, unemployed etc etc. Stop the name calling grow up and work together for once.

  129. Heslop was quite right, we do have that right to continue the debate as that gives insight… the fist shakers continue with the tired old hijacked semantic of ‘get over it’, ‘move on’, ‘we’ll be Great again and everyone wants to do deals with us’… semantics based on a weak knowledge base and the false assumption that it is set in stone… there will be no mass frog marching onto waiting boats for those that came to work here… there will be no entry/remaining in the single market on a straight leave with no strings and then back in with the choice bits as it will always involve accepting free movement of EU citizens (yes even the Norway option has to have that and the Switzerland option has been given the hardline deadline)…
    Increased surreptitious creep up austerity, recession, unemployment, no wage increases and high rising costs (oil still £50 a barrel but on the rise here)… time will tell but I am set and prepared and will have to bite the bullet.

  130. There’s a little bit of me (the sulky teenage bit) that wants to say that you got your way, now sort it out. But then the rational part panics. Look at the idiots who took us into this! Where are they? What are they doing to make Britain great? What are their plans? How will they lead us? Why do I still feel it was the wrong decision? Why can noone put my mind at rest? It’s a country, not a Sunday morning kick-around. We need long tem plans and we don’t even know who’s in charge!

    And then I feel sad and go to work to pay my dues that will be spent not on good socialist ideals such as the NHS, or a better future for Southern Italy or Cornwall or South Wales, but will be hoovered up for many years by the thousands of consultants we will need just to manage the thing that 52% of us voted for. Don’t tell me to suck it up – tell me what’s going to happen! If it’s so good, why can nobody give us a clue? Or are the negatives actually the truth?

  131. Fine to say that ,but dont go on about why you lost it for 5 years, get on with running the country or opposition to who is running the country, firstly with the withdrawal from the EU and secondly once we are out of it.And the Prime Minister to blame dont think so, the people demanded a referendum due to the eurocrats,therefore being in the EU was the consequence of a referendum. As for the speaker stick to TRYING to make people laugh on HIGNFY.

  132. Hislop’s always been a massive lefty. I bet he was pro The Euro before that collapsed too. Shut uo about the EU it’s only about seven percent of the world’s populaion.

  133. I voted for a Common Market, which was a good thing, not for my country to be run by faceless politician’s. Sit 28 people from different cultures around a table and get a decision – no you get a compromise. All have a view and all have a finger in the pie as to what they can get. The whole concept of a United Europe was flawed from its inception as was a common currency. Lets recognise that the EU model has many others around Europe who question it and the reason appears to be that the politicians have lost sight of what people want from it and they are blinkered to comments about changing. I have never seen myself as European in the same context of US citizens being Americans.

  134. He’s right, people died in 2 world wars fighting for democracy, they also died to stop us being under German rule, so I’m still glad we voted out!

  135. And also Babs ,what about our unelected fat cat House of Lords here and our unelected monarchy. I didn’t vote for these. Study the EU system of election before coming out with comments like that. Ian Hislop is spot on. So many uninformed people making a decision on something of epic proportions for all of us and the rats who initiated it and pushed this through with a lot of lies have now abandoned ship.

  136. On reading all the comments above, I was struck by some of you taking Jo to task for his or her ‘miss-spelling’ of bureaucrats. the way Jo spelled it is a beautiful example of what is known as a ‘portmanteau word’, a word made up of 2 or more other words. Beurocrats. In this case it is made up out of ; bloody and bureaucrats. In this case it is even more beautiful because the spelling of ‘bureau’ for ‘beuro, reflects the double meaning of the words. Well done Jo!!

  137. Gary D. Maybe WW3 is starting. NATO have decided to march in to defend Poland & other Eastern European countries from the renewed efforts of the Communist leadership in Russia to annexe them once more….

  138. Gerry says:
    July 8, 2016 at 9:35 pm
    So someone calling himself Tom Payne voted leave. Then he tells us he’s 90. I think he’s got a fucking cheek. He’s not going to be around to suffer what he’s voted for. Selfish git.
    …..Maybe, just a thought ….that this guy has earned the right to have his vote whatever it maybe, or are you saying people over a certain age don’t have that right….that makes you a selfish git in my eyes

  139. Nigel Farage, who is, and has been an MEP for many years, has effectively had a 12% pay rise since 23rd June result. Due to the falling Euro against the Pound, his MEP salary is now around £85,000. He also gets travel and expenses. He has one of the worst attendance records within the EU. Will one of the Brexiters please explain to me why he is continuing to be in pay of an organisation he doesn’t believe in. Also, surely he is also a ‘fat cat EU bureaucrat, to coin a phrase. He doesn’t even turn up to do the job. Is this ethical and worthy behaviour?

  140. First of all I voted remain. I am working class and I have a well paid job, but I am not rich. I looked at many of the different aspects of the debate and I believe that, although not perfect, the EU has been good for this country and the rest of Europe. I still believe this was the right way to vote and I struggle to understand the logic of many of the arguments put forward for leaving. However, providing it was an informed decision, I believe they had the right to go with their conscience. What really annoys me about this situation though is that many of the people who voted leave think that those of us who voted to stay should now immediately change our views or shut up. The referendum did provide a majority result, but only just. If the result had been the other way around, the leavers would have continued campaigning, so why shouldn’t we continue to voice our opinions? This is a democracy after all, and we have the right to legal free speech. Ian Hislop is entitled to his opinion.

  141. As Angry states above, we continue to hear this brainwashed view of all leavers to be uninformed, racist, narrow minded bigots who have created unimaginable damage to the country in protest. Well we all had a big decision to make and the country has decided. For some it is now all about a 2nd chance, because how could anyone with a degree of intelligence disagree with my views. Well tough, the government have got a mandate and now they need to execute. The country have voted out of the EU, not partial or conditional – full exit from EU. Everyone’s lied and disappeared? Leadsom and Gove are still at the forefront, Boris had said for last 3 years that he would not be the next leader, what a politician keeping to his word? He will be a big part of the new cabinet, once leadership is completed. If this had been a vote to join it would not have been close, EU is a failed venture by increasing scope of control, which member states cannot bend to suit, as Cameron recently discovered.

  142. I am surprised by all the finger pointing and blame allocating. How we get up and rebuild from here is what will make Britain ” Great ” again. You can not change the situation, only how YOU deal with it. Use that energy on positively moving forwards and upwards as a country for all involved.

  143. panayis zambellis says:

    For someone sitting on the fence and making a living from being critical his recent comments are studious non-comments. The politicians that were pro gravy train have to step up and get off the feel-good mystery bus going to nowhere. Massive turmoil in the EU banking sector and spiralling uncontrollable debt that is kept on the back burner are some of the reasons to be concerned. This vote is a timely alarm call for UK to wake up and find its on way again. Tusks recent comments criticising and ridiculing the British government for even allowing the referendum says it all.

  144. Why GREAT Britain?
    Contrary to what many believe this was never an arrogant term or a word to describe just how fantastic we are.

    Geoffrey of Monmouth (c. 1136) referred to our island as Britannia major (“Greater Britain”), to distinguish it from Britannia minor (“Lesser Britain”), the continental region in Brittany, now France.

    (In the same way the two towns of Hampton had the word ‘South’ and ‘Little’ put at the beginning of their names to avoid confusion)

    The term Great Britain was first used officially in 1474.

  145. Jean – he has always made his position very clear and since you ask the question I assume you know the attendance record of all 73 MEPs? Why do you think politicians of all parties are so positive, as it provides a 2nd chance of getting decent salary, admin support and all expenses if they lose MP seat in election. Farage has sat as MEP since he was not successful, like Nick Clegg previously and many others that 99% of country could not name. We are paying for all of them to deliver not a lot for the UK. Many will not agree with his views, but at least he has been consistent and has had the courage to keep true to his convictions. The same cannot be said for other so called leaders, Corbyn and Cameron, hardly role models for ethics (I am not UKIP btw). Sorry but just another deluded remainer with sour grapes.

  146. Blindfreddy says:

    Nigel Farage was a trader, a gambler, a ‘give gun owners a go’ and relax smoking laws and get rid of NHS. Why would anybody in their right mind follow or listen to such a person? The fact that he employed his wife to assist him meant he did not want to be challenged in anyway. Nigel and Boris have now been responsible for what the GB was famous for divide and conquer. Except this time it is going to be the UK that is going to be divided and conquered. Farage has opened a pandoras box on the UK. A pandoras box that threatens to tear the country apart with racist overtones. But who knows maybe the UKIP party with its £ sign was just Farage’s joke all along, as a trader he would of known more than most the enormous damage leaving the EU would have on the pound and the country. Maybe he had a little to be gained personally from the down/short sell? You could call it the UKRIP party now because that is what it has done. For all their union jack waving. Traitors!
    Irony. Revote.

  147. The argument is not so simple remainers. You did not vote to stay in a union where our economic future was guaranteed. German banks on the verge of collapse, the top 5 Italian banks on their last legs, the Euro control mechanisms not being able to cope with several countries/ banks going through the economic downturn that the eurozone now faces. On top of that, in the last 30 years the EU has doubled in size whereas its share of world trade has dropped from 27% to 16%. Add to that their avowed intent to redistribute wealth from the richer countries to the poorer ones ( a laudable aim in order to improve the whole european economy in 50 years or so, but doomed to fail), the increase in nationalism in Hungary, Italy,. France, Romania, etc, etc mainly due to an anti EU backlash and huge unemployment in Spain, Italy and other major economies, staying was hardly rosy either. When these EU economies crash and burn, who will buy our goods then? Alarmist?, no more so than “remain” forecasts

  148. Laughing at all the angst among the remain voters. All through the campaign Cameron was saying safer stronger better off without any substinance on how this would work exactly. Like it’s going to be something new. It isn’t something new. We have been tied to this European instintitution for over 40 years, it that time we have seen our economy destroyed, years of cut backs, millions unemployed loss of services like libraries swimming pools nurseries community centres bus routes. Roads not being salted all cutbacks and austerity. All the time we are part of this fantastic super dooper European union we pump millions of pounds into so they can hand in back in small dribs and drabs and we should be thankful. Our pounds going to europe line the pockets of Brussels and bailing out other failing economies around the failing European union. So how exactly are we safer stronger better off. How are our Commonwealth countries faring outside the union.

  149. M asks, “Why didn’t the remainers put forward their points and arguments this passionately BEFORE the vote?? Too late to worry about ‘not bringing a brolly’ now”. In some places we did and large numbers voted to Remain. Northern Ireland, the only part of the U.K. to actually have a shared border with another European country, spotted the dangers immediately and 80% of the Nationalist community and two thirds of the Unionist community voted Remain. Now resurgent violence threatens. Only a bomb proof brolly may suffice there. In Scotland, where political and economic awareness has rocketed in the last decade, Unionist politicians (without exception) campaigned vigorously to Remain because they knew how closely the Scottish economy is linked with the EU and how many jobs would be lost if we left. They also knew that the break up of the U.K. would follow as night follows day. How many Leavers even thought beyond their own garden fence?

  150. Exit only. Thank you for your reply. However, personal comments such as ‘deluded’ and ‘angry’ are really quite unpleasant. I am asking a reasonable question and have made no personal or vitriolic remarks towards any Brexiter. It is reasonable to debate and query issues regarding what has happened without resorting name calling. It is puerile and demeaning.

  151. Octavia_Augusta says:

    What I find amazing and rather undemocratic is that such an important decision should be taken by such an exiguous majority. One would have thought that to break up status quo one would need a few more votes in favour.

    One wonders from afar. Must say, I’m happier than ever not to be British.

  152. mark downes says:

    What the hell is the point of all this???? The votes have been cast and we are out. All those that wanted to remain think they are right and have a go at those that wanted to leave and visa versa. We all have an opinion. If we were all of the same mind (for better or worse) the world would be a boring place and there would be no need for all the sado’s (ME INCLUDED) writing comments on sites like this. At the end of the day what’s done is done and we live with it. Move on.

  153. Jeanie Wollaston says:

    Surely, rather than saying ‘we’re ruined’, we need to accept what has passed. How can we say that our future is ruined when really, our future is unwritten. I do not profess to know and understand every aspect of both sides, but one thing I do understand is that looking at the situation with a ‘glass half empty’ view and squabbling will get us nowhere!! The UK will recover eventually but we need to be on the same page if we want to progress and succeed!

  154. Octavia_Augusta says:

    Well said James. Unfortunately garden fences have never been higher. Can’t even see the neighbours lawn any more or the Joneses’ new car.

  155. Elaine Jones says:

    Could I just ask everyone IF and only IF we have another referendum and the outcome was still the same and BREXIT won would that be an end to it or would everyone want a third or a fourth referendum until they got the remain back in. FOR GODS SAKE STOP MOANING DEAL WITH THE RESULT and let’s get the GREAT back into Great Britain again we did it before we can do it again even the French and the Dutch are thinking of doing the same so surely we can’t be that wrong?

  156. Love Ian Hislop and his often contrarian views but don’t agree with him on this.Firstly the use of the phrase ‘run away’ plies cowardly actions which simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.Johnson didn’t run away… He wasn’t to be at the heart of govt but was outmanoeuvred.Gove and Leadsom were both prominent leave campaigners and both put themselves forward for the ballet.Farage has achieved what he wanted to achieve and is staying on in Brussels to keep an eye on negotiations.The simple fact is that some of the main players in Leave were not in a position to pick up the pieces straight after the referendum….either not MP’s or not in the current govt.
    I’ll defend Remainers right to talk about the referendum issues but the hand wringing and very dangerous claims for a second referendum may create a self fulfilling crisis.Lets get some perspective….. We are not turning inwards; rather the opposite.This is our chance to take a truly global view.

  157. FFS I wish people would stop moaning about what happened, unite and start being positive about what the future may hold! The negative people in this country who cannot accept the majority decision
    are going to end up bringing this Country down!

  158. The over riding reason I voted leave wasnt for economic or immigration reasons.

    I just do not believe that the EU works conceptually for all countries involved. How can a country dictate its own standard of living when the European Central Bank controls interest rates? Every country has its own unique social and economic condition which simply cannot be altered if one cannot affect restrict/increase its circulating money.

    One thing is certain, if the UK had adopted the Euro and hadnt been able to keep interest rates low for such a sustained period we would still be in the mess created by the irresponsible banking sector back in 2008.

  159. Octavia_Augusta says:

    Elaine Jones, the French Nationalists, the Belgian Nationalists, the German Nationalists … are the ones asking for a referendum. Have we learnt nothing from WWII?

    I find it seriously unsettling that the population of Europe (including the British) have learnt nothing from our recent history and are falling into the nationalistic trap of blaming the imaginary enemy for everything that is wrong.

    I wish it were so simple. Vote leave and hey presto We get our empire back, all those touched with the tar brush disappear and Britain rules the waves.

  160. Cameron has just been too clever by half. His first job (as he saw it) on getting a majority was to disenfranchise the young (assessed as always voting left), which of course gave a built in leave majority of old folk. But a feeble joke like “beurocrat” should have been recognised, not dismissed as heterography. And no one has noticed the good side: Brexit has scared likeminided Europeans into appreciating the EU, and how lucky they are. As to TTIP, HMG was its chief EU advocate, and doubtless, this country will now sign up to it, while the newly emancipated (from UK carping) EU will have a chance for second thoughts.

  161. I don’t think when we voted “Out” that we also voted out of free speech and to disrepect the views of others who decided for their personal reasons to vote the way they did.
    Personally, I voted to remain. We, as a nation, will survive, but as for the expectations of, possibly, a large number of those who voted for Brexit, they may well be disappointed.

  162. MY spelling is perfect. BUT I do make typing errors. Some people are dyslexic. So stop critcisizing (z or s) and listen to wot people are SAYING, you supersillious crettins!

  163. Some people on here are clowns.. ranting on ,,, boo hoo I wanted to stay in Europe. .. well if you love the EU that much move there… stop moaning and get on with ya sorry sad lives

  164. Many good causes in history have been told to shut up. But they knew what they were fighting for was right. so they didn’t shut up. We strongly believe our argument is stronger. Because it’s the bigger picture argument. Leave give an example of a bad bank here or a bad European politician there or a policy somewhere else. the fundamental ethos of shared sovereignty is good. Who knows how the EU could evolve beyond its current problem areas with the bright young minds of the millennial generation. We must spread education on international relations, not endorse the result of the lack of it which seems to be a fear of immigration and a fear of international government. The encouraging of this does a disservice to people who deserve education, not cheap rhetoric. We must continue to debate the issues the referendum has shown up and if you believe in shared sovereignty you should argue for it, that’s what politics is: debating the best way people should relate and share resources.

  165. Time for political knowledge tests before voting, 5 random choice multiple choice questions out of 200. Obviously this would reduce the Tory vote by 11 million, Labour by 8 mill, UKIP by 4 Mill… does anyone still vote Limp Dem?

  166. Bored now.... says:

    Everybody calm down. What’s done is done stop bickering, I’ve seen more maturity from my five year old at pre school.
    The majority however slim the difference voted out. If everyone stopped trying to clip one another’s top hats off and joined together as a nation, maybe just maybe we can ride this storm and get some stability in this country we have known for the last so many thousands of years as Great Britain.
    Yes the politicians are slimy untrustworthy real life versions of the muppets on ‘Spitting Image’ but we can’t abolish parliament to the dungeons.
    Whether it Labour/ Tories/ Lib Dem/UKIP etc etc etc… Their all corrupt and haven’t a clue. Maybe raging Lord Such could have taken us into a more future full of prosperity? The fact of the matter is, it is what it is…
    Like Les Dawson’s character (as he thrusts his heaving bosom up)at the garden fence Cissie and Ada putting the world to rights, stop the gossiping about what no one really has a flying F of what’s going to happen!

  167. I’ve put up with the leave voters reminding everybody that the vote was a democratic process and that those of us who voted remain should shut up. Mr Hislop is correct it is perfectly ok for people who do not like the outcome to continue voicing their opinions, as long as they do it legally. That is also part of the democratic process, it is called freedom of speech.

  168. Colin Farrand says:

    Stand fast EU Leavers with a message from R. Kipling. ‘If you can keep your head when all about you, are losing theirs and blaming it on you’. Remember we are not leaving Europe just the EU.

  169. Remainers are concerned about the next few years, we will voice those concerns. As a country we have no direction from our leaders, everyone is throwing their toys out of the pram. I voted to remain, I accept the vote, now I want the country to be led out of this sorry state of affairs. We must appear to the rest of the world to be an island full of racists, I know this isn’t true, but those who are suddenly feel that 52% of this country agree with them and that is sad and wrong. We will never truly know if this was the right decision or not, we have forever changed the political landscape of the world. Whether we are viewed as visionaries or fools remains to be seen…

  170. Have now read through all the comments on here.
    Leave seems to equal – Ha Ha we won, just put up with it, but no real idea of what happens next.
    Remain still arguing the same points which didn’t convince voters in the first place.
    My worry is what will happen when the leave supporters discover that there is no 350K, free movement of people is going to continue and the food we import becomes more expensive.
    The people who voted Leave because they felt disenfranchised and ignored are going to be even more angry.

  171. Bored now.... says:

    We’re out so deal with it, I wanted to win the Euro Lottery and Lost, didn’t see me pasting it all over social media on how undemocratic this was and that I wanted a recount ffs. Grow up and grow a pair, the country isn’t going to crumble, the sky isn’t going to fall down, seems the people that are groaning the most are probably the ones that lost money due to European business or property obligations. So, trading with EU countries may, just may be hindered, great let’s start production of manufacturing in the UK instead of importing from the EU and international countries.
    I hear the steam rising from the ears of many out there at this thought, the countries that opted out of the EU are doing fine, Australia’s points system on immigration seems to work, the NHS from discussions with people that work within the organisation say that the strain in the hospitals and doctors surgeries have more than quadrupled from EU imports flooding this island that’s struggling to uphold the demand.

  172. Only bitter about the bad feeling this vote has caused. I had my reasons for voting remain just as leavers had their reasons. I certainly don’t blame anyone, except the politicians who, on both sides, lied to the country. A decision either way would have been based on those same lies. I respect the fact that we live in a country where the voice of the people is listened to, and not a dictatorship. I am naturally concerned about where we are headed as a country, as should everyone be. Pithy comments about ‘another bitter remainer’, without thought, or perhaps reading my words, is the continuation of the divisive nature of the vote. You are judged on your words, dear Brexiter, try bringing people along, rather than deriding them.

  173. If you have been sold a product under false pretense or that has been incorrectly advertised you may take it back for a refund

  174. Vernon Moyse says:

    In the “old days” of satire, Hislop’s Private Eye was under better leadership. It would have minced “Lord” Kinnock and then barbecued the whinger. The £10 million he and his wife “earned” as appointed “Commissioners” is giving him indigestion which he describes as “anger”. This is the man who cavorted at his last Labour convention like a President and then fell on his arse in the sea. The epitome of those who ignore “the sticks” and end up with the entire North of England and the whole of Scotland AGAINST Labour. If he keeps digging, the UNELECTED Juncker may give him one of those Vice-Presidencies that is in his, Juncker’s GIFT. The whole shebang is tailor made for Quango-corruption. HE is angry? That is as nothing compared to how the “sticks insects” feel.

  175. I usually agree with Hislop but not in this case.Have we all forgotten the mess that Greece,Spain and Italy are in and generally the whole of Europe,apart from Germany of course.Has being in the EU helped them at all?No is the answer. We are at the mercy of private banks lending money to governments at a cost,The Federal reserve and The B of E…..as well as the IMF, being in Europe is no protection.

  176. Glad to see some of the above now blaming the Remain voters for now destroying the UK for “not moving on”. Oh please, Leave don’t like progressive change; they’ve dragged the nation back to pre-Victorian times.

  177. To all the people who say stop moaning and start making Britain great again, I’d like to, but there doesn’t seem anyone or anything to unite behind.

  178. Treason remainer says:

    Stop fucking whining you bunch of sore loosing fucktards who would sell out there own country

  179. Well well I’ve never read such rubbish in my life…why do the remain gangers think we’re stupid and miss informed. I didn’t read or watch any debates on the EU…as we all know politicians and newspapers are the biggest load of codswallop you could entertain. My vote was from my heart on what I believe is the best for me my children and my future grandchildren .I live every day on the ground level of life..I can see whats happening in the uk..also you need to go into Europe and see what’s happening there. the only countries that are prospering are the countries that were throwing billions of pounds at via EU subsidies…instead of Brexit maybe the EU should of given a vote to every citizen within the EU and the only countries to remain would have been these countries.. Germany France Spain would all properly off voted out of the EU also.. maybe people should be looking at why has most of the uk voted out instead of attacking their democratic right…

  180. Luke says:
    July 8, 2016 at 4:29 pm
    Which laws, Babs? And which unelected fat cats? Go on, name them.

    Mr Juncker, who was not directly elected much like other Presidents, who we did not want and was put in place anyway, who now has annoyed numerous world leaders and has a visible alcohol problem. Oh, and has helped Global Tax Avoidance by turning Luxe into a haven. He cannot be forced out, continues to advocate further integration and most recently supported a plan for national veto removal in regards to Foreign Policy

  181. When the tories were voted in I didn’t see see all these petitions and moaning for a re-vote to get who they wanted in. I voted out but can see both sides to the argument. We were damned if we stayed damned if we left. Let’s just make the most of a what could be a positive situation and pull together. People are allowed to argue there points but let’s just move on as one

  182. I thought one of the main aims of Brexit was (is) the sovereignty of the British Parliament. If that’s so, surely Parliament, with its Remain majority, can overturn the referendum vote, or at least call for another? That’s Parliamentary Democracy and real British sovereignty.

  183. Anne Locker says:

    Why oh why is anyone surprised. Those brits like myself who live in another European country were excluded from voting by the Tory government, which says a great deal for their confidence. I was in the UK when the referendum took place and was surrounded by people voting to leave. It was their reasoning that fascinated me, Britain for the british, get our Britain back as it was, (which can never happen, and how was it?), foreigners without prospects are costing the country too much money and are largely in part responsible for the falling of the NHS by the sheer ill use and overloading. From what I read it was the politicians who wished to destroy the NHS namely Hunt and Farage. If the british people have to pay there will be many who cannot afford health care and even some who will die as a result. Many foreign professionals from all walks of life have already applied to leave Britain as a result of the political uncertainties. No government, fighting politicians, no hope 🙁

  184. Beth Angell says:

    Brexiteers and Remainers – Roundheads and Cavaliers. Remember what happened after Cromwell? The Parliament reinstated the monarch, after the death of thousands and bitter family divisions. Irony has been served, democracy has not been damaged. Yes we’re out and we are amid a shit storm with no-one to captain the ship Great Britain. History tells us nobody can predict the future. Both sides need to stop punching each other. Time will show the wiser.

  185. The main sticking issue was migration, or rather the ‘free movement of people’ and thus the pressures which stem from it. It is seen as an ideal and moral redistribution of people but was actually envisaged originally as a free movement of ‘resources’ in order to allow workers to be transferred much like money and other goods, for financial gain and workforce power. This mechanism largely is used to most profit the already profited. Yet the myriad issues it creates for those who are not wealthy enough to avoid them are ignored and played as xenophobia. The EU refused to budge on the issue or even discuss its problems in any meaningful way. They treated it as sacrosanct and then are surprised when people stop trying to negotiate and just try to get out. We blame our political elite but the European political elite are just as much to blame for their immovable stance when sensible, rational negotiation could have stopped it before it all began.

  186. The main sticking issue was migration, or rather the ‘free movement of people’ and thus the pressures which stem from it. It is seen as an ideal and moral redistribution of people but was actually envisaged originally as a free movement of ‘resources’ in order to allow workers to be transferred much like money and other goods. This mechanism largely is used to profit the already rich. Yet the myriad issues it creates for those who are not wealthy enough to avoid them are ignored and played as xenophobia. The EU refused to budge on the issue or even discuss its problems in any meaningful way. We blame our political elite but the European political elite are just as much to blame for their immovable stance when sensible, rational negotiation could have stopped it before it all began.

  187. The call for a 2nd referendum is justified because Leaves campaign was based on false promises, swiftly recanted by its leaders once they won. Two winning leaders with funereal looks and a joyful Farage failed to stand together. Where was their plan to take the country forward? Where are they now? Result we now have a relatively small percentage of conservative voters to choose our next prime minister. Whoever wins, they do not have a mandate.

    Many people have realised they were duped and deserve a 2nd referendum….one that truly lays out the options with a clearly stated plan for what will follow each choice…..e.g. If you want out of the EU but want in to the single market what do you get?

    Now we have to recognise facts that the £ is continuing to fall, our credit rating is down graded, our debt is costing more, balancing the books is no longer an option, prices are rising, investment is decreasing, jobs are being lost, racist incidents are increasing…etc

    We need an election.

  188. Jim Butterworth says:

    There used to be penalties for Confidence Tricksters who didn’t deliver on their promises. Gove and Boris and other Brexit leaders should be held to account and if they don’t deliver on their promises, should be impeached.

  189. No matter what is said IE all the above comments One thing to me is the Bankers and their friends will NOT loose out they will make money. Its time to haul back in the prime minister and all his gang who told lies make them PAY for the mess they made IE Put them in the stocks remove all payments to them as government ministers And then look to the other parties who also mislead us and use the stocks for them. IF we were French we would not be sitting in the arm chair griping we’d be on the streets.

  190. The owner of the Daily Mail, Daily Star, and The Sun placed things like “Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas”, “Muslim beheads wife in back garden”, “millions of Turkish immigrants will invade the UK”; which was plastered front page for over two months, so whilst no one is saying everyone is racist, these subliminal messages were being placed on every person – be they in or out.
    The current racist abuse on people should be placed squarely at there door, not Brexit voters or remain.
    The reality is this Rupert Murdoch, who also runs those papers and Sky television made this quote “Downing St always listen to what I ask from them, the people in Brussels don’t..”
    It was in his best interest to have us leave, and considering a post Brexit dinner involved Boris, Gove, and Rupert Murdoch, with Lily Allen in the mix, his connection to them could be more than a glass of wine or a barbecue
    The most sad thing is some of images, down right lies on both sides could have been from the 1930s

  191. I know a number of people who didn’t vote, most of them because they didn’t understand the issues well enough. Alas there wasn’t a box for that. This has been the problem with this referendum, it was about an issue that far, far too many people didn’t understand. If I hear one more idiot say “I don’t claim to understand all the issues” I think I’ll run mad because the sad thing is, it probably didn’t stop you from voting. This whole process, far more than even 40yrs of self serving, dishonest politicians elected via a first past the post system that ensures most of the population get a government they didn’t want, this has shaken my belief in democracy based on universal adult suffrage. Certainly the number of folk I’ve seen on the news who voted out “cause Muslims” makes me wonder.

  192. Ffs, will some of you learn to spell bureaucrats, especially Jo, who is picky about spelling.

  193. Maybe we should hear a few more legitimate concerns spoken with a civil tongue and a cool head, instead of “shut up you illiterate racist” , “I want a do-over” or “this referendum isn’t legally binding, we should ignore it”. Perhaps more would listen?

  194. and another thing, all this regrexit nonsense about being duped or lied to…arggggg. You listened to & trusted the word of a politician! Of course you were lied to. That’s what they do, that’s all they do. Surely if you don’t understand that you shouldn’t be allowed out alone. If your vote was based on listening to what a professional liar says, rather than researching the issues yourself, you don’t need another referendum, you need to de-register yourself from the electoral roll. Gullible, complaisant fools!

  195. David of Sussex says:

    Life is like a shit sandwich the more bread you have the less shit you eat,at least now we be eating British Shit

  196. The leave campaign had no plan. They simply said the government would deal with it. That should have rung alarm bells. Cameron was arrogant and has not supported so many in the population for far too long but sadly that will not change after this vote. To trade with Europe, which many are demanding, will mean we pay heavily but have to suffer the rules of the EU game without any say. That is a disaster when, for very little more, we have been the only nation strong enough to put the brakes on EU Federalism for many years. Other nations have blessed us for that. Read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine. Then you will see what we have left ourselves open to. This government will take advantage of this unrest and we could all live to regret this referendum result. Sadly neither campaign did an honest or admirable job. And there are no adequate or credible leaders to take us through this sadly.

  197. Steve Southwell says:

    Its a shame the government didnt have a group of cross party MPs and some civil servants actively working on protocols to be in place in time for the referendum just in case the vote was to leave..that would have been a sensible idea for the last 3 years..now Cameron has jumped ship which is despicable under the circumstances..planning and preparation prevents piss poor performance obviously was not on the blackboard at Eton or Cambridge

  198. Tom Crawshaw says:

    If the government had acted with responsibility, to all of us, we would all have been better informed about both sides of the argument, instead of being treated to an unseemly slanging match between the proponents.

    Cameron should have taken a statesman’s view from the start and resolved to make damned sure that factual arguments, for and against EU membership, were laid fully before us so that we could all make an informed decision. He should have included in those facts the outcome of remaining in the EU and of leaving it, plus the separate transparent government plans (each with their pros and cons), to take us forward, depending upon the result.

    He should have taken the view that no matter what, he was the man to lead the country forward. Instead, he took a gambler’s stance. He only had a plan for the result being Remain and none for Leave. Perhaps I’m doing him a disservice though. He did have a plan – Remain or Leave, to match the result. How pathetic and shallow is that?

  199. winge winge winge fucking winge – perhaps we should tear up the democratic vote and lets those who moan the most because they didnt get their way (the minority) win because im fed up with those who lost try to derail the majority vote, those of us who want out and control of our own destiny. While there at it lest ditch the pound cos you are going to get the Euro, disarm the British Army because they will be absorbed into a Euro Army, ditch everything we stand for because people wanna keep there holiday homes in Spain and still ponse off the national health service – lets get real here, its about the minority who want to keep the status quo because its suits them

  200. There is such a thing as Investment Fallacy – the idea that having invested in something we cannot throw away that investment even if evidence shows that to do so would be better.

    Ian Heslop is spot on – the argument keeps going as it would have if we’d voted Remain. In fact some figures on Leave such as Nigel Farage were talking about what they’d do about a Remain win before the votes were counted.

    Steve – we don’t know what kind of “Out” we’re heading for, and none of the available kinds of “Out” seem to satisfy the requirements “Preserve the economy, Please the Leave voters, Be possible to negotiate”. How could Number 10 plan?

    Concerning the FTSE100 recovering – in Dollars it’s down 4.6%, not as bad as last week. The FTSE250 in dollars is down 19%, also slight improvement. We’ll see what happens. There are so many factors it’s hard to say what causes what. I do know there’s a lot of concern in companies about access to the Common Market into which they sell. Jobs may move.

  201. Until the process of leaving the EU has actually taken place then I will not believe it ever will. Do it already! What are we waiting for? Why? Article 50. Go Go Go!

  202. Dissolution of our sovereign armed forces, made to follow laws we don’t want and more these and other completely trumped up zero evidence scaremongering coming to a pub near you! If any of my kids spoke like this I’d be ashamed. Thankfully they’re not stupid enough to believe anything without doing credible research or seeing evidence with minimal bias.
    Yes some of us remainers will continue to tell you how stupid you have been to believe the lies and actively work against any plans to do so, that as so many leavers like to quote is how a ‘democracy’ works.
    Excellent Mr Hislop, respect.

  203. So yes I voted remain
    No I will not put up and shut up – well done Ian Hislop point well made – it is my right in our democracy to speak out when something is wrong – and brexit is wrong
    But no I do not stoop to passing insulting and derogatory remarks on those that voted leave
    And no I am not a wealthy business owner of banker from London or the South East – I live in the midlands and worked all my life for the NHS

    But what this massive constitutional cockup has revealed is
    – an appalling lack of leadership and integrity in our political parties (with the notable exception of Nicola S)
    – a poorly planned thought out referendum process with no consideration on turnout and voting levels necessary for a valid mandate
    – a leave campaign based on lies (now acknowledged by those who peddled them) – I believe there is a case for Malfeasance or misconduct in public office – which of course is a criminal offence
    So forgive me if I don’t lie down and give up – whats wrong is wrong !

  204. I think Ian Hislop summed up the situation perfectly.
    The Leavers can’t seem to grasp the fact that the leaders they followed have all
    naffed off using the vernacular.

  205. All those I knew who voted leave shared the same background – low income, did not attend further education, work manual jobs, and only holiday in English speaking countries. Every single one. But I don’t care about that and never have. They told me they voted leave because of immigration, doctors wiaitng times, spending cuts. I said this is the tory governement. They told me I was talking rubbish, or they didn’t understand what i was saying. When the vote happened and remainers lost, my leave friends told us we should ‘stop going on about it’. The leavers I knew had. Every one. Not a single leaver mentioned it afterwards, their pro leave comments changed to ones about their children and pets. They stopped caring about it on 24th June but they expected someone to have had a plan. Because it was up to someone else to deal with it. If you are going to express your point, please do, but don’t let someone else clean up your mess. You made the bed…

  206. Ken you are a buffoon. When the exchange rate was £1-$1.50, if a product was £100, you would get $150 if it was paid in dollars.
    With the exchange rate at £1-$1.30 you get $130. So explain how you get more if it’s paid in dollars?
    And the economists and financial lot now think $1.30 is probably going to be the standard rate for the foreseeable future, so no expected bounce back for sterling.
    Also UK has lost its AAA credit rating across the board, but don’t worry, BoJo, Farage and Michael “pob” Gove all said it’ll be fine.

    Oh yeah, and if we want a trade deal with USA, TTIP is a must.

    But it’s fine, we’ve got so much stuff the world wants it’ll be grand!

    We’ve got steel, oops that’s gone.
    Manufacturing, nope gone too.
    Oil and gas? Not if Scotland go! And there’s not that much anyway. Oops.
    Anything the world wants?

  207. Ian is right on the ball a lot of people I’ve spoken to who voted leave ,now regret it as the see no plan and the promises crumbling before there eyes ,we’ve got to find a way out of this mess

  208. The problem was that a lot of people saw this as a protest vote on Brussels, not actually thinking they had a chance to win, now they have won, many are regretting the vote.
    But unless there is a major U turn by the government, we are stuck with this result.
    Even if they do veto the vote, the leave side will ask for another veto.
    Cameron should have stayed and seen us through this mess, not run with his tail between his legs, probably saw how much Blair has made since leaving office and wanted his slice.

  209. No more referenda. This is a Parliamentary Democracy. We should not have nor need referenda. We have elected and very well paid politicians to govern us. A referendum does not allow a fully reasoned debate- who has the time apart from a politician. The decision and responsibility re repeal or otherwise of the European Communities Act and the ramifications thereof lie with Parliament meanwhile the Crown has the right to engage in treaties without reference to Parliament and again takes sole responsibility in that field.

  210. and if we had stayed in the EU Germany would be controlling our country, they want one super army they want to rule as much as they can, let us have our jobs back and our houses etc, yes it will be a struggle to start with and until the government sign the paper to start the process there will be more struggles but we will do good, lots of countries out of the EU are already queuing to trade with us so that means we could get better deals and maybe wont need EU for much at all

  211. Notaracistatal says:

    Brexit is by definition right, for the simple reason that the majority of votes were cast in favour of it. End of story

  212. Darren Edwards says:

    Fear has gripped the nation, a fear that is led by a fear of loss. Loss of money, value and worth. However, if this were true, why would there be so much talk of A German, French…. Referendum. Why have I seen politicians on the continent display fear openly, stating that trade with the U.K. must continue, that we import from them and export to them a lot more than the reverse. We are being fed by the media lies and falsehoods again, and the truth is still not hitting home.
    We voted as a country to leave, by God, stand by the decision, and start to see the truths, Libor, oil prices, yes manufacturing had been moved out of the U.K. Who did that, EU grants to assist the corporations. Eu rules have stretched us too far over the last 4 decades. It needed to stop. This is our chance.
    Make Britain Great, and put the endless energy that seems to be oozing out of the remainers back into the country.
    If we have nothing to offer, why are so many trying to come here?

  213. Ian H is right, he has the right to carry on disagreeing, it’s a free country. We are out though, and I think most people are horrified (whether they voted in or out) at the total lack of preparation demonstrated by all our leadership. Especially those in govt now, like Cameron, knowing it could go either way, and that he would be responsible for the next steps, but still not having a plan of any sort. Disgraceful!

  214. Neil Yoinger says:

    “The plan” – well it’s fairly simple really – all that has to be decided is how we gain access to trade with Europe – but – with “controls” on immigration from the EU – people already here will be allowed to stay – I don’t see what the big fuss is about on that score – more scare stories – hen we sit back and watch the euro fail – and the countries, one by one, follow our lead

  215. richard parkin says:

    It behoves everyone, EVERYONE, to stop all this arguing and get on with the result. It’s over and done with. Some may and obviously do not like the outcome. But then there were a significant number who had the chance to vote and did nothing. A post earlier said 29% did not vote. Well if you were one of those, and don’t like the outcome, TOUGH You had you chance and blew it. What I am more concerned with is that David Cameron and his Government Ministers did not start the ball rolling BEFORE the outcome of the referendum and tell the Civil Service to start planning in the event of a Brexit vote. They complacently sat on their hands expecting an IN vote. That was unforgivable. To then resign and trigger a leadership contest delaying matters even more was just petulant and childish. Certainly unbecoming of a Prime Minister. He had a job to do and walked away. Not good enough. What now needs to happen is for the leadership contest to be brought forward and determined within two weeks.

  216. Remainers lost the vote live with it. Remember Rome was not built in a day,so please give the Leave vote leaders some time to adjust and then give them a hard time if things do not work out as promised. We all know how honest Politicians are so wait awhile and see what happens.Meanwhile as for the Foul mouthed creatures who seem to think that their Macho’ language is Brill. Ignore them and they will drift away like a bad smell.

  217. Judith Lewse says:

    David Cameron never in a million years thought it would be a brexit result – his attitude and that of others would have been .told you so, all you leavers – he ran because there was no action plan to support a leave result – but come on stop whinging and procrastinating and get us moving again – ! We will survive !

  218. Paul LeTart says:

    Good grief. Get a backbone, stop being a nation of sheep. This country is what we make it, what effort we put into it. Markets are falling because individuals have erm, “bottled it” lets say. Nothing has changed only state of mind.

  219. Remainers for gossamer let it go its undemocratic to keep demanding another referendum in the hope you get the result you want, perhaps we should re-run the battle of bannockburn because I don’t like the outcome. Grow up and be demicratic

  220. I can mend things that are broken, make things from raw materials,reverse engineer when I really have to. I’m happy to research for days if necessary to increase my understanding of all things mechanical in order to find a low cost home made solution to a problem. Now we have left the EU, my skills will finally be recognised. We won’t be able to afford any imported solutions soon, so I’m chuffed, but the country’s stuffed!

  221. Patience Lives said
    “Remainers lost the vote live with it.”
    No sorry I refuse to live with a dangerous decision created through a flawed process.
    If I don’t think something is right it is my moral duty to speak up
    (we had 67% referendum majority in 75 to join the EU, a change to exit should have had a borderline of more that 50% – the principle of a higher threshold for change than for the status quo is well established)

    “Leave vote leaders some time to adjust”
    so who are these vote leaders – they have chickened out and run to ground so we cannot hold them to account when faced with the reality of what they had peddled. Personally I am deeply saddened to find our country so poorly led (from almost all political spectrums)

  222. Too fucking right they need to suck it up. The cunts wouldnt be happy to have a. re vote if the outcome was to stay. we, the middle class, workers who pay 40%tax, say fuck you to the wealthy and the poor. we have got up at six am every day. for 40 yeArs to go to work. we nave paid tax and every other fucking means tested bill, uni fee, kids school transport,nursery fee, you name it. what we voted for was change. let som eother cunt pay for the un enmployed and the benefit state . give me a bonus after the budget to keep me sweet. corporation tax and taxcredits are not my currency. carry on S you were and i will continue to fuck you up. Theresa May is better than Corbyn but they both suck. sadly, we dont have better options. boris is. fucking joke and gove is the biggest cunt alive. i on the other hand, rock.

  223. A lot of the points people are making are spurious at best. Ranting on that the lead campaigners on the leave side didn’t have a plan is really irrelevant they weren’t the people in power so could never have expected to have to have a plan to enact instantly anyway. Didn’t Cameron say he would remain to see the vote carried through? Personally I voted out and would do so again if any of the anti democratic calling for a fresh vote were to succeed but that doesn’t mean I am racist or anti immigration indeed this country has profited from immigration in the past and will no doubt do so again. Personally I voted out because I am not a fan of big government and that aspect of the EU was just going to grow and grow. The only plan really needed is about the negotiations to leave and Cameron is the one who should have had that in hand.
    Everything else has to be met as it arises just as it would if we had voted remain. The world does not remain stable in anyway constant change is a fact.

  224. dear big russ
    what is the basis of you argument ?
    Its not enough to say “we voted for change” without being able to articulate what that change is

    BTW I am not wealthy and I am not poor and I got up at 6 am everyday for 30 years until I retired last year. I have paid taxes all my working life.

    PS I am not arguing for a revote – the referendum was not only flawed it was/is the wrong mechanism for this issue – the best we can now hope for is a general election with options from leaders (I can always hope) on how to live within a future europe

    But we should never have found ourselves in this position

  225. Sol Chatly says:

    WTF we didn’t have this fuss when we joined the EEC, we got on with it. Let’s do the same now, stop passing the buck, pull your fingers out and start thinking/doing positive!!

  226. Gillian beare says:

    Get over it we voted out which was a fair vote so don’t be a bad loser and think positive as I’m sure we will all be better off when they get rid of all the red tape

  227. Like him or not Corbyn has played a blinder over his silence about eu,knowing what is going to happen to the Tories,they going to implode in the time leading to next general election ,while he builds up his new shadow cabinet in preparation for the retaking of power,,i don’t like him but he’s a professional politician and he’s sickened off a lot off MPs that he doesn’t want and obviously whispered sweet nothings into the ears of the ones who he’s given the top jobs to!
    Now the young have come out to vote its guaranteed it’s them who he will target for the next election,, uni fees cut,will be the first things said!

  228. Where is the democracy ? We had a vote and now we half half a nation whinging because the democratic vote didn’t fall in their favour. This vote is a vote to put two fingers up to the Establishment and the raping and pillaging which they, for centuries have been used to doing. I voted to remain, but this lot moaning about not winning is utterly childish in a supposedly democratic referendum.

  229. No.the point of a referendum is not for parliament to say we don’t like the result so we will overturn ,its the chance for the people to say we are unhappy ,we have been saying the same things ,and expressing our worries for years about various things to the government ,they haven’t listened and we have had enough ,we have had the opportunity to do something and we have taken it ,,trying to renegotiate with the eu a few months before is probably 5-6 years to late,,they knew the issues the people had and chose not to act until it was to late! For all the MPs who didn’t approach the prime minister over their constituencies worries,,take your medicine or fall on your sword!

  230. And by the way the guy talking about people who didn’t go onto further education,,and work manual jobs ,not knowing what they are talking about,,know enough to say I’ve had enough of these so called educated people who don’t really know there arse from their elbow twittering shite,,,is everything this country despises ,,well he didn’t go to uni,,he’s a brickie or a decorator ,bollocks .the thicko’shave spoken so swallow that!

  231. Me Says, I just want to know when you make Purchases do you look to see if it’s made in the UK? If not, are you not part of the problem why we don’t make a lot any more and have such a huge trade deficit?
    I’d just like to point out to the remain voters, I’d say 70% of the people I work with didn’t know who to vote for, right up to the night of the vote. They all voted in because they were UNSURE. I wonder how many remain votes were secured due to people being UNSURE! I believe that if there was a 2nd vote, the out vote would be greater than the 17 million. Let’s look at the stats the pound dropped, great for exports bad for imports. Trading has been hit and so has the institutes property portfolio. My house value hasn’t dropped (yet). I buy British so I’m not worried about one of the 16 billion pounds worth of German cars imported into the UK every year costing more! I voted out and have to live with the consequences the same as if we voted to stay had won, let’s just get on with it!

  232. The whole point of this process is to find out what the MAJORITY of people want and we do that. It’s called democracy. We are all part of one. Get over it.
    If all of the remainers get a 2nd referendum and the result goes their way can the “out-ers” then request a 3rd referndum? It was marketed as a once in a lifetime opportunity – not once this week, try again next week.

    Suck it up and move on.

  233. John Glaves says:

    One Mind.
    Staring into the depths of grief beyond all tears.
    Searching through the passage of time for stolen years.
    Delving into a deep dark soul for long lost fears.
    A heart felt cry for help that falls upon deaf ears.
    A greed so deep within us all it makes us blind.
    The courage to scream ‘injustice’ I cannot find.
    A voice of truth that manifests within my mind.
    If we could stand as one to become ‘MANKIND’.

  234. We do need another referendum. One that decides what leave looks like. MAYBE along the lines of:

    A) leave EU but stay in EEA (accepting that immigration may not be curbed)
    B) TOTALLY LEAVE. NO EXCEPTION (however third world that makes us.)
    C) Leave and FORM A NEW club better than the EU and invite selected states to join us (a rival independant states trading club e.g.with Commonwealth Greenland, Norway, us and Switzerland? List to be refined)

    With EU citizens and residents and UK Citizens already in the EU allowed to vote too. With proportional representation

    At least the leave campaign team (I think even leave voters would agree post referendum they have been rather appalling in the way they just gaped at the cameras and then hid) would have a clue what the public’s best thought through choice for the future is. In or out was too simple a question. I gives no clue as to what kind of a country we want to be afterwards. Time to build a plan!

  235. Remainers care that their country and everyone in it is being made to go down a path that is not in the national interest due to a vote based on flawed information. Remind you of something else ? Iraq war. Protesters then were in a large minority I seem to remember.

  236. Are any of the Brexiters policing the south cost for illegal immigrants …. They arrive on boats …..

  237. Graham McLellan says:

    All this you “lost get over it” diminishes what had happen to the level of a child’s games.
    Unfortunately the top leavers are Politically self indoctrinated as to not to recognise the truth and the grave mistake the voters made.
    The leave voters were misinformed as to what they were actually voting for, most of the problem causing issues have never had anything to do with the EU and there protest vote will leave them worse off than before.
    There is no realistic scenario which the UK can follow that allows us to successfully trade with the world which does not end up with us following 90% of the EU rules but losing our place at the voting table.

    Stop spouting regurgitated rhetoric and look at the real FACTS

    We do not have to leave there has to be a vote in Parliament for Article 50 to be legally invoked, they need the guts to admit it will not work and vote BritIN

    Good for Ian “its not over till the fat lady sings!

  238. British Sovereignty. I think Chilcott shows us the flaw in that. Maybe control from Brussels and an EU army would have prevented a British Prime Minister making such a dictatorial decision that caused such carnage.

  239. I’m just sick of all the lies being told by people over this . I voted out . Why basically it was for these reasons . The stay in EU crowd said we will get loads of jobs for people if we stay in EU It’s been nearly 40 years and we have not seen any jobs for people up here. In fact we have done nothing but lose jobs up here in North East. Our schools are full of immigrant kids our waiting times to see a doctor have gone from a day to a fortnight . The surgery is always full of immigrants. The courts are so crowded with immigrant criminals that newspapers have stopped reporting on local crime to prevent a backlash against the good immigrants. Crime statistics are being carefully controlled by the fact that theft from houses people cars is no longer logged or counted . Any illegal immigrants caught are let go and told to report each week . They just disappear then .
    There are no social houses left for rent and thousands are on waiting lists as I migrants up here get housing .

  240. What happened to democracy in this country . How can we call this country democratic if people will not accept the result of a vote . From now on the gates are open for every election to be discounted and done again as the losing side can refuse to accept the result.
    I’m sick of all the ranting and raving from both sides . Facts have been adjusted to suit which ever side uses them . You can’t believe anything that you cannot see .up here we are losing jobs , have been for years . Standards of living housing education and council services have been falling for years . We have been in EU for 40 years were are all the jobs ??? Unemployment just keeps getting bigger despite the fact that they keep changing who is considered to be unemployed and not counting half the unemployed.

  241. I did not vote and a few my friends did not vote I am sure there where many that did not vote. If I was not always working and had an hour spare to vote I would vote leave as I am born and bred Britain and from the information given I vote leave. So who is at fault incompetent politicians for not putting out information that is correct for staying in or out? If so do we want the next PM one of these people in politics to take the job? I would like a new political system set up with trustworthy decent working people at the wheels of the country future not some up and coming untrustworthy politician.

  242. Well I would like to ask everyone what do we want, because the politicians do not seem to be asking ?. There are at least 35 million of us who care about this country and voted in the recent election. We have reached this point because things are not right. I think 35 million heads can come up with some solutions can’t we? Wouldn’t that be great? Real democracy. COME ON BRITAIN. For a better future for our children and our grand children lets stop bickering and build something wonderful. Let show the world why we are called Great Britain.

  243. They say the devils in the details, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. It does give the country a shot at reassembling itself without outside dictators. Ban together and grow with the future. I am sending all the best from Merritt Island, FL

  244. Spot on Graham McLellan. Our democratically elected MPs are unlikely to vote to leave, knowing that it would be catastrophic. My home town voted to leave by the same margin ast the national result. Our Tory MP was remain and given the choice will continue to be remain on the vote whether to oress the activate article 50 button because she knows the people who voted leave never voted for her in the first and, as the winning margin was so small, those leavers don’t actually matter very much in the grand scheme of things. She’ll still get re-elected in the next election.

    At worst, we’ll get a partial withdrawal that will leave us with no change to the free movement of people that people like Anonymous (12.12am) are so against so no reduction in the number coming in and no sending anybody back (not that that would have happened) We’ll have access to the markets but no say in how things are run. So many voted leave as a misguided protest vote and sadly, they’ll pay the price.

  245. Daley you clearly don’t understand how the EU works. Best sort your own country out before you tackle our problems.

  246. Birrell Walsh says:

    Do I understand correctly that the country formerly known as the United Kingdom will now be England, Wales, the Falkland Islands and Saint Helena? And what will the flag of EWFISH look like?

    I am sorry the referendum went the way it did, and may there be another that chooses the more sensible path of remaining in.

  247. Of course democracy and the argument for remain doesn’t stop and it will not. In the meantime we have to work together under our new PM who has to deliver on the manifesto they were elected to implement. I feel that the old FPTP voting system is to blame for this as large numbers of voters have been effectively disenfranchised. All parties were pro EU apart from UKIP and the vote in the last election was in no way representative as the SNP got a disproportionate number of MPs and UKIP got only 1with a greater percentage of voters. If the move to remain is strong enough then a new centrist party should be formed, maybe allied to the Libdems, with the main aim to take us back into Europe but this will mean adoption of the Euro and if you think things are bad now, wait and see what that will bring. The EU was a CIA and US construct and the idea was bankrolled by them, funding federalism in Europe in order to bring integration and a single currency ‘ by Stealth’. It has failed.

  248. Michael Kay says:

    Let me start by saying that I am not a Brit, I am Greek, therefore I did not Vote in the referendum. Yet, I’ve lived for 25 years in the U.K. so I think I have some understanding of the social, political and economic stance of the country.
    Although I was fanatic for Brimain, I do not agree with Hislop’s argument. Even if the leaders of Brexit have resigned, the result is for Brexit. Since we are referring to a democratic regime, a politician’s duty is to find the right way to implement people’s decision, not reverse it or ignore it. A “mess” or not, this is what the Brits decided. I don’t like it, but I have to respect it. That’s the way I see it.

  249. To those on this board whose opinion is that the referendum should not have been given to the people, I would like to remind them of the countless referenda that the people of Europe have been given to enable them to accept or reject the various treaties that have been put forward by the EU commission. France and Ireland had referenda on the Lisbon Treaty which was originally called the EU constitution and both rejected it. We should have been given a chance as well, as in that Treaty we lost the veto and could no longer prevent enlargement and the mass immigration that occurred afterward. The French and Irish rejected the constitution and it had to be rewritten, becoming the Lisbon Treaty that Gordon Brown signed. The recent referendum was the only chance the British have been given to reject the creeping federalism being instituted by stealth. We have voted to be free of that federalism.

  250. Well …. If nothing else we’ve learnt that holding a single issue referendum is dangerously silly idea. Asking people that are ill informed on both sides to make a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision about something so incredibly complex was irresponsible. How many of us really know what impact this will have, even most experts don’t know. Let us hope British politics cleans up its act in future behaving in the interest of those it serves, rather than a sort of point scoring squabble between a bunch of ‘Bullingdon club’ boys who have all run for the hills now they’ve pushed the button. As for Corbyn, it’s easy to remain whiter than white when you pretty much remain silent til after the event. When is there going to be a return to real integrity as well as passion and moral values in politics? I could admire that and believe in it.

  251. It’s all very well saying ‘move on’, ‘respect the result’ or lawd help us ‘grow up’ (the latter seems to the level of Brexit argument) but no one is running the country! All of those responsible for this mess -on both sides – have run away. Regardless of what eventually happens, someone needs to take responsibility for setting up this whole sorry mess, and those in the Brexit campaign need to stand up and admit there was no project fear, only project Brexit lies and project greasy pole.

  252. It may be a mess, but at least it’s OUR mess, and the country can move forward and decide it’s own destiny without unelected bureaucrats riding roughshod over our parliament. The EU is it’s own worst enemy…..if they had let us remain as a group of independent nations trading freely and not been hell bent on wrenching political power from democratically elected national governments, none of this would have happened!

  253. Surely its simple really, we do have to ask ourselves why after the best part of fifty years in the EU a majority of the voting public felt the need to vote leave? If the EU was working for everyone the vote would have or should have been a landslide. So before you start moaning about all these stupid and ignorant people that have voted leave just ask yourself why?

  254. The referendum might of well asked “Have you had enough of this european referendum yet?” Or “Would you like to protest against fat cat politicians?”
    The next time we get a chance to vote hopefully we get a better turn out.
    Let’s hope we can get what the pepple asked for sooner rather than later, my guess is that what we voted for, what we want and what we get will never be fully achieved…here’s to hope.
    By the way I voted leave…. europe is too much of a control freak for me, I don’t care too much for the city and those that swill brandy whatever happens will still swill brandy, and I don’t care for many politicians, let’s see what May can do for us… I need a roof over my head, some love, some worth, some security and I will be happy with just that… too much greed and too much freedom will never be a combination for peace.

  255. It’s OK “We’ve got our country back” – have we really??? In all likelihood, we will lose control of borders to gain access to single market, pay as much or more in tariffs to EU and as regards laws, any laws that the EU deem mandatory for their citizens to have freedom of movement will also stay. We will however lose our vote at the table to stop the EU going really nuts. A real “win win”. I haven’t seen a single well constructed argument to leave. Time for voters and politicians to swallow their pride and admit we got it wrong. Our nation has been duped and will pay the price.

    FYI – I am not just a whinging idiot, I have written to my MP, Theresa May, BoJo and anyone else who I think should be called to account. I encourage all remain voters to do the same

  256. If there had not been a referendum ,we only needed to wait a couple of years or so to find that the EU would have imploded,and is more likely to do so now,not because the vote was for out ,but that the financial and banking situation is unsustainable,bankrupt countries inside a common currency has to result in tears throughout and could result in all the major paper currencies having to be revalued including the US dollar as investors scramble to find safe havens for their money.

  257. I believe the remain and leave campaign should be ashamed of their campaigns. If it wasn’t all about scaremongering and both sides lead positive and honest campaigns people could of made their votes be understood rather than fear or panic. I hope we can all come together and make it work as after all we are good as a nation pulling together to be strong. I was a remain

  258. Do people not realise that we live in a representative democracy not a delegating one. Parliament is under no obligation to do something just because the majority of the people want it. We need MPs and a government courageous enough to say to us that they have heard what we say, but the best interests of our country may not lay in that direction.

  259. Steve Stoddart says:

    Ozymandias (I think I have the spelling right 🙂 ) You might feel Hislop should retire into obscurity and certainly not grace a platform such as QT but he did raise an entirely valid point… did he not?

    There has been much in the way of “the majority has spoken so shut up” and Hislop’s argument against this attitude was a perfectly reasonable one.. As was his summary of events that followed.

    What did you find so objectionable about it?

  260. Graham McLellan says:

    The facts as recently discussed by proper experts in a government parliamentary financial committee asking independent witnesses prove that virtually all the reasons for leaving the EU were invalid and and are detrimental to all the people.

    This is not invented material but reality, none of the brix models for the future of the UK outside the UK have a leg to stand on. The Norwegian version means we end up paying in the same per capita as we pay now but get less back and have no say in any of the EU legislation because we have no vote.Their immigration levels are just the same from the EU and most of our immigrants never came or were coming from the EU.
    The problem is the leave supporters cannot give any factual reasons why we will benefit only vague platitudes and we won nonsence. If you bought a domestic appliance you would look at is spec and performance coupled with the price and buy what appeared to be the best.Not what was rated the worst, it should be the same with BritIN /BrX

  261. I voted leave. My mind had been made up long before a ref came about that I would vote out given the chance. I have several reasons, the overarching ones are that I want to see legislation and regulation that affects this country, made in this country, thereby dispensing with Brussels bureaucracy. I also don’t like the direction the EU is heading – towards some sort of United States of Europe, and it’s also trying to be a one size fits all, and it clearly doesn’t seeing as there’s 28 different countries, all fighting to get to the front, with another 5 countries set to be added in the not too distant future.

    As for the debacle in Westminster, Cameron should be ashamed of himself. He called this and should be seeing it through instead of running away so that it’s not his name that goes in the books as the PM that pressed the “A50 button” and led the UK out of the EU.

    The whole thing hasn’t played out very well, but if it came to a second ref, I’d vote leave again.

  262. Yes it IS absolutely fine to ‘whinge on’. But this wasn’t a general election, it was a referendum and I fail to see how a referendum can work if you keep rerunning it until you get the outcome you wanted! Had the vote been to remain, the Brexiteers would undoubtedly have whinged, but I don’t think for one second they’d have asked for a rerun.
    I fear we have been abandoned, most especially by the man whose fault this all is. DAVID CAMERON! If it was the ‘wrong decision’ to vote OUT, then surely it was wrong to have called a referendum! But then, drunk on what he assumed to be support following his success at the last election, he failed to notice the north/south divide that is festering on as a result of his austerity policy with the gulf between haves and have-nots going unacknowledged, until it has resulted in what can only be described as a very deep crisis for the UK.

  263. oh.. and on the point of “Remainers should shut up”, Ian Hislop does have point in that opposition Governments don’t just shut up for 5 years if they don’t win an election. Yet, whilst this is true, neither to they go on about how the winning government only won cause their election manifesto was a pack of lies (which is by and large what the remain campaign accuse the leave campaign of), even though it is often the case that election manifestos are indeed erm.. economical with the truth, to try and put it poetically.

  264. 2 weeks in from the referendum and from a committed “remain” we must see the other side now presented so clearly from the victorious “leave” point of view.

    We have to recognise that mass migration to uk will reduce, that folk who have not been able to find a job for years will now be able to find gainful employment – all from screwing up a country that no one in their right mind would want to come here, and reducing the value of the currency and eliminating access to our biggest market to the point that welfare funding will diminish as tax receipts dwindle.

    And to help in this great surge forward the 1 million or so UK pensioners living in Eu countries will be on the boat home to ensure they are kept on non frozen pensions

    And that most of these immigrants will be seen to have right to be here by virtue of coming from countries once ruled by HM QE II or her direct ancestors

    Ah yes the spoils of victory must look good

  265. There should have been a public enquiry to look at the pros and cons of the eu before the referendum. Also, to consider, honestly, what could be the consequences of leave. That way everyone could have made a better informed decision. As it was most people were swayed by fear , in or out. Therefore the result was uninformed and the future looks very uncertain. I am concerned for my country and my family. I am disgusted by the rise in racism. I am disappointed by the quitting politicians who aren’t prepared to see through the outcome.

  266. BigBobJoylove says:

    Britain is no longer an ‘intelligent’ nation. I wouldn’t trust the majority of them to run a corner shop, let alone a country. They’ve been lied to and they believed the lies. However, the vote has been cast and we wouldn’t be a democracy if we did ‘best out of 3’. I can’t wait to see the looks on everyone’s faces when the hated ‘immigrunts’ keep on coming in #lol

  267. After elections opposition argues etc…but does Not ask for another election! Remainers saying leavers vote is/was not as important.sour grapes get a life and get on with it.immigration is not the main problem MIGRATION is which at the moment is just unstoppable.Most Remainers and do gooders probably never been to nhs hospital or state run school ie real life and most deprived areas of country where most of the migrants have been dumped!

  268. Going through most of the comments, it’s interesting that most of the ‘foaming at the mouth’ rants and diatribes are coming from the ‘Leave’ camp.

    Also, continuously spouting ‘you lost, get over it’ will not help to solve any of the multitude problems our country has now created for itself.

  269. It is reassuring to see the European population turning away from the political right in response to this as they view the chaos in little England. I wonder whether there are laws that can be brought against the ringleaders of this right wing coup for having lied and incited racial hatred. Now that the ‘facts’ are out in the air and the leaders of the right exposed as spineless and without vision, I wonder if those who voted leave, those who will be left even more disadvantaged by future Tory governments in the future, those who will not have the European funding for their counties in the future, would still be voting to leave?I doubt it. Probable best outcome is for England to leave the United Kingdom, for London to leave to leave England, and for the little English to move their capital to York. Then after 5 years of austerity and the 2nd English civil war and resulting annihilation of the English political class… We will all be set free.

  270. Any economic decline will be scapegoated on Brexit. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/may/08/brexit-not-to-blame-slowing-uk-growth-us-slowdown
    Whether we are in or out of the EU the same problems exist. It’s these we should be focusing our attention, emotions and passion on… lawyers destroy justice, doctors destroy health, schools destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, media destroys information, religion destroys morals and banks destroy the economy. A vibrant democracy needs an independent media. The reality is that there are 5 billionaires who run our media, and they have huge power in our democracy forcing our political parties to prioritise their wishes over the wishes of the super wealthy 0.1% who dominate our governments actions. The leaders of our political parties are not the leaders of our country, they are basically rent boys for the 5 billionaires who decide everything.

  271. Well said, Steve. Can any of you guys who voted leave just give us a brief outline of the strategy to maintain our economy afterwards please? If it’s not too much trouble of course. Clearly this has gone by me… Bullet point format is fine

  272. A referendum isn’t a vote. No one has won or lost…yet. All that has happened is that we have given our opinion. The way that opinion was sought is now a major issue because of the lies spouted by ministers which have only been compounded by their desertion. No one had a plan for moving forward for either possible outcome. So we can keep blaming each other and behave like children in a playground or we can try and figure out what to do to make it better and push that forward to the powers that be. Another referendum is not going to help. We need a bloody good plan from an intelligent, reasoned leader who, in the utopia I’m clearly describing, can somehow pull together all the best bits about staying and leaving and negotiate a different deal. The best thing that is clear from reading all the previous comments is that the people of GB care about their country and its future. That is what our government and we should respond to. We need to fight for a way forward, not each other.

  273. Alan Williams says:

    Stop wingeing and start taking the opportunities now on offer. The vote is over Ian concentrate your mind and abilities in pursuing them. If you cannot live with it then go join the EU and live in Greece.

  274. Hey Babs, are the bloated UNELECTED EU fatcats the same as the 2 women running for PM?
    I sure as hell didn’t elect whichever one wins.
    Hypocrisy is great isn’t it

  275. I totally agree with Ian Hislop but I also think that the whole referendum was flawed in that the information we had to base our judgement on from both sides was not the truth and led us to make decisions that were based on false information.

    If there were independent and unbiased information given on what Brexit would mean I think the result might have been different.

    I therefore think, in spite of all arguments by politicians against this, there should be a rerun of the referendum (like all the 4 million who signed the petition).

  276. Dear Gerry
    You commented on Tom Payne’s post. He’s 90 and voted to leave. ‘Fucking cheek’ and ‘selfish git’ I think you called him. Let’s just remind ourselves that this guy, who had the ‘fucking cheek’ to vote in his own county’s referendum was twenty when the Second World War finished. He would have served in the forces in all probability, fighting with hunfreds of thousands of others against a fascist regime that threatened this country, yours and mine, and threatened the democracy we live in, so that you could vote in this referendum. The fact that he voted to leave is up to him, not you. He has every right to vote – he fought for that right and you have every right to say the fact that he did was a ‘fucking cheek’. That’s freedom of speech. It’s a fact that 76% of young people between 18 and 25 voted to remain. It’s also a fact that only 35% bothered to vote at all so must take some of the responsibility. I’m in my 60’s and voted to go into the EU originally and voted reman

  277. It’s a relief to know that neither BJ nor MG will be the next prime minister. As to whinging, those advocating exiting the EU have been whinging for the last 43 years…

  278. Octavia_Augusta says:

    After having read opinions of all sorts and from many different sources a couple of questions remain unanswered.

    Why is what is announced as an ADVISORY referendum afterwards treated as if it had been a mandate to parliament? I could understand it if the majority had been an overwhelming one.

    Why do some people consider that the fact that the brexit side lied unashamedly should be considered a valid reason to ask for a repeat referendum. Politicians misrepresent the truth every day and nobody asks for a repeat general election.


  279. Gerry – you commented on a post by 90 year old Tom Payne who voted leave. ‘Fucking selfish’ and ‘cheeky git’ were your words. Let’s remember that this man would have been in his 20’s at the end of the Second World War. In all likelihood, he would have been in the army, navy or airforce. He fought a real, desperate battle with hundreds of thousands of others to protect this democracy against fascism and keep your right to call an old man a ‘cheeky git’ in public and berate him for daring to vote in a referendum in his own country. He has every right to vote leave. Not your business or mine. You have every right to the freedom to call him both those things. That’s what he fought for. You are right, the young will be left with the mess, just as he was in his twenties. 76% of people between 18 and 25 voted remain it’s true, but only 35% of that age group actually voted so they should also take some responsibility. I’m in my 60’s and voted to go into the EU originally and voted remain.

  280. Neither remainers or leavers had all the facts to support their own case so it came down to common sense in the end. See with eyes open instead of spouting the blinkered views of softies afraid to stand up for themselves – people who are used to having their arses wiped by the EU.

    Time to get back the Country that we once were which will be made much more difficult by all the negative ‘Glass is half empty’ whingers.

    We are all in this together so time to be a UNITED kingdom, once more.
    Alternatively, do everyone a favour and bugger off to Europe.

  281. The vote to stay lost and the voters to leave are moaned about as they say get on with it and don’t argue over their reasons to continue with the exit. No argument or justification is needed to leave as the choice was made. If every decsion was revisited when the minority don’t like it nothing will ever progress forward. Stagnation is the worst result of all.

  282. we repeat the general election every 5 years or less. this has been stated as a once in a lifetime event so lets get it right

  283. william frederick armstrong says:

    My name is William Frederick Armstrong, I am British, born and bred from English parents. I am 70 years old and proud to still be here after being told I had unoperable advanced Cancer in January and was given 3 months to live tops. I decided to follow my Spiritual Healing beliefs, being an active Spiritual Healer here in Brasil where I am currently helping the poor to survive. I do not need to hide behind fake names, I am as proud of my name as I am of my birth country. I applied for and got as my right a vote by prozy for the referendum and I voted OUT, I stans by that decision too. My Father and many of his not so lucky to survive friends fought a bloody War to ensure my independent future . I was born in 1946, when food rationing was the norm, you needed coupons to buy petrol etc. Yet we survived. I worked from the age of 15 in shipyards and Marine engine builders yards in the North East of England. The knowledge and skills I gained there, I used to further my career in the British

  284. I can only speak from personal experience. Of the people I’ve known for years to be quite intelligent and caring, they all voted remain. Of the people I’ve known for years to be a bit thick and / or mildly racist, they all voted leave. Naturally, if you’re a bit thick or full of bitterness you’ll never fully understand the consequences of your actions, hence discussions like this a bit pointless. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

  285. william frederick armstrong says:

    Merchant Navy where I eventually ended up as a Chief Engineer. I used to help move British goods around the World, I also helped transport goods from THEN Commonwealth Counties, back to the Uk. I was born into a poorish working class family, never saw a real banana until I was about 7 years old, never saw a tv before our Queens Coronation, yet I survived as did the rest of the Great British public. I went on to be a self made millionaire and am proud of that fact too. I give away a lot of my fortune to those who need it most, not the lazy system workers from the Uk or anywhere else. I paid my Taxes and National Insurance Contributions for almost 50 years. I did my bit so to speak and deserve the God given right to decide the future of my birth country. YES I VOTED OUT!!! Will you all please whether in or out voters, please get yourselves united and get this Great country back on its feet, we have survived before and we will again, its what gives me the faith to live. I am on facebook

  286. B ( Jack ) Hyde says:

    The problem has been caused by incompetent infantile idiots, we need competent men to administer our country, you won’t get them on £70,000. A year that’s less than good plasterers brickies Put MP,s on £500,000.00 pa all inclusive , ministers on £750’000.00 inclusive and the P M on a million, that will attract politicians who will want to earn there keep , pay peanuts you get monkey’s and that is exactly what we have now.

  287. Phil. How very patronising of you ! It’s people like you. Who think that they are so much cleverer than everyone else, that is part of the problem that bought this referendum about. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even your thick mates.

  288. And for the remain campaigners, what plan did you have ? Continue to pay for failed countries, bailing out countries that over spend and still dictate our laws and policies while paying for the lavish life styles of EU minsters. No thanks I would rather take our country back and strive to build a better country that will start to be exporters than importers.

  289. Simon Piney says:

    I’m not sure how the referendum vote “gets our country back” but it sure as h*ll doesn’t usher in a new, shining democracy. We shall be getting, whoever wins, a Prime Minister, holder of the Royal Prerogative and leader of her government, who will be chosen by some 150,000 Conservative Party members and not by the country. The Labour Party in Parliament appears to be trying to frustrate the will of the party members. Where then is democracy? Where is “sovereignty”?

  290. melvyn hill says:

    How come the remain voters are right and the leave are wrong…..the UK was doing just fine before joining the EU so what makes it less capable of prospering outside of the EU?
    Too many voters especially remain voters have only known the UK as part of europe we are a trading nation and need to trade with the rest of the world as well as the EU…
    We used to be a manufacturing nation but the loony left and EU policies put pay to that….if you all reckon that being ruled by foreigners is ok then fine…if you think that being independent and passing our own laws that too is fine….but whatever happens stop all the whinging and lets all pull together and re-establish this fine nation of ours…

  291. TheSmilingAssassin says:

    Oh hello Mr Smith, its Huntingdon Job Centre here, were delighted to tell you that since you voted Leave, the local council and Immigration Service have managed to deport all the EU citizens working in Huntingdon, meaning there are now 1000’s of jobs you can do instead of being on benefits. Firstly we have a few vacancies for Lettuce Pickers, you will be outside in the torrential rain and scorching sun but at least you’re outside getting fresh air. Secondly we have a couple of jobs at a factory cleaning toilets but think of the pride you’ll gain knowing that all those workers can toilet break in comfort. Thirdly, and personally my favourite, we have a vacancy at a local nightclub offering people colognes and sweets in the plush surroundings of the rest areas.
    No UK citizen will surely be out of work now because all those who “Come over here taking our jobs” will have been sent home.

  292. I think one of the reasons is because of the disproportionate coverage of immigration as a reason for leave and the exaggeration of it as if everybody who voted leave is racist or xenophobic. Remain have latched onto that as a means of trying to justify their own position of wanting to remain by trying to undermine the reason(s) that other people voted to leave.

  293. If I had to have an operation I would hope to God it was being done by an expert. If my car has need of new brakes I hope it will be an expert doing it. If I want to know the pros and cons of leaving the EU I would listen to an expert. Please Google Michael Dougan on YouTube if you really want to hear what an expert who KNOWS what he is talking about.

  294. I’m a long-time Private Eye subscriber and an Ian Hislop ‘fan’, but on this he’s wrong. Farage’s stepping down as leader if UKIP is irrelevant and Johnson is simply not bidding to be leader of the Conservatives. The only ‘deserter’ is remain-urging Cameron. The people in charge of administering our withdrawal from the EU are the current government. It’s up to them to sort it out. They’ve had more than plenty of time to prepare but, like Labour, are shirking their responsibilities by distracting us with a leadership election. Time for a new political party?

  295. Jeezus Keeriste almighty. what a bunch of whingeing pompous as f*ck moaning c**ts. we are getting OUT i voted OUT…… now get over yourselves. and carry on regardless LMAO 🙂

  296. One of the once greatest cultures on earth has metamorphosed into an erratic and headless society left unguided by all those morons who initiated this misery. I can only be happy and proud not to be British in these times.

  297. Time for a new political party? Interesting, perhaps the political parties of the past no longer represent what is actually needed.

  298. tony habberley says:

    I think that a democratic referendum was held, everyone that wanted to or could voted and the result was, by a large majority, to leave so now the whinging losers should accept that it is the democratic will of the people to leave the eu despite the gold digging politicians on all side who saw their golden egg disappearing trying to persuade everyone what a good idea it was to stay in the eu. it was the most one sided referendum ever with all political parties, in unison trying to tell us to stay and government money being used to persuade people what a good idea was to stay, without these 2 points the brexit vote could have been even higher.

  299. this is good example of the lack of accuracy in this debate

    tony habberley says “the result was, by a large majority, to leave” – no it wasn’t 2% is not a large majority !

    melvyn hill says “the UK was doing just fine before joining the EU” – no we weren’t – thats why both main political parties at the time recommended joining the EU – the UK was in desperate straits economically

  300. Simon Piney says:

    It is true that GB used to be a great manufacturing country. This was because of coal and steel. For various reasons, neither is now globally dominant.

    It is true that the referendum produced a Leave result which may or may not have been on an inaccurate bill of good (stopping immigration, repatriation of contributions, etc.) which is being seriously questioned. Our Parliamentary representatives are acting as if they are delegates and declaring that they will go ahead and negotiate our exit. Precisely what that will involve is unclear but both ‘sides’ need to find common ground, make the best of the situation and work together in the hope that we do not go back to the bad days of devaluation, the IMF and the catastrophic collapse of the late ’60s and early ’70s. Some of us remember the Three Day Week!

  301. We voted to leave many in Europe would love the chance to do the same Can we agree to get on and get on with our lives in what is still a great place to live or we can tear ourselves apart like spoils brats Its democracy at work. You don’t like it ?? Go live under Putin.

  302. I voted leave not because of any of the lies that i knew the MPs were saying from all sides but because i know what is going to happen soon in my country of Scotland.
    I have lived in England for 11 years and happily married to a wonderful English woman.
    She wants to move to Scotland but i said that i would never go back to a country ruled by Westminster and having virtually no say on it’s own policies and regulations until that country was a free and independent nation.
    Living in England, i knew that every single Leave vote would help in the break up of the UK as i knew that most of Scotland would voite to remain and that they would resent being forced to leave the EU against their own will and the will of most of the Scottish people.

    It’s ironic that most of the Leave campaigners are against a second EU referendum whilst knowing full well that they have just taken a big step on the way to breaking up the UK.

  303. Millions of people didn’t actually vote for Leave – they probably voted against David and George who had given them misery for years through the Austerity programme.This time they had a vote that counted – not like in an election, where they didn’t vote.
    And that nice Boris promised them new hospitals and no immigration!!!!!

  304. Gary S brooks says:

    For the love of the country, Stop getting airy fairy over in or out. It was an OUT vote, Now start electing people to run this country who will do the electorate wishes without their personal opinions interfering with what we the electorate want. MAKE THE UK GREAT AGAIN!

  305. Ron Jeremy says: ‘Ozymandias you’re a twat. HTH’

    10/10 for an outstanding contribution to the discussion Ronnie-pie – mwah mwah

  306. I voted remain. That’s what I thought would be the best course of action to maintain cordial relations with our trading partners in the EU. However democracy has delivered the result and we now have to work together to make this work. There will not be a second vote so what we need to do now is show the world what we are made of. I am not harking back to colonial times but to our current industrial capacity which I know is now mainly service based, but we do have a lot to offer. If we say I ‘told you so etc’ for longer than a day then we will be missing opportunities to thrive in our unprecedented situation. I honestly don’t understand what this ‘debate’ on here is all about unless someone on this forum genuinely believes the result can be changed…..? Oh and one more thing…I know some people get their spelling and grammar wrong from time to time but they are expressing their opinions and you can all work out what they saying can’t you? It is irrelevant.

  307. This shambolic referendum should never have been held in the first place. It was far too reductionist, everything distilled down to two simple words with no real investigation into the effects. What do you get when when you over simplify something complex and throw out into the mob, you get mob mentality throwing back a nonsensical emotional response.

    Leavers keep banging on ” It is what it is, stop moaning, get on with it and suck it up princess ! It’ll be alright in the end you wait and see “.Really ?

    Take your heads out of the bloody sand and look at the losses (Hey, lighten up, it’ll be ok). ” Captain Smith Sir, there are icebergs….it’s ok, full speed ahead ” ! Suck it up ? NO ! I refuse to suffer a reduction in my ability to survive because of political stupidity and an ill informed electorate. Fact, Leavers got it wrong (never mind the bloody future, I’m talking about the here and now, every day people are losing jobs and money already). Ahhh.. but you Leavers are right huh.

  308. Tell you what, I’ll sell you pie in the sky that results in you losing a third of your income (right now) and if you dare to complain I’ll just shout you down, swear at you, tell you to shut the eff up and get on with it, just suck it up whinger. See it’s my way or the highway. It’s called democracy.

    I am absolutely certain that if roles were reversed, ie Remain won and the initial effects would seem to support the view that it was wrong, all you Leavers would want to continue to fight for what was right without being told to shut the eff up. Please somebody, anybody, give me one good effect right now. Okayyyy….errrr….weeeelllllll…….now then…….yup, there aint none.

  309. I love the argument that “it’s ok – share prices are coming back up. The pound isn’t doing too badly…. Don’t worry!!!” which completely ignores the fact that as things stand, we’re still in the EU! 😀

    Then you’ve got the “we all need to rally together and make the best of this situation.” The best we could make of this situation is staying in the EU which we will once people realise that leaving isn’t quite what they thought it would be.

  310. Whooooaaaah! That is a lot of hubris. The steam is making mid-winter clouds down here in NZ. With half of the population right and the other half wrong, dissension was inevitable. Who was right? Perhaps it is time for some distraction. … Now where does the new Prime Minister buy her clothes? … Is it important that a PM has children? Remembering a few offspring of other PMs causing their parents embarrassment at times, perhaps it will be less distracting if the PM has no children. …. SO here’s hoping that the new PM makes some careful, wise decisions and does not forget the faithful few who live across the world and actually share the same ancestry. She has many bridges to start rebuilding. …. And those of us who still remember how need to get down on our knees and pray that the next President of the USA is also a woman.

  311. LISTEN TO YOU ALL. Soapboxes are fine at speakers corner but who is going to read all of these including this one. The sound of one is silenced by the noise of us all. GO OUT AND MAKE BRITAIN GREAT. I’m backing Britain and my dad at 90 did not survive the war to be told he was wrong. I have brought up thousands of kids to value life with an education that is not in any curriculum but education for life and respect for others and their opinion. On your own you are a single variant of a microbe in our human digestive gut. You are useless but together we keep our host alive. Food for thought.

  312. Listening to Leave campaigners whinge is like being back at comprehensive school. They are the thick kids messing around at the back of the class. The only joy that they have at school is bullying the smart kids and making fun of the teachers.

  313. Ian Hislop like everyone has his opinion. However he is an entertainer and a professional satirist who usually mocks everything as a matter of course.

  314. Hislop is typical of the “oh so clever, full of themselves metropolitan supposed elite ” that were responsible for this by their arrogance and contempt for anyone who does not think the same as them. If you insult and patronise the English working classes don’t be surprised if you get the old two finger salute which is exactly what happened. But surprise there has been,and dummies have followed teddies out of the pram and judging by this correspondence the tantrums are still going on. To answer the very first question, if there is a General Election and the Government loses they step down and let the other side form a government. Any suggestion that the losing party should ignore the result and remain in power would be unconscionable. It is the same here. We have had a referendum and the vote was in favour of leaving the EU. Dry your tears and accept the fact that democracy does not always deliver your personal wishes. .

  315. ‘The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.’

    Winston S. Churchill

  316. Can’t be bothered to read all of above posts. But, when leavers talk about ‘wresting back control’ from Europe, are they all aware of the fact that, since we joined, out of all the legislation, decisions made, laws enacted….. 97% of them have gone the way UK voted. So where, exactly, is the EU ‘dictating’ to us? 97% pretty good success rate by any standards – except maybe in FE…

  317. Perhaps the first action in our glorious new Great Britain should be the mandatory teaching of the difference between the words ‘Loose’ and ‘Lose’ for all those who voted to leave.

  318. Reading this thread, I think it’s rather interesting that leave voters never respond to counter questions on their comments. They make one comment, then disappear from the debate. Very much like the leaders to whom Ian Hislop is referring.

  319. Ruth Sharpe says:

    The argument : Britain & Europe are equally undemocratic or democratic.
    Britain is great. So is Europe. Remainers are complainers, Brexit are Racist. Both are incurably brain dead. Both are right. Both are doing whats best. Both made the wrong decision because of scare tactics. Neither side can spell.
    Facts: nearly 3/4 of elected UK MPS are Millionaires
    Immigrants are not allowed access to public funds
    food banks have increased “exponentially” (Trussel Trust).
    EU migrants bring more into the country than they take out.
    Over 30 000 British people are claiming more benefits in the eu than all eu migrants claiming benefits in the UK
    16 Feb MPs gave themselves a pay-rise of 1.3%, after the 10% rise they got the year before. Nurses got a pay rise of 1.0%
    Real funding for the NHS has been cut by 20% since 2009.
    10% of doctors are from EU.
    The gap between rich & poor is greater in the UK than most other developed countries.
    What’s the plan?

  320. It’s beyond belief that the ‘Remainers’ are going on about the ‘Leave Leaders’ deserting:

    Boris – Foreign Secretary.
    Gove – Sacked (understandably, but hasn’t ‘run off’).
    Leadsom – Environment Secretary.
    Fox – Secretary of State for International Trade.
    David Davis – Secretary of State for Leaving the EU.

    Farage – stood down as Leader of UKIP. He’s achieved his goal, UK leaving the EU. He’s staying to ensure it’s followed through, just not (currently) leading the party.

    Stuart (Gisela -Labour) – still there.

    Have I left anyone out?

    ‘Remain’ need to look closer to home *David Cameron*. He should have been the Leader of our Country, not the Leader of the Fear Campaign. If he was SO sure it was the wrong thing to do, he shouldn’t have been saying (a mere 3 months prior to the referendum) that we could stand alone, we ARE Great and would be on our own (blah blah). He did it because he was cock sure of winning & thought it was the solution to his backbench problem.

  321. DDD says:
    July 13, 2016 at 6:59 am
    Perhaps the first action in our glorious new Great Britain should be the mandatory teaching of the difference between the words ‘Loose’ and ‘Lose’ for all those who voted Leave

    How do snipey comments like this help? Besides that, there are just as many Remainers who use loose instead of lose.

  322. Phil Copson says:

    What a lot of dim people there are amongst you, Jo’s word “beurocrat” is excellent. Can you really not see that it combines “Euro” with “bureaucrat” ? so that a European bureaucrat = a “beurocrat”. If you can’t work that out, then you really shouldn’t be discussing politics, it’s way above you.

  323. Hislop is being disingenuous. After a General Election you DO have to shut up about the result for five years. You can’t keep saying that the other party should be in government for that time. Yes you can debate the policies but not the government. The referendum was a one off decision on a particular matter, there is no review in five years. The majority has spoken.

  324. Personally I think propaganda won out. Brexit had the soundbites, they used the union flag, they even had a funky name. Remain just had facts boring boring facts. The great British public weren’t going to listen to every world leaders advice to stay. The great British public weren’t going to stay in the biggest economic power in the world – yes bigger than any single country, China and USA included; not when we had Farage (exactly what power does he wield?) telling us of all the money coming our way and we can stop the EU foreigners (Britain already chooses who it let’s in the country for the rest of the world, and out of kindness and a good moral compass we allow refugees in- so who are we stopping coming in our country exactly? The skilled workers our country needs? In 25years time the UK is predicting a 30% shortfall between people living in UK and jobs we need to allow us to thrive, so we either need to allow a further 30% in, or we all need to start reproducing rather quickly).

  325. I’m not against Brexit but I’ve yet to hear a valid argument for it. Yes the EU had flaws, but the UK had a vote and a veto while in it. It takes time to perfect things, especially a new political power. British politics is flawed and we have one of the oldest democracies in the world. So it can be excused. Outside of the EU we are in our own. We have unwritten the last 43 years of politics. Yeah, we might do OK, but its going into the unknown, we might remain the worlds 6th biggest economic power (we dropped from5th after the referendum) but we will never be more than that, and we might fall on our ass, as the EU is only going to get more powerful. Its uncertain at best. I think we are likely to go back into recession, and with less people planning for the future, like pensions etc and not many able to save, I think history will show this as a very dark period of poverty in the UK. I hope not.

  326. Hislop and his metropolitan neoliberal bumchums have monopolised BBC news satire for far longer than five years. Change the f***ing hymn.

    1) If I set fire to your house and urinate on your cat, then tell you to stop being bitter and get over it, would you then stop being bitter & get over it ?
    2) If people had voted for the fire/cat-pissing thing based on lies about swarms of cats taking their jobs & houses, and bus-based deceit about £350m a week to allow everyone their own personal fire engine, WOULD YOU SIMPLY GET OVER IT ?
    3) If you’d lost the referendum, would you have never complained about the EU again & just simply accepted the result ?
    4) Seriously, would you ?
    5) But when Farage thought he’d lost the referendum on referendum night, he was already questioning the validity of the vote & ‘moaning’ …….
    6) There was a referendum in 1975 and you lot moaned about it for 41 years, but we can’t moan about at all ????
    7) If a party loses an election, do you then refuse to moan about the government until the next general election ?
    8) Democracy isn’t just about a referendum

  328. Forgive us for thinking that brexiteers would be grown up enough to actually think (& ADMIT) that maybe, just maybe – THEY HAD GOT IT ALL WRONG ?
    Forgive us for knowing that the laws you based your entire propaganda on are actually UK-based laws and absolutely nothing to do with EU laws ……. Look at other countries within the EU for example – do they have to give benefits to EVERYONE, do they have to allow EVERYONE into their countries, do they have to put up with a government who wants to do away with the human rights that the EU has fought hard to obtain for its own citizens.
    LOOK AT THE FACTS ….. ignore what the UK press is saying and look at the wider picture. The UK is becoming a failing nation. The UK pound is already the world’s worst performing currency and this is just the start.
    & maybe do something to stop this ridiculous situation progressing any further.
    Stop it now, stop it before your own children’s lives are totally wasted

  329. The EU is undemocratic, like it is so distant from people’s lives that it appears to be a huge bureaucracy – but saying that is a case for reform, not a case for jumping ship and putting ourselves in the hands of an UNELECTED PM, an UNELECTED manifestoe, an UNELECTED plan for exiting, an UNELECTED drop in standards of living, an UNELECTED removal of rights that other advanced democratic countries will maintain whilst they stay within the eu.

  330. You can see how vicious the EU really is by its reaction to the Referendum. Remember how they bullied Denmark & Ireland?

  331. sensitive observer says:

    …arguing getting nowhere fast! Nothing is won by arguing. A lot of hot air going round and round and round and round – COOL IT! Tempers at high pitch!
    Isn’t that how wars start? Sigh!

  332. It was nothing to do with Tories or Labour or any other political party: it was a referendum of all citizens asking whether we should retain our relationship with the EU or whether we should quit. If people did not understand or believe the various arguments for and against then they should have stayed with the status quo. It is the electorate that should praise or blame itself accordingly.

  333. and why do the remainers and remoaners not want to move to one of the motherlands states if they love the eu so much and hate the UK?

  334. I must admit I expected a better reply from Ian Hislop … he should know that the Leave camp were not in government, were not in power and were not in a position to do as he suggested they should! It’s the latest Remoaner grump: they all ran away. But they ignore that there was nothing to run away from. How can someone who edits a national political magazine not grasp that simple fact?

  335. Tony Blair is a war criminal and has to answer for the deaths of 100,000’s of innocent people. He is in no position to be questioning the public on the way they voted; the sheer arrogance of this parasite. I can only speak for myself and can say I voted to leave because I did not want to be part of a monolithic super power. That is what Hitler tried. We did not get a choice back when a dodgy Tory prime minister signed us in back in the early 1970’s. As for Blair he should not even get the air time…should be in jail. Maybe he could share a cell with his pizzagate friends the Clinton’s! This man is shill and no surprise he is getting plenty of coverage by means of the new world order fake news…BBC! These bloody elite globalists have to realise that us, the dumbed down masses have had enough. Blair calling for remainers to rise up is surely a treasonist act. Its a mirror image of the George Soros paid provocateurs rioting in the USA claiming to be ant-Trump.

  336. All you idiot remoaners need to look at the bigger picture. Seen what is happening in Europe! Are you aware that Germany is overrun with immigrants from many countries other than Syria. Not on the BBC news. 100,000’s of young Islamic men from ages 16-45 have gained access to Germany. Merkel just let them in…like a trojan horse! All the msm show is pockets of families huddled together in the French jungle. What they fail to show is the masses of jihad flags held aloft by young male immigrants in their thousands. They fail to mention that most of these men are economic migrants from sub Saharan Africa. All flooding into the EU countries. Fact- over 1,000,000 women and children have been raped by these thugs with herpes, hepatitis and aids…and an average IQ of 35. No mention of it in the msm. So far there is no reports of any migrant being arrested. So, my point is do we really want to stay in the EU and have open borders? I certainly do not. EU membership-emigrate

  337. Ray…twat! We had a Democratic vote and majority voted to leave. That’s democracy is it not? Stop your bloodclot crying man and don’t claim to speak on behalf of anybody else especially me you delusional idiot. People voted to leave so in my book they totally understand why it was for the best, you unfortunately cannot that is why you voted to stay. Oh! And get a life. Move to Germany.

  338. Gerald Pewter says:

    I won £800 when I bet we’d leave so F**k you all and F**k Eurpoe.

    I of course use the vernacular respected by the ‘remainers’ becasue as they so eloquently put it… We ‘leavers’ are just racist scum right? Not at all worried about Sov…. sov… sovrun…. foreigners making laws .

    Fact is we brits are the bestest and Johnny foreigner knows it. I do not fight and die in two world wars to have a German run my life… A German Bird at that!

  339. David Potter says:

    Leavers argue that the result was a democratic decision. Instead the arguments that leavers put forward were mainly lies, exaggerations plus omissions of any negative consequences. To me this effectively degraded democracy – as if democracy needed any destabilisation! And why did the BBC not vehemently counteract these lies and put forward a real critical analysis of these leavers arguments? Well one feels that they were running scared of what the right-wingers might do to the BBC.

  340. The Leave campaign was based on lies, now mostly exposed. There’s no democratic reason why those of us who want to stay in the EU or remain as close to it as possible shouldn’t try to argue the case. Personal abuse of ‘remoaners’ just demonstrates that the argument for Brexit has collapsed. That’s why public opinion has swung away from hard Brexit and the economic collapse it would cause. We are not going to ‘move on’ as long as there is a chance of stopping this insanity. And there is.

  341. Susan Roebuck says:

    I’m a Brit but (thank Goodness) don’t live in the UK so I didn’t vote in any recent elections. But looking at you from afar I’d say the UK is in a right mess in terms of politicians who don’t seem to know what they’re doing except knowing how to lie, and the fact that Britain will no longer be great. It COULD be, if it holds its head tall and becomes a full-paying, not on the sidelines, member of the EU where it could keep the equilibrium and peace. Yes I know all about the wars – my Dad and Grandfather fought in them. But they were 70 years ago for heavens sakes. Britain should be there in Europe to make sure nothing like nazis, holocausts, despots, whatever, ever rear their ugly heads again. I’m sorry, Britain, but you’re going to be a piddling little country if you leave everything (esp. if you sell the NHS to the US). Please think carefully because some of my heart is still there with you.

  342. Peter Todd says:

    One person’s teething problem is another person’s lost job and another person’s delayed operation because there is not enough tax receipts to fund the NHS

  343. Roy Stanley says:

    In many cases complicated cases for and against. Truth is Britain is rascist and that is why the result was to leave. We still have an Imperialist mentality. We are Great Britain. Churchill and us won World War Two.WRONG. The Red Army won it sending Hitler’s troops back to Berlin. Twenty Million Russians died from the Cold. Our losses were minimal. Facts like this the British can not accept. We live in an illusion, hence escapades into the Middle East which do nothing to help but damage the image of a once respected nation.

  344. Andrew Jarman says:

    The Brexshitters didnt shut up for 43 years until they won then they still didnt shut up because now they are demanding a total break from everything to do with the EU. So why should I shut up. The question was leave or remain there was no “Destroy the country and its economy as we leave” option.

  345. John Thomas says:

    I’m not sure I can afford Brexshit. The leavers want to “negotiate”! We’ll get what Merkell and Macron give us. And Boris? WTF is he doing? He’s an embarrassment to a once great nation. But we’ll soon be little Englanders, probably with Sharia Law. Was the EU so bad?

  346. Dibbly Do-Ifyoudoto says:

    I used to like HIGNFY, as Hislop was wont to lay into everyone. However, as of late, and in inviting Boris and Fogg on, he has turned 90% of his attention to JC, unfairly as it happens, as he was being honest. Even now, when he was wrong, on the band wagom has he admitted it and atttacked the Tories, hard, has he hell. A once honest man who has now become the establishment.

  347. Actually 63% did not vote to leave the EU. There was no ‘Don’t know’ option, which, in the light of all the poor information on both sides, should have been a serious option.
    Noticed a BBC Today programme presenter recently said ‘there was a clear mandate to leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice’. Sorry ? Was that the wording ? I thought it was about stopping immigration, wasn’t it ?

  348. William Glyn THOMAS says:

    William Glyn Thomas –
    G.M. for P.M.

    Gina Miller is loved and respected by large numbers of people not just in the UK but globally. She has the integrity and honesty that would serve her well if she entered politics.
    Perhaps she could be the UK’s answer to Emmanuel Macron ?
    I’m sure there are current M.P.’s who are disillusioned with the UK political classes and would enthusiastically support a more central leaning party.
    Why does everything have to be left or right. There will be good and bad policies on both sides.
    Let’s have a party that follows the consensus of the electorate and not of the left or right.

  349. Tom Payne presumably at 94 you must have fought against nationalism and fascism and also know that the European Economic Area was conceived in part to bring peace in Europe through trade and co-operation. At 94 how selfish of you to want to turn back time and ruin the outward looking, inclusive, tolerant, internationalist modern lives of my sons and others whose future is now uncertain and frankly frightening because of people like you who most likely, and sorry to be so blunt here, will not live to see the damage you have caused.

  350. Robert Morgan says:

    Why should we feel sad that those who voted for Brexshit will suffer the consequences? They made their beds (and forced the rest of us into them too), so they can lie in them.

  351. In1933 something similar happened. The Nazis said “shut up” “Schliessen Sie der Maul” if my rusty German serves me still) to persons who had opposed their election – then shot, imprisoned, or expelled those who didn’t “shut up.” That’s the next step when you tell those who disagree with you to “Shut Up”.
    Like · Reply · Just now

  352. I’m impressed that informed political commentary isn’t quite dead @awesome kid. And that you can spell. Amazing..

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