Rachel Loughran

After the EU referendum, Brexit Bride Rachel Loughran has been searching for an EU sympathiser to make her Scottish husband.

So when Nigel Farage resigned, she thought it was a grea time to make him an offer he couldn’t resist.

Ms Loughran, or Ray-Lo as she likes to call herself, has posted several videos since Brexit.

In the latest one she says:

But Farage, before you run off to a large corporation bank in Switzerland, I have an offer for you.

Let me take your hand in marriage, Farage! I could be your Brexit Bride.

Let me make you Scottish!

And when you do belong to a country which has an EU potential, perhaps then the real you will really come out. Not the xenophobic racist we’ve come to know.

Oh, my darling, when we are together, you’ll defnitely want your life back. Just like us.



Rachel Loughran earlier went viral when she created a video offering men “the chance of a lifetime” to remain in the EU – by marrying her.



She is still looking for proposals, guys

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