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The disgraced International Secretary Liam Fox has not had a good start to his new career after being slapped down and forced to confront the reality of Brexit.

Fox was optimistic before he went to the U.S. today, telling reporters that his three new offices in different U.S. states would “offer exciting opportunities to boost trade and investment”.

He also said the UK would likely want free-trade agreement with the EU rather than be part of the Single Market and went off to try and strike deals.

And that’s when it all fell apart.

First, Downing Street smacked him down:

Downing Street was forced to clarify Dr Fox’s comments, saying no decision had been made on whether Britain would seek to be part of the EU customs union.

If it did so it would increase the barriers to striking free trade deals elsewhere, as the UK would be forced to agree to tariffs on goods imported from outside the union.

Then, U.S. trade representatives pointed out that there would be no talks about trade until Britain was properly out of the EU.

“As a practical matter, it is not possible to meaningfully advance separate trade and investment negotiations with the UK until some of the basic issues around the future EU-UK relationship have been worked out.”

That was Mike Froman, the US trade representative, telling the Times that Fox was wasting everyone’s time.

Finally, when it came to his speech, Liam Fox had to admit that:

we cannot negotiate any new trade deals as long as we are part of the EU, which we will probably be for the net two years, with an exit in early 2019.

Looks like the penny eventually dropped.

Maybe he should have just stayed at home.

  1. Gareth Evans says:

    Werrity still dogging his master?

    just what does this man do for Dr Fox?

    and who is paying his expenses?

  2. waste of plane and hotel costs plus all his expenses to do nothing.
    Who authorised this fiasco with all the austerity we keep hearing from the Government.

  3. Hugh thomson says:

    I want article 50 now,and get rid off mr fox,for he is certainly no clever fox.the idiot,more money wasted! What a joke!

  4. If there is one scrap of comfort from Brexit it is watching these dumplings run headlong into brick walls

  5. Peter Pospe says:

    Yea keep spinning your EU Utopia, liberal nonsense. You do realise there’s a too close to call election in America in November right?

  6. Ok explain what you think should be happening, you seem to be very well informed. Perhaps you could then submit your plan to the government so they could be getting on with it. I’m sure it will be obvious to us all once you have explained it to us. We await your wise words with great anticipation.

  7. Anonymous – it’s simple, non of this can be done without totally breaking the country. Wake up!

  8. iain potter says:

    so we can’t re-negotiate trading terms until about2019? that’s nearly three years away! in the meantime our firms and workers are supposed to plan for a future that may not happen! and by 2019 we’ll have the run up to the next electionor is Thersa May planning to abdicate before then so some other sucker has to clear up the mess! IF WE VOTED”OUT” LET’S GET OUT AND BE DONE WITH ALL THIS HASSLE!!

  9. If you want a good deal with , you have to be strong and important, now how do you measure if a country is in a good position? Your currency has to be strong and and your stock market has to be stable , and forecasts for your gdp have to be good. No since Brexit the currency and market have been very weak and gdp forecasts have been doom and gloom, this shows that your country is now in a weak position, why negotiate, when you can wait until your terms will be agreed with, the U.K. is not a major player in the world any more wake upto that fact, watch in a few years as your children migrate to find decent jobs, and hoe they are treated better tha the people who came here to work.

  10. There were reports of Fox and Werrity drinking champagne on the House of Commons terrace after the Brexit vote.

  11. What has the referendum achieved? crashed the markets, crashed the pound, stirred up Hatred and Anger, well done Farage Johnson, Gove, Fox, Leadsom, Stuart, and as for May, well what a turncoat. thanks for nothing you lot you’re wrecking this country

  12. Shellster (really?) – do you understand irony?
    Iain potter – you don’t have a clue do you. I suggest you actually acquaint yourself with the facts before spouting b******s.

  13. Shellster (really?) look up irony in the dictionary.
    Iain potter – please make sure you understand the issues before spouting b******s.

  14. Unlikely I know BUT what would the French do if it was them that wanted to leave and others said you can but you have to follow the rules so your stuck here until we say its ok. answers on a pinhead please

  15. What a lot of fools there are!! Before the “Vote to Leave” industry was claiming the pound was too high. Now the pound is down less than 10% the “Remainers” are all doom. Which way do you want it?
    The Market is up from the level it closed on 23rd June. [Get you facts right Breakshit]
    Of course the UK can negotiate trade deals before we leave the EU what we cannot do is sign them. Line them up and sign them all on the same day.
    Listen what the Chines said – we are fed up with trying to negotiate with [EU] 28 countries all of which have different priorities. Must be True of everyone. Its a tower of Babel.

    If these doom merchants had a tenth of the brains of Dr Fox they would not be posting such rubbish.

  16. Derek Robinson says:

    We are not being held by anyone in Europe.
    We have to actually ‘Leave’… So it’s the UK that has not started that process ! …. Blaming others, Britains only skill left

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