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If Brexit does indeed take place, it won’t actually happen until at least 2019, Theresa May quietly admitted yesterday.

Of course, she didn’t say that loud in case the right-wing press start crying foul, but that is what she said.

After a meeting with Germany Angela Merkel yesterday, she said that Brexit won’t start until 2017.

As the BBC reported:

At a joint press conference, Mrs May said the UK was in no rush to trigger the two-year process of leaving the EU – telling reporters that although “this would not please everyone” it was right to hold off until the UK’s “objectives were clear”.

The process of preparing the UK for Brexit would require “serious and detailed work” but, irrespective of this, she said the UK was determined to maintain strong trading, economic and security links with Germany, which she described as “a vital partner and special friend”.

That means Article 50 won’t be triggered this year, and it may be as late as mid-next year that it actually gets triggered.

Since Article 50 is a two year process, it means we won’t legally leave the EU until at least 2019.

A lot of Brexiters are not going to be happy

  1. Big surprise!

    Six months to get our act together then the two years to negotiate as per Article 50.

    Have you guys only just learned to look at a calendar?

  2. Those two years only cover exit from the EU of course. Apparently plausible people are estimating from 10 to 30 years to complete replacement international arrangements.

  3. Simon Brodie says:

    I imagine a lot of Scittish people will. 2019 gives an ample window for independence to occur, and Scotland to join fast track.

    That is, if the European project has not failed of it’s own accord.

  4. Wow, I’d never realised that 2 years after 2017 is 2019. Thank you Metro for insightful journalism

  5. With predictions like this the Remain Prime Minister May will have a lot of Questions to answer from the Electorate who voted OUT.
    BRING BACK NIGEL FARRAGEand let him organise our EXIT as soon as possible or the New Government will have a Public Rebellion to deal with and a possible VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE.

  6. Simon Nicklin says:

    It took a long time to become fully in the EU with treaties etc in the 1990’s… It will unfortunately take some years to leave…. Leave we will because that is what the British people have instructed the government to do and we are a democracy.

  7. Gillian swart says:

    Well we do need a proper deal that benefits Britain, Hollande has said no trade agreement if we stop migrants and open borders, I say stuff the trade deal, we are negiotiating with countries outside the EU, so stuff your BMWs, your wine, cheese , we will but Japanese and buy British produce, so Nearly 700,000 people who work for BMW will suffer, thanks to the EU trying to blackmail us. NO OPEN BORDERS NO MASS MIGRATION AND NO SINGLE TRADE. Great stuff

  8. Gillian swart says:

    Theresa May must understand she works for the British Public, not the EU or Rothchilds. She must do what we have asked, and as soon as possible

  9. in the lisbon treaty. if article 50 is not triggered by 31st march 2017, then 14 other eu countries HAVE to agree with us leaving. if we dont get those14, then we stop in for good, or until the the eu disintergrates. do you think we we get those 14. I DONT

  10. We all know that this “part time” Government is made up of mainly remainers, therefore it comes as no surprise that they will try prolonging this issue for as long as possible. Whatever the Bullshit being promoted by May & her friends, she knows perfectly well we the People have spoken & therefore have expectations! It really would not be sensible for this tottery Government to ignore we Citizens, we have the power & we could easily start flexing that power, but unlike Turkey, we would not be easily mislead by threatening & divisive measures, we are British after all & we would exhaust every means of diplomacy before even remotely becoming aggressive, but, in the unlikely event of complete failure to negotiate, the means are there at our disposal to make life very difficult for politicians to operate & this might persuade them to see sense.

  11. s.l. campion says:

    If you join a club and it’s not to your liking then you don’t have to go with me so far. You paid up your years subscription but if you decide it’s not for you you will forfeit your subscription for that year fair enough you have made the decision. Next point having written the letter that’s the end of the matter. The EU has been refered to as a club so what’s the problem why are they demanding excessive amounts of money more to the point why do we give it to them. Just envoke Article 50 and walk away. We have commonwealth countries queing up to do business with us so I can’t see what the hold up is or what it is for. The people have spoken aact immediately

  12. Rhonda Kimberley says:

    I never thought there should have been a referendum anyway we entrust our democratically elected officials to make major important life changing decisions on our behalf, the wider implications of brexit could only be assesed and calculated by experts,the great British public did not have enough knowledge at their disposal to make a decision with such far reaching consequences,a knee jerk reaction to certain aspects is not enough to alter the course of this country,for instance would we have a vote on wether or not to go to war or highering the pension age.

  13. Failure to invoke article 50 is tantamount to treason. The vote was taken in 2016, article 50 must be invoked in 2016! NO ifs, NO ands, NO buts.

  14. simon Li La-vigars says:

    Having many out side politicians threaten us British to stay in the EU was not the wises choice we always fight back at any cost when our freedom and liberty is at stake. What price can you put on freedom ?

  15. May waiting so we can become a Muslim country she is worse than cam & co we need an election now!

  16. listen carefully mrs may.we are out and we mean out.start acting upon what you promised the people of this country,,we dont want to see you have made the same false promises as others have in the past,you had plenty to say to elected in so lets see you work for your money ,while your at it will you also tell that idiot to give us ladies born in the 1950s our pensions back, it was plain theft.with no warning either…if i work till im 66 so should all mps correct……only dif is,,,,,,,,you lot will have lined your pockets by then

  17. Well the con is slipping out as i expected. If she does not invoke article 50 before the end of March next year then it is lost, and would need the remaining countries to give permission to leave. May has been a remainer all along and finally after appeasing the public after her escalating to PM unelectedly, the worm is now turning.This government is simply trying to eradicate the word democracy. Bring on the Civil War, i want a front seat in the processions.

  18. I like many others voted out of EU ,so this government has been told by us British people we want out ,so do what was asked ,out it is

  19. Come 2020, if we are not out of EU, then millions will vote for UKIP MPs. This will be the end of the Tory Party and Labour, if we still have one. UKIP MPs will form the government and say. We have left. No more money and we do our own deals with each independent country in Europe. Existing import export arrangements will be honoured in order to allow European countries to continue to trade with us. That is it.

  20. Everybody should just vote ukip in the next election and fuck the conservatives off we might not get in but could be the second biggest party this whole Teresa may shit is starting to look very dodgy. Camoron said it should be a Brexit mp that should take the country forward just another bullshit lie makes me sick .

  21. Neil Kipling says:

    They are stalling and holding off but the British people who voted LEAVE will not forget this treachery Mrs May! The Lisbon Treaty comes into effect on the 1/4/2017 and Article 50 must be invoked before then! Better still, repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and we can just leave tomorrow!! You’ve been warned Prime Minister, you and the Elite are going to reap the whirlwind if you carry on stalling!!

  22. I’m going to repeat myself here. If we have voted to leave the EU, why don’t we just tell them ” As from midnight tonight we are no longer a member” Most EU countries will want to trade with us especially Germany. If we are out why bother with EU rules and regulations, just tear up the treaty – wouldn’t be the first time one’s been torn up.

  23. She knows full well that article 50 is being removed from the Lisbon treaty in 2017 so is stalling for time! Besides this woman wants us to remain in the EU and will do her upmost to keep us in it even if only one foot is in the door!

  24. I thought we lived in a democratic society…bull shit we are now likely to stay in the EU could no one else see this coming..well get used to being dictated to also don’t ever have an independent thought you could be jailed…

  25. Anthony Yarlett says:

    This WILL be the end of the Conservative party. I and so many others are sick of all the lies and deceit. There will be a very large majority of people who will vote ukip at the next election mrs May so enjoy your time in office while you can. If you will not do the job that the British people have voted for then get out!!

  26. I believed from day one the political elite would only take notice of the referendum if it was the result they wanted. It now appears that democracy completely died when thatcher formed her police state and demonstrated that government could fool all of the people all of the time.

  27. We must vote UKIP at the next election. We have been had over by the establishment once again! They are all lying, cheating treacherous scum!
    Brexit MEANS Brexit and out means out!!
    Enough of this two party sham. It really is time for a change as these morons JUST WILL NOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!!

  28. Theresa May does not mean a word she says , you had better believe it. Article 50 will never be invoked. Might as well get used to it, she’s a female Cameron .
    It will take a revolution to get Brexit to win now.

  29. james churchill says:

    by all mean revolt! Revolt against the outright lies and deceptions pushed by the Leave campaign, whose leaders promplty disappeared when they conned enough people into voting out to tip the balance. ‘Vote Leave and take control’ was always an empty slogan designed to fool the disenchanted and gullible and appease the angry Little Englanders. Yes – I want my country back too, but not the country typified by Farage, that arch – liar Johnson, and that Brutus Gove. My UK (and it IS a UK and not 4 scrapping nations) has a role to play as Great Britain within the EU promoting peace and prosperity, not sliding off saying it’s all too difficult, and it’s not fair and (most of all!) “sod the rest of you, ‘cos we’re all right jack!”

  30. Well that’s it then. This woman is being the traitor we all thought she would be. If she doesn’t start it soon, it will be too late to leave at all.

  31. Britain is to self conscious trying to be political correct, the vote was to leave Period, We have left the club of the money sucking corrupt non-elected bureaucrats, we owe them nothing, and Article 50 is a fallacy. and is non binding on any country that wants to leave the EU. What will Brussels do go to war and invade. tell Brussels to get stuffed.

  32. What does she mean IF. The referendum outcome was to leave. It is that simple. If she wants to lead the last Conservative government for 50 years she had better get moving. I don’t care if she is ready or not. Start the ball rolling, there is nothing else to decide, we are leaving, if the EU want to deal with us (the largest importer in Europe) they will have to do it on our terms. The rest of the world is lining up to do trade deals with us, we need the EU much less than they need us. If May can’t see that she should not have the job. Either repeal the 1972 Act or trigger Article 50 just do something.

  33. jeanne farmer says:

    Overturn the whole government get rid we are within our rights to do this revolution!!!! Where are the brexit politicians haven’t heard a peep from them. I do not like to have my intelligence insulted by the government !!!!!!!!

  34. Britain voted the tories in to do what is right for the people of Britain. That being said Theresa May get Britain totally out of the EU now and stop stalling otherwise come March 2017, you may well have a very serious problem with the people who voted your party in and indeed those who didn’t, namely the people of Britain!

  35. The Lisbon Treaty will be amended in March 2017 were it is planned to remove article 50 from the Treaty which allows nations to leave the EU. If we don trigger article 50 soon we will never get out of the EU. May knows about this and is like Cameron a fucking two faced liar and has no intention of leaving the EU.

  36. All this talk of revolution is fine but ultamately wont achieve a thing. How can we go about actually acting, actually doing something about it. Ill be right up for that, getting up and causing the government some real bother. We are the 99%.

  37. We should demand an election now as we know that she is stalling and not working for the 17million out voters

  38. We are ‘in’ the EU illegally. Consecutive governments have just signed our rights over to the unelected few . These are criminal acts against the people.

  39. Anyone believe the Torys give a feck if they are voted out next time? I dont think so as in 4 years time Westminster will be as redundent as British Home Stores whilst the EU state will bring about greater centeral powers.

  40. The last job May had she could not do,so why give her the top job.Look how long it took to get rid of Hamsa she stalls on everything.The EU builds factories around Europe then takes are big giants away.What about the 100 armoured vehicles that have been given to Spain to build.Why not Newcastle?.If we built are own we would have more people in work instead of being laid off.So come on May and sort it,prove to us all your not the twat we think you are.

  41. As a Remainer I am really happy to hear this and hope and pray the PM can keep us in the EU. The whole sorry business never should have started anyway… All this talk of revolt and violence is totally unbritish and doesn’t put leave supporters in a good light…


  43. Back up… Gillian: I can live without BMW’s – but no wine or cheese! What new hell is this? Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. John Doe , you seem so educated. We need to meet up . You seem to know everything about all the majority of the people that voted to leave. I think a good talk face to face might change your keyboard warrior ways.

  45. I don’t want to write in support or against Brexit but I must write one thing about most of the people who has commented. How being British you are using this kind of language which most of you have used.
    Women, children and people in the world are reading it.
    British has ruled the world and has got a reputation of very decent nation. So please mind your language.

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