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Figures released by the National Police Chiefs’ Council today say that reporting of hate-crime in recent weeks has jumped by 42% across the country.

The figures were compiled from reports from police forces across the country.

The NPCC’s Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton said:

Police forces across the UK have heightened their response to hate crimes over the last 10 days following these reports. We are working locally and nationally with partners to reassure communities and tackle offending. We will remain in close liaison with the CPS to ensure that the criminal justice system responds quickly and appropriately.

The main type of offence seen during this two week period is violence against the person, which is primarily harassment, common assault and other violence (verbal abuse, spitting and ‘barging’). The second and third most prevalent incidents were public order offences, followed by criminal damage.

Their figures show 3076 hate crimes and incidents reported to police forces across the UK between June 16 – 30 2016, compared to 915 reports during the same period last year (an increase of 42%).

Meanwhile, it has just been reported that counter terrorism police are looking into letters containing white powder sent to mosques across London, with the words ‘P**i scum’ scrawled on them.

Muslim peer Lord Ahmed received a similar package at the House of Lords earlier this week.

And yet the likes of Daniel Hannan MEP deny this has anything to do with the Leave campaign

  1. Willie John says:

    England is not the UK! Whilst police forces in England are reporting a 42% rise this is not true of other parts of the UK.

    Very sloppy reporting.

  2. That makes it all ok then. Lets not worry about it as long as we get the figures right. Let me guess, you don’t give a f**k.

  3. The NPCC report says “These returns show 3076 hate crimes and incidents were reported to police forces across England, Wales and Northern Ireland between June 16 – 30 2016.” Not Scotland, but also not just England. “This is an increase of 915 reports in comparison to the same period last year, this shows a 42 per cent increase in the reporting of hate crime nationally.”

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