Andrea Leadsom MP

Did Tory leadership contender Andrea Leadsom retweet a message claiming the UK was “overrun by foreigners”?

Her team claims she didn’t — but their version of events doesn’t stack up.

The retweet was highlighted by Guardian journalist Claire Phipps, and was alleged to have appeared during the EU Referendum campaign just few weeks ago:

When asked about it, Leadsom’s campaign team told the Huffington Post last night:

“We have conducted a detailed investigation into the circumstances of this tweet. Andrea Leadsom did not retweet the message from @QueenBritain beginning ‘I really doubt’.

“It appears that the message in question never existed, but was fabricated in some way. We are continuing to investigate how the impression was created that Andrea retweeted this message. We will not speculate about those circumstances.

But the tweet in question was not fabricated.

In fact, the account that sent out the tweet — @queenBriton — has now been deactivated, which is why the original tweet is no longer visible.

Others highlighted the retweet by Andrea Leadsom around the same time too, and even linked to the original message:

Furthermore, two websites that track tweets deleted by MPs have evidence that contradicts Leadsom.

Politwhoops says Leadsom’s twitter account deleted it five days ago.

Postghost, which also collects deleted tweets, shows the same results (via @badsciencemonk, @excelpope and @JeremyDuns)


We look forward to Leadsom explaining this.

  1. just because someone said we are over run by foreigners, that does not mean their..,s their telling the truth, some area’s,s only the Muslim that’s causing the problem’s in the world .people are afraid to say so.i don’t mind most immigrant’s coming to work here but not them[Muslim] they don’t live our way of life, and they don’t integrate. Get to many here and they start blowing us up again.

  2. I am completely and totally NOT shocked by anything anybody in the Tory party Tweets or indeed says
    The good people of England are being had for mugs by each of the RED and BLUE Tories , thank God in Scotland we have a First Minister and party who are fighting against this monoploly of Dictators

  3. Peter Dewhurst says:

    Yet another Christian fundamentalist Tory, imagine if these sentiments came from another religious group. What an outcry there would be.

  4. Liza Russell says:

    Fed up with UK and England being seen as the same. Typical of an extreme right wing lying Tory who would not be elected in Scotland.

  5. Chris Curran says:

    Dear oh dear – this ‘committed Christian’ seems to be a closet racist plus she wants to legalise killing animals for fun. That’s not the same principles I was taught in the Christian church – quite the reverse.

  6. Donald Davies says:

    Hundreds of thousands of Indian servicemen helped us to victory in the First World War. Without Polish and Czech airmen we would have lost the Battle of Britain. Many other nationalities help to run our NHS. Are these. the foreigners she was talking about? Future prime minister? I don’t think so.

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